Remake Our Life Episode 4 – Dreams

Remake Our Life Episode 4 – Dreams


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Last episode of Remake Our Life, Hashiba finally started to be useful and really showed off his problem-solving skills by slapping together an artistic short film from a couple seconds of video and a ton of pictures. Now all these people he admired in the future are not starting to admire him instead. Too bad he’s basically a cheater. He’s the human equivalent of the player in an MMO that’s level 100 and goes back to the starting area. Also, Shino and him better be a thing, or I’ll… get somewhat upset. Seems a little crazy to riot over that.


First Impressions

It’s the student’s second semester, and their next project seems to be an excuse for the obligatory beach episode. We get shots of all the girls, as you would expect. Hashiba shows that age doesn’t equal experience when he gets flustered around them all. Look, the poor dude worked his life away before. He didn’t have time to look at bathing suits.


The more pressing issue is that Eiko (who’s now a part of the group) is arguing with Tsurayuki about the project, so he decides the best thing to do is reach for her when her back is turned and accidentally pull a string on her bathing suit he shouldn’t of. And Hashiba was there, of course. Amazingly, he’s not the one that got smacked. Props to Eiko for having logic and knowing it wasn’t his fault.


Hashiba pulls some strings to borrow equipment for more than a week by doing free labor, which is an odd point to bring up since we’ve seen them use it for like two seconds this episode. We haven’t even seen them film anything yet. But what he’s doing is against the rules, so obligatory girl that looks 6, but is actually a senpai, Tomioka Keiko, walks up and agrees to not say anything because blackmail or something. Neat.

The film we saw two seconds up filming is showed in class again, but Eiko thinks it’s mediocre because she’s a perfectionist, let’s be honest. But regardless, they still won the best film of them all, even if the one after them had way better acting. As you can imagine, Nanako’s not a fan of being upstaged, but especially not when she still wins regardless. Few things are worse than a false victory.


Now the team celebrates with Karaoke, and it gets to Nanako’s turn. But instead of blowing everyone’s eardrums out, she’s actually good. Too bad we don’t hear it. Why skip that part? That feels important. Especially since the next scene is all Eiko digging into Nanako about her lack of commitment to be an actress and that her actual passion is to sing, but is too scared to follow her dream. Melodrama, pretty much. Fairly well-done, if not rushed, though.


I have to say, I do like Hashiba’s maturity in realizing that Nanako has her own problems she needs to work out and that’s it’s not Eiko’s fault for telling her the truth. The dude actually shows his age generally, which is nice. So it’s kind of odd that he then says he’ll help her three seconds after saying she needs to work through it, but that’s cool.

Little Keiko pops by and tries to recruit Hashiba to her game-developing team she’s a part of, but he refuses. He’s already tried to chase his dreams once, so he knows he’s not ready yet. Gotta love a main character that actually learns from their mistakes. And he continues to show his brain off when he finally pulls Nanako out of her funk.


He remembers back (or forward?) to a project where he had to stay up late attempting to make a really crappy singer’s audio presentable, which gives him the idea to slightly tweak Nanako, a good singer’s, voice to show her what could be in her future. They share a moment. They blush. Shino’s still the best girl, regardless. The end.


My Thoughts

This episode made me realized something about the series I started to in episode 3 but was much more apparent now. Man, they like to skip over some important stuff. Back in episode 3, we skipped all the other films besides Hashiba’s, which means that we don’t know why their’s was so much better. This episode has the same problem by not showing us Hashiba’s winning film.

We see the actress who performed so much better than Nanako and had more soul and feeling, yet we don’t get to see what was so bad about Nanako’s acting in the first place. It’s like the series only shows half the story. That was also a problem with Nanako’s singing. Eiko was so adamant about how good she was, but then we don’t get to hear it.


I do feel like either of those points were more important to show than the obligatory beach three minutes and the weird unpaid labor Hashiba did. You could have just introduced Keiko when she showed up later. It was kind of pointless, especially with the other things that were skipped over.


With that being said, I’m really digging Hashiba a lot. Despite the fact his character design is super boring, if I’m being honest, he’s a really great character so far. I’ve said it before, but I just love how relevant his experiences in the future are. Every situation he comes across, he’s able to solve with the things he learned throughout his “failed” adulthood.

By taking those things with him into the past, it isn’t only a neat, logical way for him to solve the conflicts in the series. It gives off this message that even though his first life didn’t go the way he would have wanted, he still learned valuable things through those experiences. Nothing he ever learned was pointless, which is something I strongly agree with.


So far, many of the other characters are kinda meh. Shino’s still pretty good, but she wasn’t focused on hardly at all this episode. Tsurayuki hasn’t got much development besides being Script Writer/Argues With Eiko Guy. The big character who got time was once again Nanako.


A lot of her drama this episode was very good. It just felt rushed. Her story is interesting. The idea of someone being good at one thing, so they follow through on it, but they’re actually passionate about something else, but suck at it, is a pretty cool plotline to have and is one that fits the general vibe of the series pretty well. It just went so fast.

For as tragic as the whole ordeal was, the entire thing only spanned this episode, and about half of it was the build-up to her breakdown, leaving only a small bit to resolve it. This is an anime that I think would have benefitted from more episodes. The type of character drama it wants, I think, requires more time for the characters to sit with you. 12 23 minute episodes just doesn’t feel like it will be enough.


I still think we’re going to have a solid series by the end, but I do think one that was hurt by time a little bit. Wow, isn’t that ironic? Even its pacing is thematic! What I do hope is we get more of seeing things the characters do. Like the three minutes of beach filming was entirely pointless. We didn’t get to see anything filming.


Remake Our Life seems to have a problem where rather than showing us what happened, the thing happens, and the characters talk about it later, and that’s what we see. We need less tell and more show, especially since the lack of seeing many of these things interferes with the actual plot.


Going forward, I hope the series does more of the same but just slows down a few notches. It’s interesting because episode reviews force me to think about series on a smaller scale, and when you do, you notice a lot of problems you may not have otherwise. It’s fun. Also, let’s get more of Eiko. She’s second-place girl at the moment.


Thank you very much for reading


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