Remake Our Life Episode 3 – Goals

Remake Our Life Episode 3 – Goals


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While I didn’t think it was quite as good as the first, the second episode of Remake Our Life was still pretty solid. Had bits of drama that felt a tad forced, but overall is still running well with the theme of time and living your life to the fullest without regrets. It’s good so far. 


I’m excited to see if that trend continues or if the series will hit a wall and go from good to generic. I’d like to think that won’t happen, but we’ll see. That’s why we’re here, after all. On to episode 3!


First Impressions

It seems that how Hashiba is going to save the day wasn’t actually important since we start right with the screening for all of the short films. I’ll just assume he used whatever magic let him travel back in time. I’m sure that’s it.

Also, it seems that none of the other group’s films were important either since we skipped right to Hashi’s. We’re just going to assume that Eiko’s silent film was outstanding because everyone who saw it (not us) seemed very impressed.


However, I did so happen to eat my words for breakfast two paragraphs ago since they explain what Hashiba did to save the movie. That’s the problem with doing this semi-live. I can’t stop myself from looking stupid. I mean, I can, and you’d never know, but I promise I won’t.


Our boy Tsurayuki picked up just a regular camera, not a video camera in the previous episode. Kind of hard to shoot a movie if you can’t record anything. They probably did explain that, but I just forgot.

So Hashiba had the idea to turn it into this almost stop motion film, with a bunch of photos of the girl growing up at the train station overlayed on this nice, almost nostalgic background. And he put this all together using Photoshot or one of the other bootleg photo editing software he mentioned.


Can’t lie, it was a really cool idea. I would have applauded it too, especially knowing the circumstances behind it, but overall they only won third place because assistant professor girl can read minds or something and knows that a bunch of mistakes led to its creation. I’d say that’s more impressive, but what do I know? I don’t remember if we’ve ever been told professor girl’s name. Watching one episode a week is rough, ok?


Some bombs are dropped out of nowhere, like the fact that Eiko is the sister of professor-possibly-noname, and that she’ll also be working with Hashiba’s group soon because he always needs more members of his harem– I mean friends. Hey, Shino made him blush this episode. She’s still best girl. You won’t change my mind.

I agree with that still, no matter how hard they’re trying to push Nanako. Just because she takes Hashiba to karaoke so he can help improve her horrible tone-deafness that’s she’s embarrassed about won’t make me like her more. No matter how many times she pouts, damn it!


We then get an odd cut to the gang hanging out with the fine arts club that they’re now members of. I don’t think I even mentioned them last time because of how small of a part they were, but they helped with the movie, I guess. They’re kind of cool.


But they’re overshadowed by the fact that we get another Shino scene. She’s a little down in the dumps this time because she isn’t confident about her art whatsoever and can’t make a living off of it like she would want. Basically, she’s just any creative person.

So she feels like giving it up, but Hashiba says no to that and says that he loves her art. Yup, just her art. That’s definitely all he loves. Shino, obviously happy about that, leans in and makes Hashiba her “goal,” and there’s a multitude of ways you can take that. I’m just happy they might actually get together. An anime with an actual couple goes up quite a few points in my head. Oh, also, that’s the end. I don’t know how to end this segment.


My Thoughts

Well, coming off of the last episode, which was just ok, this one was surprisingly good. It had a lot of growth from Hashiba and a lot of him actually doing something, which the series has been lacking a bit. To this point, he’s mostly been coasting through and feeling a tad intimidated here and there. This is the first episode where he actually shows what he can do, and his peers respect him for it.


I think Hashiba’s whole situation is fairly interesting. I like that him being from the future is a constant theme. It’s not forgotten about. In the last episode we had the drama with Tsurayuki, but this time we get to see Hashiba’s problem-solving ability and fast thinking that he learned throughout the years at those dead-end jobs. It’s like his future wasn’t a waste, even if he is redoing it again.

The movie was pretty well-done, I really enjoyed the whole progression of it, but it was pretty boring that they didn’t show anyone else’s. When all of these characters are cheering over them, and you hear that they liked Hashiba’s more, it kind of ruins the effect when you don’t get to see them yourself.


That was probably because they just didn’t have time to show it, and I see that. This episode was pretty packed. It had a lot of things going on one after another. I mean, you had the movie, Nanako’s karaoke date, the whole stuff with the fine arts club, and the ending with Shino pouring her heart out to Hashiba all in the span of 23 minutes.


I think they still need to figure out the pacing a bit because even though it was well-done, this was another episode where they’re jumping between days really fast, with can always be a little jarring. For as adorable as Nanako was in the karaoke part, and I think her loosening up to Hashiba is good development, it’s a little weird to slot that right before the fine arts club shenanigans that is right before Shino and Hashiba practically confessing to each other.

Which, again, was well-done. What makes me happy is that even though Hashiba seems to be growing his own harem (one that will only get bigger with Eiko), there’s a noticeable difference in how he reacts to Shino over the other girls. He’s nice to all of them, but he actually gets flustered around Shino. When they’re all praising his work in the movie (and getting pissed that he upstaged them), Hashiba only blushes when Shino says something to him.


The guy definitely has a thing for her, and it seems like only her, which would be a big plus for the series. As I continued watching, I was expecting this to be very harem-like, but that final scene destroys that in a lot of ways. It’s like Hashiba has already made up his mind. And it makes sense. Seeing Shino’s beautiful art in the future is what kept him going all those sleepless nights.


That’s why he gets so upset at the thought of her quitting, especially when it’s in part because she can’t measure up to him. It’s the first real taste of how his action in the past might really change the future in ways he doesn’t want. His success in his life now may lead to the failures of the people he respected. Wanting to become like those talented people may end up making it so they never really existed.

It’s a very interesting path to take the story down, and I’m glad the series is doing it justice. Remake Our Life is really doubling down on that theme of time and regret and all the fun stuff you think of when he heard about some bum remaking his life. It’s doing a really good job, and for what is like a quarter of the way through the series now, I’m impressed. I really am. I just hope it keeps up the same level of quality.


I still can’t say I fully believe it won’t drop. I feel like Remake Our Life is riding a very thin line. It’s really good, but if it even slightly deviates from its path, I think it will end up being painfully generic. It just needs to keep playing with the story in interesting ways and continue doing what it’s doing, basically. I really, truly hope it does.


Thank you very much for reading


What did you think of the episode if you watched it? And this is kind of related to the last question, would you travel back to the past, knowing that nothing will ever be the same if you do? Because I don’t think Hashiba quite thought things through. I would say no because even if there are a few things I’d want to change, there’s more in my life that I’d rather keep the same, so I can’t do it.

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