Sonny Boy Episode 6 – God

Sonny Boy Episode 6 – God

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Last time was less crazy than monkeys, thankfully. Nagara is getting better at controlling his powers, but he still can’t do it quite right. This leads many of the students to believe he’s faking it to stay in this world. That’s probably not it, though. Nagara is just useless. I have a suspicion that the story is about to pick up soon, but maybe I’m wrong. It happens.


First impressions

Hoshi next to guy on a wheelchair
(Starting strong already!)


We start with Hoshi talking to some guy in a wheelchair. If you think they explained who that was and gave any build-up to him, you’ve got the wrong series. He knows everything probably and tells us that Hoshi had already known that the classroom would go adrift that day (from the voices?) and still showed up to be a hero or something.


The next focus is on Nagara, who is now on the run with his lackeys. Rajdhani and Nagara find some world that’s a movie theater with a screen that only shows Nagara’s point of view. A little damning for the guy. He’s definitely connected to everything. Hey, at least it had cool visuals.


But right after, Nagara gets jumped by a giant talking dog called Yamabiko, who had been stuck here for five thousand years that Mizuho found on her latest food runs. That’s something they have to do now since the rest of the island is trying to capture Nagara. They’re now stuck world-hopping forever.

Mizuho with a banana on her head stuck in a moive screen
(Please take this picture out of context. It doesn’t matter either way.)


But it’s all good because if you edit one of the movies in the Movie Theater of Life, it edits reality, so they can assault Mizuho with the monkeys from episode 4. No joke, I think that’s the first time this series has had any continuity between episodes.


So Nagara has the idea to rewind the movie to before they were adrift. It doesn’t work, but he did find a film of their lives in the normal world, so they’re going to edit the two together, so they end up in the real world. Like some crappy movie with a 60-second ending tacked on the end.


Hoshi doesn’t like that because the voices said no, but everyone wants to leave, so they will. Except for Asakaze. He just randomly hugs Aki now. I was joking about them last episode, but I guess I’m surprisingly astute.


Some students are worried that the editing may alter them, but Rajdhani assures Pony she won’t turn into a dog or something. She’ll become a horse, obviously. Hoshi’s also like losing it. The principal of their school happens to be god, by the way. That’s why only students of that school go adrift, including dog man from the past.  God is also wheelchair guy.

Two Nagaras
(We’re seeing double)


But there’s a problem. When they finally make it to the past after a bunch of stuff that I won’t explain happens, they don’t take the place of their other forms. Meaning they still exist in the real world, just not the versions of them that are in “This World.” So they aren’t adrift, they were kicked out, and principal god replaced them with body doubles. Except, Nozomi, she’s dead in the real world.


Now they have to stay in crazy land because there’s no place for them in the real world anymore. I really wish I could tell you more. I’m confused as hell. So many things happened, and I kind of get it, but I don’t. Please send help. If you think reading this is confusing, imagine trying to comprehend and explain what the hell is happening. I need an interpreter.


My thoughts

The hell? If you thought me breaking this section up would organize my thoughts, you’re dead wrong. I don’t have a single insightful thing to say. I picked one hell of a series for episode reviews. I don’t even know what’s going on 90% of the time. I feel like every episode I have smoke coming up my ears from my brain even attempting to process what I’m looking at.

Dog and the students looking into space
(Just appreciate this image)


I mean, we have talking dogs, we have, uh, student-teacher(?) relations? Actually, I forgot to mention that. Aki isn’t a teacher, according to dog man. Only students go adrift. So, I guess if the principal is god, they’re like his disciples, who all decided to pick on these high schoolers. I always imagined if there was some type of omnipotent being somewhere, they would get super bored. This is how it goes, I suppose. I, too, pick on those younger than me for sport. That’s a joke. I don’t. I’m not an ass.


What was I talking about again? Oh, yeah, Sonny Boy. So, despite…everything, this episode once again had some cool stuff. The movie theater was an awesome idea with a really interesting solution to boot. The weird stuff at the end proving the world was flat that I didn’t mention was cool. Hell, I even like the addition of dog man.


When you understand that you can’t grasp anything you’re seeing (definitely not because you gave up on trying), you can just appreciate everything for what it is. Sonny Boy is like abstract art. You look at it one way, and it seems like nothing. The other, it seems like everything. It may look like a few splotches on canvas with no connection to each other, but it’s art. Why? Because art’s art.

Lens flare from Nagara
(Excuse Nagara for breaking the world again)


Seriously, though, there’s a lot of cool ideas, albeit not all of them make sense. I still don’t know what god is about, but I’m sure we’ll learn more. What I’m interested in is where the story goes after this. For all I know, we’ve lost the last thing holding this plot to the ground. One by one, all these chains have been breaking, unraveling the plot more and more, and now Sonny Boy is truly free.



All of the weirdness has been wrapped in this plot about getting home. That’s been the entire point of the story since the beginning. These students have gone adrift, and all the stuff happening (except monkeys) has ultimately been to lead them back home. Now they have no home to go to, so what’s the story going to focus on for the latter half? Beats me?

Nagara looking at god
(Too close)


It seems like everyone’s friends again. Hoshi is complimenting Nagara on almost saving everyone, but it’s obviously manipulation. Our boy just isn’t smart enough to see that. Remember, never trust someone that says they can hear god, especially if that god is a principal that picks on children. There’s a whole bunch of red flags there.


What is nice is that despite this being one of the weirder episodes, even by Sonny Boy’s standards, it actually had the most story in it of all of them, I’d say. Yes, the ending was confusing, but we were actually going somewhere this time. We wrapped up a story arc. No more going home.  What’s after this, we’ll just have to see. 


What I can tell you is it’s going to be weird. That’s a fact. I’d really like to see them start to accept this life and maybe grow up. Maybe god can give us a time skip? I want something to shake everything up. Maybe the monkeys will come back? Maybe the monkeys are students from the real world too? Now there’s the plot twist.


Thank you very much for reading

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