Remake Our Life Episode 6 – Money

Remake Our Life Episode 6 – Money

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I have been looking forward to this episode for a while. Last time was a pretty entertaining one, but the biggest thing happened right at the end. Shino kissed Hashiba, potentially shattering the space-time continuum. Will everyone die, or will history be rewritten? I don’t know. Let’s find out.


First Impressions

Shino and Hashiba wake up after falling to sleep

So we begin with Shino and Hashiba sleeping together. I mean that literally, of course. They were working on stuff, and she passed out on top of him. Apparently, they’re still good because kissing seems to be a normal thing for them now, but Nanako still seems to be a little bit upset at their happiness. I can’t entirely blame her, to be fair.


But it looks like we’re right onto the next arc, this time focusing on Tsurayuki. The guy seems to be working himself to death for some reason. Hashiba pries into it as the MC he is, and we learn it’s to pay for his tuition. His parents don’t agree with him going to an art college. They would rather him become a doctor to keep with the family tradition.


It’s almost like I remember another character who worked themselves to death because their parents didn’t agree with their path in life. And it’s almost like another main character stuck his nose in their problem. I think it rhymes with Sakurasou. Oh, wait, it’s just Sakurasou.

Hashiba asking Keiko about the visual novel

So Hashiba comes up with a plan that’s a little reckless, but I’ll trust him. They’re going to make a doujin visual novel and have it published under Keiko’s company’s name so it will sell. Tsurayuki handles the script. Boom, he gets money. The problem is, one that’s kind of a dumb plan, all things considered, and two, Hashiba’s the only one with any experience. That’s why everyone flips out about the ecchi scenes. They aren’t jaded yet except Shino. She’s cool with it. Guy picked a winner.


There’s some more backstory on the characters like Keiko and Assistant Professor Lady used to make games back in the day. But the far more interesting thing is that we get to see what that person whose name made Hashiba pass out last episode is all about. Yeah, he was just an artist. Hashiba got him to do backgrounds for the game. We saw him for like 40 seconds. If his existence was just to get the ball rolling on Shino and Hashiba, he’s fulfilled his purpose. It was a good life.


At this point, most of the episode is just general game dev stuff. Problems that overwork Hashiba because he asked three people who have never made a visual novel to help make a visual novel. Two of which can’t think about the ecchi scenes without freaking out, and one may be a bit too happy about it. Seriously, Shino, draw the characters with more clothes. If only they could have hopped on the microtransaction bandwagon, they’d all be loaded.

Hashiba, Nanako, and Shino baffled by Tsurayuki's Fiancee

Of course, we need to end with something big. Jisshoji Sayuri, a girl with a “general rich girl” vibe, shows up at the students’ front door and tackles Tsurayuki. I think it was a hug, but he fell pretty far. It looked dangerous. Wait, that’s not the important part? Oh, yeah, she’s his fiancee or something like that—the end.


My Thoughts

Look at that! Another good episode! I would say it was a slight drop from the last one. We had a whole lot going on then, but this episode also had a lot to offer. Firstly, I really like the way they’re handling the Shino Hashiba situation, particularly because they aren’t really dealing with it. Let me explain.


The scene at the beginning mixed with other little things shows that they two are very much in a relationship with each other. You know nothing happened to break them up, or it wasn’t just some spur-of-the-moment thing. The two are together, but they aren’t the main focus. The fact that they are together isn’t defining the whole series, which I love.

Nanako upset that Shino and Hashiba are getting along

I fully expected the next episode to be Nanako trying to break them up, but it wasn’t. The fact that they’re not hanging all over each other but are noticeably close makes it feel like they’re actually a couple. Not that they’re just a story arc. Their relationship isn’t an arc. Their relationship will survive the arcs. For Nanako, yeah, it kind of sucks, but from a story standpoint, I really like where things are going.


Now that we’re kind of at the halfway point, I would probably give the series a 7/10 right now. Which is my general score for something that does a few things right but isn’t amazing. This episode was fun, but I have trouble taking the character drama seriously, and I think it’s only because everything that happens feels like I’ve seen before, just done better in another series. 

Hashiba and Tsurayuki working hard on their visual novel

That’s why this episode actually had a lot of highs. Remake Our Life is best when it’s focusing on the whole remaking your life thing, not the art projects the students do. When it really hammers down time travel is when it gets unique and is a lot of fun. This episode was the best of both worlds in a lot of ways.


Not only did we get the art project, we got an art project very much associated with time travel. Hashiba’s entire concept for making a doujin visual novel was based on his knowledge from the future. He used it to think of what will sell what, what setting is popular in the current time period, who’s best for the job, and how to put things together. 


Lots of really clever stuff that’s going to make for a pretty good arc. What’s fun is that each project is something different. First a film, then teaching Nanako to sing, now a visual novel. All different things that focus on different aspects of Hashiba’s skill set. I said it before, and I’ll say it again; it’s such a good premise, and I’m glad that it’s being used well.

Hashiba concerned for Tsurayuki

I think Hashiba’s just a likable character in general. Yeah, he’s a bit generic, but the guy gets things done. He’s a jack of all trades, and you got to respect that, and I’m glad Remake Our Life does. This series does have a lot going for it. It’s an above-average anime with a few average aspects, but it seems to be finding its footing a bit more. 


While this episode wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be and had nowhere near the amount of drama, it was pretty solid. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next. I just hope none of it breaks Shino and Hashiba up, or else I’ll actually riot.


Thank you very much for reading


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