Remake Our Life Episode 5 – Passion

Remake Our Life Episode 5 – Passion

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Last Episode of Remake Our Life, we had a lot of character drama. Nanako went through a lot of personal struggles about what she wanted to do in the future, finally deciding on singing with the help of our friendly neighborhood nice guy, Hashiba. To me, it seems like we pretty much put a cap on that arc, so I’m excited to see what’s next, especially since this one is called “Reveal Your Feelings.” I’m still waiting on Shino and Hashiba to happen.


First Impressions

Hashiba and Nanako enjoying eachother's company at the school festival

And that next arc seems to be the school festival. College really is just an excuse to have another school anime, isn’t it? But it’s cool because Nanako’s still motivated and trying her best, and that’s all you can do, right? You’ll always suck at first. You just got to keep trying. I mean, look at me, I still suck at stuff!


Nanako also sucks at taking care of the environment, though, so I shouldn’t feel too bad. Hashiba continues to do his good guy thing, and she straight up just hugs him, which you have to respect, but he drops a coffee can on the ground in the process. Seriously, if that thing wasn’t empty, it would have made a mess, and I hope they cleaned it up before they left. Young love is no excuse to litter, children.

Hashiba seeing Shino and Nanako in a maid uniform and Nanako gets shy

Then again, I feel like there isn’t much reason for the fine arts club to do a maid cafe, but anime and all that. They have Nanako, Shino, even little sis, girl. A stroke for every folk, as they say. I don’t think cooking is Hashiba’s, but that’s what he gets stuck with, but I’m sure he’s not complaining. Shino got a piece of rice off his cheek. I’ve always wondered how that happens, though. I feel like you need to miss pretty badly to get a grain of rice up there.


And really, that was already about half of the episode. Just the cafe stuff and the gang hanging out. It’s kind of nice after the last episode where Nanako was literally in depression. What’s not nice is that Hashiba sees the name “Yamashina Kazu” in an art exhibit and passes out. Apparently, he recognized the name, probably from the future. So it seems like the time-travel is affecting his body in one way or another. I mean, I’d be pretty bummed out if I lost consciousness for no reason.

Hashiba lying on Shino's lap

Fortunately for Hashiba, though, he wakes up on Shino’s lap, she reveals how thankful she is to have met him, and they kiss! Almost. A phone rings right as they’re about to, but they got really close. They can’t just ignore that. I’m now getting heavy vibes Sakurasou yet again, but not in a good way this time, damn it. Don’t reopen old wounds, please.


Now, if I was Hashiba, I would have thrown the phone out the window to the neighboring prefecture, but he answers, and it’s probably a good thing. The music part of the festival was supposed to have some famous person on, but they bailed, so Hashiba was like, “yo, why don’t you do it, Nanako? Kind of crappy to put her on the spot with everyone there, but it’s also crappy to run away too, so I guess they’re even.


Hashiba shows her how well the video they uploaded did, and she gains the motivation to go sing God Knows, just like that other famous girl from an anime who got up on stage in a ridiculous outfit. Nanako’s maid uniform was a bit tamer. The crowd loved her at least, but I feel like that was less her voice and more the fact that she pulled a Haruhi. But really, screw all that noise.

Shino and Hashiba kissing

The next scene Shino just kisses Hashiba for the hell of it. Yeah, I cheered. It’s happening! I’m not even sad that Nanako saw and looked pretty depressed. Ok, that’s a little heartbreaking for her, but Shino’s best girl, so these things happen. That’s what Hashiba gets for being a nice guy. Oh, and he realizes Nanako is N@NA from the future. Damn, if only I called that in the first word of the fourth line of the eighth paragraph in the first episode review!


My Thoughts

I’m absolutely thrilled. Do you want to know my thoughts? They’re all happy. Seriously, though, this was a very solid episode. Coming off of the loads of character drama we got last time, this was much more chill and a needed change of pace. We hardly had art student stuff. It was just friends hanging and working at a maid cafe.


