Sonny Boy Episode 2 – Blame

Sonny Boy Episode 2 – Blame

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The first Episode of Sonny Boy was pretty solid. A whole lot happened, we were introduced to the world, that world fell apart, an island appeared, people got naked and got stuck in basketball hoops. It was good times all around. I’m excited because today, we’ll get to see just what the island portion of Sonny Boy will look like and how this new bigger world will affect this magic Lord of the Flies scenario. It should be fun.


First Impressions

Sonny Boy doesn’t like the word “slow,” so right off the bat, we see a lot of stuff. Mizuho (I have a list of names next to me now, ok?), who was the girl chilling the last episode with Cap and birthmark whose name is… Hoshi. That girl burned down a forest or something, and Nagara saw her, maybe? It’s very abstractly done, but I’ll assume I’m right.


Apparently, it’s been a month since they arrived on the island and the gang, but mostly, um… Rajdhani (the smart guy doing the science things in the last episode) figured a lot of things out about this new world they’re in. Somehow, the island is considered a separate world from the school. Why do they think this? If you break something on the island, it stays broken. Meanwhile, everything, including the supply of food, restocks in the school regularly. So, even if their predicament makes no sense, they have good things to eat.


Also, Nagara somehow wandered into other worlds that aren’t fit for humans through lockers and things? All of this happens in the span of like two minutes with a few screenshots, ok? I’m not following along very well either. Uh, Hoshi also acts smart and agrees that figuring out what’s going on with these worlds will eventually let the students return to their world. You know, Hoshi. The guy who definitely isn’t evil. Honestly, he probably isn’t. It’s way too obvious. It’s like Madhouse read the “Evil Camera Angles for Dummies” book to create his shots. I mean, look at this?

Girl who I don’t have a name for, she has a smiley face on her shirt, so she’s Smiley- chan, was putting on makeup, and it burst into blue fire and burned down the whole shed she was in. Uh, but don’t worry. She was fine because earth bender guy put it all out with sand. I swear this is all accurate. Go watch it.


It’s then that Nagara mentions to Hayato AKA Glasses-kun, that he saw Mizuho burning some things down. It all spirals out of control, one person tells another, changing details along the way, and by the end, they’re all probably going to burn Mizuho at the stake or something, but Nagara’s too passive to speak up. Also, Mizuho isn’t the student council girl. That’s Pony. There are too many characters, ok, and they all use the same damn color palette. I can’t tell these people apart. Also, Pony is elected as like the leader now since nobody respects Cap anymore after the nudity and baseball bat incident.


So Pony and Mizuho apparently have a past. Ironic since I thought they were the same person, briefly. Mizuho might be into her old teacher and maybe killed him and took his wedding ring? Maybe? I don’t know, man. What I do know is that Mizuho isn’t actually the problem. It’s just that anything somebody receives from someone else without compensation lights on fire, even the tanooki power up from Mario that Nozomi used. Yes, it’s the truth. What the hell am I watching again?

Then the island gets burned to hell from falling, flaming money because Mizuho is pissed that she maybe killed her cat? But Nagara finds it unharmed, and he’s like, “Hey, go tell everyone your innocent, girl” She does, and Rajd is like, “Hey, now that that’s sorted, what if we invent bitcoin and exchange electronic currency on our phones, so we can like buy crap that won’t catch fire from each other?” I’m paraphrasing, mind you. 


I assume they’re cool with it since they go buy snacks, and in that instant, Mizuho now has a monopoly on the whole island since she’s the only one who can create things that I know of. And Nozomi mentions again that she can see the exit of the world but can’t reach it because she’s like a compass or something. The end.


My Thoughts

One word: confused. Well, not really. For as much as I’m poking fun at how abstract and weird literally everything in Sonny Boy is, it’s still coherent. So much happens that it’s difficult to explain, though. I barely get it watching, let alone attempting to explain, which is why I have to leave things out. That and I like twisting the story around without really messing it up. It’s funnier that way.


I won’t say this was as good as the first episode. It was somehow more all over the place. Really, way, way too much happened. The vibe is the exact same, don’t get me wrong. It’s all weird.  But we jumped through so much this episode. We skipped a month, learned about the world and the other worlds, learned the past of some of the characters, learned about some of their powers, established capitalism, burned an island down, saved a cat. I mean, there’s way too much to unpack here.


The difference is the first episode, while abstract and trippy, wasn’t confusing, and that’s perhaps because everything was unknown. We’re already to the point where we’re getting to see things about this world we don’t understand. Certain things that makes it tick. We got a lot of information about the world that’s all rushed over very fast, which is more baffling than if we didn’t know anything at all. I’d rather see Nagara stumble into those other trippy worlds than as much of Mizuho as we did.

She’s a solid character so far and was very important this episode, but we did not need quite as much time with her as we got. We get that she’s depressed on the island without all the time she’s sulking with her cats. This episode was difficult. I get it, but there are so many things going on at once. We’re getting backstory to all of these characters we barely know.


Maybe that’s the plan. I feel like the disconnect between you, the viewer, and the characters is intentional. Nobody there is really close to each other. So much about the series is unknown, so perhaps it makes sense for you to be in the dark about the character too. The problem is, and I think you’d see this coming, I do not care about them. I mistake them for each other, what do you think?


The biggest problem is that there are just too many characters and not enough time fleshing them out. We have over 30, and I can only think of maybe 10, and can only name like 7 off the top of my head. There’s just too much going on. That’s really the biggest problem. That said, this episode was far from bad, and I don’t want to give that impression. There was a lot to love.


I really like Nozomi and Nagara’s relationship. I like Nagara in general, really. He’s so boring, so passive, so unlike a main character. I’m looking forward to seeing how he grows and the way he grows. He’s a fun lead, and Nozomi will help keep things interesting. I still love the powers, even if they’re still weird. I wish I could create a video game item out of thin air.

What I wonder is why the student have the powers and why they were picked in the first place. My guess is that the powers are closely related to the students themselves. And it seems like each student has their baggage. My guess is this is almost like an Angel Beats situation, and the characters are stuck in some type of purgatory. That’s the only thing that makes sense to me.


Besides my prediction, there’s still a lot of interesting questions posed to us. Though we’re getting a lot of info all at once, nobody really knows anything. I hope we soon get off the island and switch to some other setting. I think that would be a great idea. I hope we see more, learn more, but most of all, I do hope we just slow things down one or two notches. Not a lot. Just a little bit. Make it so I don’t have to pause every few minutes to wrap my head around things.


Thank you very much for reading

What did you think of this episode if you watched it? And what would you do if you were stranded on an island with cool powers? I would probably, I don’t know, enjoy it? Why are they trying to leave again?

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