Sonny Boy Episode 3 – Escape

Sonny Boy Episode 3 – Escape

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Last episode, our student’s new island caught on fire, but everything was ok. It had a reset for some reason. There were also some Mario power-ups. We now have some sort of currency going on—lots of stuff. I’m not sure where it’s going from here, but I’m sure it will be abstract. On to episode 3!


First Impressions

We start with exactly what I wanted. Nagara seems to have found another world, this one inside a toilet and decided to take a look. Unfortunately, it’s filled with what looks like bloody water that he sinks all the way to the bottom of and is just barely saved by his pals before giant insects tear him apart. Yeah, it sucks there.


But the other students aren’t doing well either, since two of them have gone missing and seem to be frozen in place for some unexplainable reason. Mizuho volunteers by the power of peer pressure to investigate and drags Nagara with her since he’s everyone’s favorite.


They find out that the one thing in common is that both of them, though frozen, seems to be doing something in their head as you can hear them if you get close enough—one livestreaming a game and one working out. But the biggest thing they have in common is that nobody cares or notices if they’re gone. That’s like every character but a select few, so it doesn’t narrow things much, but ok.

Mizuho says something much more interesting, that she had her powers before they went to this crazy world, but she could only use it in school. Likewise, Hoshi could also hear voices telling him about the world they were about to enter, but I’m not convinced him hearing voices is from powers. The guy’s just nuts.


But what’s also nuts is that Mizuho thinks Nagara should punch Asakaze. I get that he’s been pretty rude out of jealously that Nagara can find these worlds (probably thanks to his power), but I’m with Nagara. The guy would get the snot beat out of him. He can’t win.


Still, that settles quickly when the sky turns into curtains (is the best way I can describe it, I promise) and reveals a hidden room where all the frozen people are. They just hated this world and wanted out, so the “rules” of this world brought them to a place where they can do what they want, like livestreaming Pac-Man. No wonder nobody watches him. I feel like the “Pac-Man,” and the “watches livestreams” bases don’t overlap much.

 Too bad, but none of the students want to come back, not that I blame them. Literally, nobody cared about them. That’s the thing they had in common. Nagara at least cares a bit since he doesn’t want to force them out, but Mizuho seems to disagree and decides to really dig into our poor boy. Going after Nozomi, saying she’ll leave him because he has no guts. A whole bunch of stuff she caps off by wishing him death. She was best girl, but now I’m scared. I believe she would kill.


But they make up pretty quick because they’re both surprisingly reasonable and have people to drag back to reality. I have no idea how to explain what they did, so I’ll just tell you. They used a giant fan, dogs, those little grabber hand toys and blew it all to hell. I’m not wrong. It’s trippy. Also, Nozomi shares my sentiment about Nagara. Maybe he’s the only one who can leap through worlds, which is why nobody else can find them. And abrupt end.


My thoughts

This episode is a perfect example of how Sonny Boy should be. It’s abstract, it’s insane, I don’t know what the hell is happening, but it’s still focused on one or two points and really hammers them home.


Last episode, while being good in many ways, was unfocused. It shot around the place like crazy. This we focused primarily on this new incident sweeping the island and the relationship between the characters.

That’s what Sonny Boy really needs. A reason for you to care about the people in this world. It’s not that they’re poorly written, they aren’t. There are just so many of them. Hell, this entire episode was almost a parody of that fact. There are so many people that we don’t care about the boring ones! To hell with them all!


For the characters we do know, Nagara, Nozomi, Pony, Mizuho, even Asakaze are getting a good bit of development. We’re finally to the point where the characters and their personalities are established enough that they can start to grow and change, and I really like how it’s going.


I foresee more of Asakaze and Nagara getting into it in the near future. Nagara likes having something only he can do, as we found out in episode 1, and Asakaze, the guy with one of the strongest powers, doesn’t like when anyone outdoes him for any reason at all. So much so, it looks like he’s even going to try to grab Nozomi, which won’t end well.

I see him becoming an antagonist of sorts in the future, which would spell bad news for everyone.  Mizuho can create all sorts of neat things, which artistically are fantastic. They’re all trippy and have this thick white outline that helps how surreal it all is. Even with that, I don’t think she could hurt Asakaze. Not unless she spawns a nuke or something.


And this is actually one of the reasons I like Sonny Boy so much. It’s really fascinating to think about. there’s a lot going on behind the scenes with exactly how the world works and why it works, but you also have a lot of character drama bubbling to the surface. Only three episodes in, you can already tell we’re going places fast.


Hoshi’s also going to be an antagonist, probably. I really can’t tell how I feel about him, but I think that’s the point. He was the last thing showed in the episode, so I’m sure something will happen next time. Maybe the voices will tell him to murder everyone.

I’m just excited to learn more, which is exactly what I’ve been saying. There are so many things unknown about this world, and all the other worlds, and how they connect to the characters and their powers. I feel like every character has powers. They just either don’t know or are hiding it. Maybe they have a power like Nagara that isn’t as obvious as flying or spawning matter.


Because I don’t know why only some students would have powers and why the world wants them anyway. It doesn’t seem to add up, but I’m sure it will at some point, just probably in some very abstract, surreal way. Hopefully not quite as weird as the fan and dog situation, but I’ll take what I can get.


Thank you very much for reading.


What did you think of the episode if you watched it? And what would you do if you were trapped in a room all by yourself for all eternity? Really, probably just watch YouTube. I feel like loneliness would be the biggest factor, so unless I can bring someone with me, I’ll take that.

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