Sonny Boy Episode 4 – Monkeys

Sonny Boy Episode 4 – Monkeys

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In the last episode of Sonny Boy, we had all sorts of things happen. Some characters argued, some fell down a toilet that leads to hell, and some even got to play detective! There was even a Pac-Man livestreamer! Yeah, Sonny Boy’s weird, and I expect this episode to be the same. (Oh, how little did past me know then.)


First Impressions

Asakaze Jumping into void water

So we begin with everyone recklessly jumping down into a void that is apparently water. Understandably, Nagara’s not too cool about the idea of doing it, even if Nozomi does. But don’t worry, he gets a little help from behind and splits his head open on a rock…presumably. He didn’t quite make it to the void water.


But instead of killing him, he briefly transports everyone to a different world in a baseball field where some sort of bigfoot monkey seems to be playing. As strange as that is, that’s actually the theme of the episode. Baseball and monkeys. Baseball playing monkeys. Monkeys playing baseball.


So Cap tries to convince Nagara to play baseball with him, but he refuses until Nozomi and Mizuho force him into it. The guy has no guts against either of them. But the weirdest part isn’t how bad Nagara is. You expected the girls to laugh at him. That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that there was an entire monkey baseball league going on in the background that Cap spends about three minutes going over the history of with us.


Mizuho and Nozomi decide they just gotta see these monkeys, so they go to some guy we may or may not have seen before (beats me) called Ace. He’s good at baseball, as you might expect. He has a flashlight, that when shined on someone, allows them to see the monkey world. But he only agrees to give it to them if either Nagara, Nozomi, or Mizuho can hit one of his pitches. But if Ace wins, he gets something unreasonable. What that is, I don’t know. He whispered it to Nagara for dramatic effect.

Mizuho getting ready to swing at a baseball

This is followed by a training montage that is yet again Cap talking about the monkey league. I promise you, this is a contender for one of the strangest episodes of an anime I’ve ever seen. I’m barely holding on to my brain cells here.


Everyone fails Ace’s challenge, but in that failure, Nagara sees one of the monkeys and maybe gets inspired? I don’t know. Point is, he can now control his warping ability, but he can’t choose where to go. So Ace gets pissed and is probably about to beat him or something, but then a teacher comes from the ocean! Yes, where all teachers come from.


This teacher is Ms. Aki, and she’s fed up with the kids’ fun and games. She’s going to bring the hammer down, I guess. Put an end to the monkeyin’ around, you could say. Yeah, I don’t know what just happened, but it was an episode.


My thoughts

Where do I begin? Let’s talk about the ele– monkey in the room, I guess. I have no idea what they were about. I learned far more about this strange monkey league than I ever wanted to, and that’s with only seeing one or two monkeys, and one of them was missing an arm. 

Scary big blue monkey playing baseball

I really don’t know why the monkey league exists or why so much time was dedicated to Cap explaining everything. The whole thing was just weird, and it feels like weird purely for the sake of being weird, and I kind of love it. Sonny Boy is freaking weird. Why not have a damn monkey league?


I overthink things a lot, but even I can’t really pull any symbolism out of anything this episode. It was literally the students playing baseball with an almost absurd amount of monkey baseball history.


Once again, it felt like a fever dream, and it certainly didn’t help that I watched this episode right after waking up during a night in which I did not get the best sleep. For all I know, none of this actually happened, and my tired brain imagined the monkeys. Maybe this was just a regular baseball episode.


What is interesting is just how long everyone has been on this island. I imagine it hasn’t been more than a few months at most, but from the two sentences I understood this episode, the whole monkey age of baseball started because Ace gave them a book about the sport. How they understood the rules, I don’t know.

Nozomi ready to play baseball

It seems to me like it would take a few decades to teach monkeys how to play a sport as well or better than humans, but then again, these are alien, imaginary monkeys or some jazz, so maybe they can read. It’s possible. When it comes to Sonny Boy, any nonsense I spout could happen.


This is one episode that I really don’t have all that much to say about. Not a lot happened, and what did happen wasn’t really that relevant. The only important thing that happened is that we learned that Nagara really can warp between worlds, just not to any he wants to. 


What that does tell me is that he’s probably the one who brought them all here in the first place. That would be a pretty good twist, not that I think Sonny Boy will follow any conventional plot. I feel like you need to have something comprehensible before you can mess with that formula.


We see that Nagara can’t control his powers. It only activates in certain emotional times, like when he’s about to die or gets motivated by a monkey man. It only seems to happen when he’s losing his calm demeanor in some way.

Nagara warping the students to different worlds

Add that in with the fact that some characters had their powers prior to entering this new world, and I can only think of one option. Nagara lost it one day and accidentally warped all of these students into this world. Why the students were chosen and what the powers are about, I don’t know, but I feel like I’m correct unless Sonny Boy does do something unexpected, which is expected at this point.


Overall, I liked this episode a lot, just on the absurdity factor alone. This was one of, if not the most insane episodes of an anime I’ve ever seen in my life. It was stupid in all the best ways. And I really can’t think of any more words to describe why that it. It was madness, and I’ll stop here. See you next week for hopefully more insanity.


Thank you very much for reading


Would you watch a monkey baseball league if one existed? I would probably. It might make the sport more interesting. I just hope there’s not as much death as Sonny Boy’s league has.

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