While that makes the first half of the episode seem a bit irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, it is nice to see these people happy and having a good time. You don’t want to see miserable people all the time, and the second half very much drove home what the plots been building up to in a lot of ways.

Nanako singing on stage

We finally got to see the culmination of Nanako’s hard work with singing. This has been the big focus for the last three episodes, really, so it’s nice to see her grow a bit. And I can’t lie, I love that she sang God Knows. That was awesome. As a Haruhi fan, it made my heart grow three sizes, and I wasn’t expecting it.


But really, this felt like the turning point for the whole series thus far. When you really think about it, all plot points we’ve had to this point have all crashed headfirst into each other.


Episodes 1 and 2 were heavily focused on Hashiba, Shino, and a bit of their relationship. 3 started this “Nanako arc,” but was also the beginning of Hashiba really taking control of his past future thing. And lastly, 4 and 5 ended the Nanako stuff. It was wrapped up all nice until the train wreck happened.

Nanako sad after seeing Shino and Hashiba kiss in secret

I love everything about the kiss scene. God, it was so well-done. So many damn series would have that near kiss from earlier and have it go nowhere. I certainly didn’t expect Shino to go for it like she did, but if anything, it shows that college students know how to get what they want.


Not only that, it was the whole build-up. You know Hashiba likes Shino. I’ve literally been pointing out how he’s noticeably different with her. He’s just being nice to Nanako as a friend, but too nice. If I’ve learned anything from Rom-Coms, it’s that kindness can be cruelty, let me tell you. 


So we, the viewer, know how things are going. We’ve seen the times he’s shared intimate moments with Shino. Nanako hasn’t. As far as Nanako’s concerned, he’s being kind to her. Yes, Hashiba is kind to everyone, but he’s extraordinarily kind to Nanako, and as far as she knows, he’s only like that with her. She doesn’t get that he’s just like that.

Nanako searching for Hashiba after her performance

Then the performance finally ends, and you see Nanoko looking for Hashiba, but he’s nowhere to be found. You can just tell things are going south, and then when she sees them. It’s perfection. Don’t get me wrong, I like Nanako a lot after these past episodes, but having all this time to build her up just to show us that she’s too late is great writing, it really is. Absolutely fantastic drama there. Though, I am starting to realize that ponytail art students have it rough with love.


I’ll continue to bring up Sakurasou. It’s impossible for me not to. These are shows with almost the exact same premise. Just the circumstances are a bit different. But what has kept Remake Our Life interesting to me is that despite appearing to just be a worse Sakurasou, it does its own thing. There’s enough unique to keep me watching, and we’re really reaching that threshold now.


Hashiba’s starting to feel some kind of physical danger from traveling back in time, making that even more important now. Now we aren’t only worried about the future, but also his health. And speaking of the future, what the hell will happen if Hashiba and Shino stay together? Will Nanako ever become N@NA if her heart breaks? Will she continue to sing if she can’t have the one who gave her a voice? 

Shino and Hashiba smiling at each other after they kiss

We have so much good stuff going on now. Just with that one little kiss, Shino effectively shattered the universe, possibly murdering everyone in the future, or setting the world on a new timeline or something equally awful, and I can’t wait to see all the carnage that will ensue.


When I said this seemed like a series where they would get together, I only half meant that. I didn’t think the series would have the stones to pull that off, especially not on episode 5! What I just hope is that they don’t backtrack or pull some crap to undo it. Like Hashiba says, “oh, no, this might unravel time and space, I better not be with her!” or something dumb like that. Maybe have the world fall apart, and Hashiba changes the events to save it. Don’t do that. That’s bad.


I don’t know. Maybe I’m thinking far too much about what is essentially a Rom-Com, but it’s a Rom-Com with freaking time travel. I can’t just let the series get away with that! Or that environmental abuse earlier. Nanako better not throw those crepes or whatever they were on the ground too! In all seriousness, really good episode, I’m thrilled to see what will happen next, and I’m completely rejuvenated for the whole series. Good times.


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