Remake Our Life Episode 2 – Time

Remake Our Life Episode 2 – Time


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What I’d like to see is a little more of Hashiba doing something since he’s all talk at the moment. I do get that, though. Talk is often the beginning of action, but unfortunately, many people never get off that first step. Let’s not let our ex-bum be the same.


First Impressions

Episode 2 starts off a little differently. Instead of a poor guy on a train, we now see two poor college students, Shino and Tsurayuki, arguing over instant ramen flavors. If you had any doubt they were actually college students, that depressing fight over ramen should clear them up.


What’s next for our art students is a short film. They split into teams of four (oh, no, I wonder who the other three on Hashiba’s team will be?) and make a three-minute project based on the theme of “time.” They think it’s a broad term, which it is, but I think that’s better for creativity, but what do I know. They’re the artsy ones.


It turns out Nanako and Hashiba both got the same part-time job, which is a convenient time for them to talk about their reasons for attending an art school. For Nanako, it’s to find herself and to give us a little more fanservice this episode, since she seems to be unaware that if Hashiba is kneeling his head is at chest level. A little worried that 6 minutes in, and there’s been two fanservice moments, but they’re small. The moments are, not the thing’s causing them.

They’re really pushing Nanako this episode, which is how I guessed they would do it. This is very character-driven, after all, but I’m still a firm Shino supporter. I mean, look at that picture. She somehow got a sticky note stuck to her face when she was asleep. She’s precious.


Hashiba manages to get an idea together for the film after talking with his new friends. One that depicts a young girl growing into an old lady at a train station throughout the days. I like it, though I think it’s too on the nose for the theme. But this is where stuff really gets good.


Tsurayuki apparently had the exact same concept written down as an idea, but Hashiba came up with it somehow. That’s because in the future, Hashiba read a collection of short stories and recalled the idea. He stole future Tsurayuki’s work, essentially. Good ol, Yuki starts getting freaked out by Hashiba a bit, but they make up. They need to for the movie-making montage.

But right after, they fight again because Tsurayuki wrote too long of a story for it to fit in three minutes. How that’s Hashiba’s fault, I don’t know, but the guy’s pissed. Hashiba realizes kinda why he’s pissed, but just gets pissed at himself instead after a talk with the professor girl. He realizes that he may be relying too much on Yuki’s script and not on his own ability to make the film successful. Guy’s getting complacent.


So Hashiba hashiru back to the shared house and beats Tsurayuki’s door into oblivion until they discuss the script again. Fast forward to filming time, my bro Yuki got the wrong camera ’cause he a dumb dumb, and Hashiba breaks down before exclaiming that he’ll figure something out, damn it! And that’s the end.


My Thoughts

I would say this episode was marginally worse than the first. Not bad by any means, but compared to the first episode which I thought was near protection, there were some obvious problems. 

Starting with what I liked, this episode was thematically very similar to the first. Most everything that happened really continued to hammer down on that theme of the passage of time and regret. You don’t need to look any further than the theme for the short film: “time.” Even the concept of Hashiba and the gang’s film goes with that point. It shows that no matter what time moves forward, and there’s no way to go back… usually.


That somewhat somber, almost melancholic vibe the series initially had is still very much present with all of the flashbacks the characters have, how much they reflect on their lives in general, and even just some of the camera shots. Hashiba and Nanako’s part-time job, in particular, was a good scene.


The darker, more intimate lighting emphasized how they were sharing their pasts with each other, even if I question why the store was so dark during the day. They might have been in a freezer. One shot I really liked was when Nanako had a slight pause in her sentence. You saw one of the cans they were stocking slide into place and bang against the others before she finishes her thought. It helps give more weight to the pause and is a cool subtle, stylistic choice.

I adored the development with Tsurayuki’s story. I didn’t expect this anime to actually bring attention to the fact that Hashiba traveled to the past. I assumed it would just be a plot device, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. There will be actual repercussions for actions he takes.


Still, this scene was absurd when you actually start to think about it. Hashiba’s story was in no way specific enough for Tsurayuki to get as freaked out as he did. I get why it was done from a story perspective, but Hashiba was accused of being a mindreader because he came up with a story of an old lady growing up at a train station. The drama there felt very forced, even if it did take the story in a cool direction.


It was the same way with the fight over the script. I feel that the characters are just a tad melodramatic. Pretty much all the conflicts this episode felt forced, especially at the end. Tsurayuki forgot the camera so Hashiba can take charge and man up a bit, but surely there could have been a better way than a character going “oopsie!”

There was a tad bit more fanservice this episode, but it’s far from ruining the story in any way. If anything, I thought the fanservice bits with Nanako presented an interesting scenario seeing how Hashiba, with a mental age of 28, would handle it. It’s something you don’t think about often, but I relate to it as the spirit of an old man was placed in my body upon my birth.


What I want to see in the future is a bit better pacing. I was worried the series wouldn’t be able to maintain the great pacing, and I was right. This episode is kind of all over the place. What saves it is that I do feel every single moment was important. I think this episode mattered a lot in terms of the story. Not only by focusing on that time aspect more, but giving us some more insight into Nanako and Tsurayuki, which we didn’t see in the first episode.


But the entire bit between Hashiba and Tsurayuki wasn’t only awkward, as I mentioned, it happened so fast. How I described it above is correct. One minute there’s a nice montage. The next, they’re pissed at each other. So I think mostly the series just needs to learn how to do character drama a bit better. I’ll continue to compare this to Sakurasou because they’re very similar. The difference is that series doesn’t feel forced in the slightest. Remake Our Life still needs to find its footing, but I am excited to continue.


Thank you very much for reading


What did you think of the episode if you watched it? And what would you do if you could travel back to the past? I’d do something very similar to Hashiba, I think, but I don’t have any decision I really regret.

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