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Why Anime is (in my Opinion) the Superior Medium

I’ve often questioned why it is I like anime. That may seem kind of pointless. I like it because I like it. Everyone has their own preferences, and not everything needs to have a reason. You can just like something.


NieR: Automata’s Poetic “True” (E)nding

I liked NieR: Automata a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Even so, I could still sit here and tell you many ways the game was unpolished. It was far, far from perfect in regards to the gameplay, that is.  This  was but one of my numerous experiences with this game’s oddities. That one was pretty fun, though.


Was it Really That Bad? – Haruhi Suzumiya’s Endless Eight

For those of you who don’t know what the endless eight is, it’s a story arc in the original light novel that lasted a fairly short amount of time. No longer than many of the other short arcs, at least.


So, I Made a Visual Novel And it Was Interesting

I imagine you may have just a few questions after reading that title. The first is probably something along the lines of  “Didn’t you just play your  first visual novel  like a month ago? Aren’t you skipping some steps?”


Little Busters! – My First Real Visual Novel

No, you didn’t read that title wrong. I know, I know, you feel lied to. You feel betrayed. You feel like you can never trust me again. “How can this weeb who just talked about an  anime for Christmas  for over 5000 words a week ago not have played a visual novel before?”


Toradora! – It’s a Christmas Special!

Point is, you should watch Toradora! in December. Even though Toradora really isn’t a Christmas anime. Sure, it’s about love. That’s in the air this time of year, and the last third of the series takes place in winter, but that’s about it.

This just in!


Remake Our Life Episode 4 – Dreams

This episode, we go to the beach! For like 3 minutes. Yeah. But we also get a lot of character development for Nanako, which is always cool.


Heart À La Mode – An Otome Game About Mascots

Heart À La Mode is a super sweet Otome game made by two very talented people for a game jam just a short while ago. While it’s still unfinished, I’m really excited for the future of this mascot Rom-Com.


Sonny Boy Episode 2 – Blame

The students are stranded on an island, which is bad enough, but now the island seems to randomly catch on fire. And capitalism!


What’s (In My Opinion) the Worst Parts About Anime

As you can tell, I love anime a lot, but there are still some things about the medium that even I don’t like.


Remake Our Life Episode 3 – Goals

It’s time for another episode of Remake Our Life! This time around, things heat up between Hashiba and all the girls, really, even if he doesn’t see it. The short film is finally finished as well, and Shino’s still best girl if you’ve forgotten.


Sonny Boy Episode 1 – Adrift

It’s time to take a look at Sonny Boy! The first anime I decided to do episodes reviews on, but ended up being second because of scheduling reasons!