Sonny Boy Episode 7 – Growth

Sonny Boy Episode 7 – Growth

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Last episode, reality broke apart. Our students finally managed to get back to their own world with the power of video editing, but it turns out that they aren’t allowed there anymore. God (who is sometimes in a wheelchair) decided that they didn’t belong in the real world and made copies that took their place. Or our students are the copies? It’s all screwed up, but maybe this episode will explain more.


First Impressions

I can’t lie. I watched more of the episode than I usually do before I start writing, simply for the fact that I was waiting for something to make sense. Boy, did I forget how these things go.

Every drifting student
(They all hate Nagara)


Immediately we’re shown that there are thousands of students that have been sent adrift. It’s not just dog guy and who we know. Thousands and thousands have been locked away in these other worlds. It finally starts to spread through the grapevine that Nagara is the one responsible for sending everyone adrift, which is the truth. But not really.


According to Rajdhani, Nagara is what caused this, but it was only because God gave him the power. He’s a pawn, essentially. What I don’t get is how he’s also responsible for the people sent here in the past. I understand they don’t age, and time is nonexistent here, but time would have still flown in the real world, and a lot of these students should have been around before Nagara was born. I’ll stop myself there. It’s a useless thought. Time is an illusion.


Rajdhani has gone off the deep end and is watching ants eat themselves, so Nagara steps in and sets the ants free. Now, let’s play a game here. I’m going to tell you the next few events in order, and you tell me how you think we got there. We went from Nagara freeing ants and thinking about the past to him being a slave building a tower to heaven (probably to kill God) in an attempt to free himself and the other students that are also slaves.

Nagara looking at an exercise bar
(Anything can look menacing with a good camera angle)


If you said, “from gravity flipping upsidedown thanks to a student that’s an umbrella bat while Nagara’s on an exercise bar,” congratulations! You could be a writer for this series. This new slave world, well, they do get paid in cheese puffs, or whatever the hell they are, so I guess technically it’s not slavery, but they can only buy food with worms in them, so you be the judge.


Nagara finds out pretty quickly that all of these students don’t question anything, and none of them actually believe they’ll get to heaven. They just keep up with the busy work because there’s nothing else to do. They’re just worker ants…quite literally. Nagara was turned into one of the ants and is now rebelling against them. That’s why they eat bug food. Yup. He also can’t escape, by the way, because that world’s boss decided so. Yup.

Bat guy and Nagara upside down
(This is most certainly an image. That I promise)


Nagara does something I thought of, which scares me that I’m on his wavelength. How do you go against the mindless workers? Kill yourself, of course! Show you have a mind! But gravity flips so he doesn’t die from jumping off a cliff, and Nagara meets the umbrella bat guy again. They met in the past, but for like two minutes. The moral of the story is he gets back to normal land. 


At this point, Hoshi took most of the students in the giant black box from last episode. Rajdhani has also decided to sail the land in a boat. That just leaves Nagara, Mizuho, Nozomi, and Asakaze on the island. Asakaze has plans to get out and take everyone with him. Apparently, he’s grown fond of Nagara.

Nagara reading his book
(Our boy’s making a plan)


But our boy has finally grown up a bit and decided to choose his own path. It looks like he’s going to attempt to create a world instead. Mizuho is all for it, further solidifying her spot as best girl, and Nozomi’s doesn’t seem too interested. Funny, seeing yourself dead changes a person. That’s it. It’s pretty abrupt.


My Thoughts

Here we go again. Now, granted, taking into account all the absurdity of this series, this episode wasn’t that hard to grasp. That’s good. It’s also still insane. Hey, that’s also good. Everything Sonny Boy is doing right now is good. It’s making my brain happy, at the very least. Poor thing is overworked.


That’s not to say the gears in my head weren’t spinning. They were. They just weren’t getting stuck as much. The big theme of this episode is pretty damn obvious. It’s Nagara and his growth. This whole episode was centered around how Nagara deals with being pretty much responsible for ruining so many people’s lives. Surprisingly, he takes it pretty well. He decided to take it in stride and attempt to do something about it. He won’t run away.


Nagara carrying stone up the tower
(Nagara won’t accept this fate)


We had the whole worker ant setup, made Nagara one of those ants, and watched him actively go against them no matter the consequences. They climbed down the tower, and he climbed up. He won’t do what he is told anymore. He grew a conscious and is ready to do what he believes he needs to do to save everyone, what he needs to do to repent.


Even the ending was growth. All the characters we’ve come to know have begun to move on. Carving their own paths. I mean, most of them are just following Hoshi, so I don’t know if that counts as their “own” path, but we’ll take it. Nagara decided not to go along with anyone. He decided to walk up the proverbial tower in this world as well. He’ll carve his own path and save everyone. Mizuho and possible Nozomi and Asakaze have decided to walk his path as well.

Nagara looking off a cliff
(He’s willing to do anything)


Nagara has grown from a pushover, from this guy who’d you forget five minutes after seeing him to somebody strong and resolute enough to get people on his side. He’s managed to get people who will take a leap of faith for him, and that’s pretty cool, isn’t it? That’s a lot of growth. Too bad most of it felt like it happened between episodes.


This was probably the best episode of Sonny Boy yet. It was absurd, but it had purpose. There was a reason all this weird stuff was shown other than just for the sake of being weird. It was all to show Nagara’s growth. This is how Sonny Boy should be done. Weird, abstract, insane events, but ones that actually have rhyme or reason. It was nice.


As far as ant world, I loved it, really. It was super creative, but again, felt relevant, if not a little too on the nose. It had purpose. It wasn’t just some random Pac-Man world that led to a computer mouse, you know? It also seems to me that I may not be too far off with some kind of time skip. They have to, really. What are we going to watch, these same four people doing random stuff? We’ll have to have something. Every episode already has a slight skip anyway, but I’m talking years. That’s what I want.

Nozomi looking up at the night sky
(What’s she thinking about?)


Now that the character pool has gotten a lot smaller, I think it’s about time we give them all some development. Mizuho is pretty solid. Nagara’s really getting there. Asakaze’s not bad either. Nozomi is the elephant in the room. You don’t really know what’s going on in her head, and based on that ending, we’ll probably find out soon.


In particular, I’m interested why she was so attached to Nagara from the beginning when nobody else was. I’m curious if there’s a reason behind it. She seemed almost on the same level as Hoshi, but as far as we know, God never spoke to her. Maybe she’s a spy? Probably not. Anyway, I look forward to next week where everything I’ve said will be proved wrong because why the hell not? It’s Sonny Boy.


Thank you very much for reading


What bug should Nagara become next? Hopefully a bee. I want to see him fly and pollinate the world. 

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