How I Discovered Anime – 6-Month Anniversary

How I Discovered Anime – 6-Month Anniversary

(Funny thing is, I mentioned this during Haruhi Week back in March, even though my personality matches closer to Kyon, Haruhi and I do share quite a few brain cells. Not sure if I should be happy about that.)


In case you didn’t know, today, June 1st, marks a very important day for me. It makes 6 months since the blog really started. Not 6 months since it was created. I was working on the site since early November. But December 1st is the day I started to post things regularly.


And I have to say, I’m very proud of myself. Since that day, I have posted at least one thing a week as I planned, only missing one by a day or two back in December because I was going through a lot of tooth pain and my wisdom teeth needing to be removed and stuff. I think I can cut myself some slack there.


Point is, I’ve been really consistent, and I’m proud of that. Even with posting more often, I’ve managed to keep it. And I’ve continued to improve and change as I’ve needed to, and I think the site has a bright future ahead of it.

But that isn’t a future I can reach alone. I prepared myself that I would likely go years without ever getting any interaction on my work. I understood that and was ok with it.


What I didn’t expect is that after only 3 months I would start to get views and comments. All of which has been pretty consistent and has been staying steady and even growing. 


I’ve even gotten 21 followers, which is wild to me. I’m thrilled that even one person wants to read my work, let alone more than that. So thank you. I want you to understand how much I genuinely appreciate that.


It’s not something I’m saying out of necessity, it actually means the world to me, and it puts a smile on my face multiple times a day. Just a short month ago, I deleted the site on accident. That experience showed me just much I really value my time here with all of you.


I managed to salvage the site, but It was truthfully one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had in my life. And it happened out of nowhere. Had it went south, I would have built it back up if I had to. That’s how much this all means to me. If I ever stop appreciating any of this, I give you permission to give me a virtual slap in the face and call me out on it. One step further, anybody I know in real life who may see this can actually slap me. I stand by that.


I was trying to think of what to talk about, and I decided on one of two topics. How I discovered anime, and why I created the blog. I think I’ll save the blog story for the 1-year. So, let’s get into storytime.

So, how did I discover anime? That story is both fairly interesting and pretty stupid. It isn’t so grand as some of your stories may have been, but I also feel like it was fairly convoluted.


If we’re talking about the first time I ever watched any anime, it would have been when I was around 4 or 5 years old, and I watched the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl anime. Diamond was also my first video game, but I don’t remember whether I watched the anime then played the game or vice versa.


But I didn’t know what anime was then. I just knew it was a show that I liked, and that was it. That was also the deal with Dragonball Z Kai that I used to watch whenever that was airing on TV in 2010, I believe. I would have been right around 9.


To understand when I learned just what anime was, it kind of meshes in with another story. YouTube was a huge part of my life growing up. I watched it all the time. There were very few days I didn’t have it on in the background at some point.


Mostly, I watched video game stuff.  While I don’t remember the exact date I started religiously watching it, it was around when I was 12. Somewhere along the way, I stumbled across anime YouTubers, i.e., Lost Pause, The Anime Man. Some of the bigger ones.


That helped introduce me more to what anime was, and I started to take more of an interest in it. But that’s where my memory is pretty foggy. I don’t remember whether I watched my first anime before or after I started watching those YouTubers. The answer to that is lost to time.


But I can tell you the incredibly stupid story of how I watched my first anime knowing what it was. So, was it something profound? Did I find this story that really spoke to me, and I just had to experience it? Did I get some great recommendations? Oh, how wrong those are.

The character above me is Mashiro Shiina from The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, my first subtitled anime I ever watched knowing what anime was.


I decided to watch it because of her. Why? Well, because 12 to 13 year old me thought she was cute. That’s it. I mean, to be fair, I would say my taste was pretty solid, she’s beautiful and isn’t a bad character to boot, but yeah, that was it. She’s cute. Yup. Could really tell my age with that reason, couldn’t you?


There was this picture of her someone had as their profile picture on a YouTube comment. It was some blonde girl with this hat and headphones, and it was some fanart, probably. I would love to find the picture to show everyone so I can humiliate myself further, but It’s lost to the ether. It’s also possible that it’s the more common Halloween picture of her I’ve seen, and I’ve just attached false memories to it. It’s hard to tell.


I was apparently so enamored with this girl that I just had to know where she was from. So I searched the replies to the comment, think I even clicked on the channel. After a little digging, I found someone that asked what I was wondering.

And so, I learned of Sakurasou, went to some websites with questionable legality, and fell in love. With the series, I mean. I remember it being quite good. Of course, if I had to give myself a “waifu” as the cool kids do these days, it would be Mashiro, no contest. If nothing else, for giving me the ability to fall in love with the medium that means a lot to me today, even for such a stupid reason.


For those of you interesting in Sakurasou, because I know it isn’t the most well-known series out there, also in celebration, I will talk about the anime at length in a few days. So look forward to that.

Sakurasou is probably what molded my taste in anime, now that I’m thinking about it. It’s a very, very, very cute Rom-Com, with solid characters and lovely art. Looking again, the art style is actually the type that I prefer now in anime. It has bright colors that I can’t get enough of. My first anime shaped my expectations of the medium, it looks like.


That’s why I’m glad I stumbled on a good one in such a stupid way. It’s the reason I can’t get enough of cute Rom-Coms, and why I enjoy what I enjoy. Had I stumbled across some horrible anime for my first, I may not even be writing this right now. That’s kind of a scary thought. Especially when younger me was so shallow. We’ll say that I was a good judge of character. Yeah, let’s go with that. I’ve been wanting to rewatch this series forever, but for some reason, I hadn’t yet. I’m really looking forward to it. 

And that’s the very uninspiring story of how I discovered anime. Since then, I’ve kept a pretty consistent love for the medium, watching series here and there. I fell away a little in 2018, but as you can probably tell, that didn’t last long, and I’m currently pouring much of myself into the medium, and I couldn’t be happier.


Thank you all so very much for reading. I mean that I really do. Every time I say it, it’s not some cheesy end line. It’s how I feel, and I want to make sure everyone knows that.


I want to know something. How did you discover anime? This medium means a ton to us, and I would absolutely love to hear different stories about it.


Lastly, I want to ask a more personal, selfish question. What are some things I could do to improve? Be that my writing, or what I write about, anything. A big part of why I started the blog was to write more often and to become a better writer. Feedback is a huge part of that. So, I would really, really appreciate it if you could help me out. Thank you again.

Til, next time.

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