Remake Our Life Episode 8 – Regrets

Remake Our Life Episode 8 – Regrets

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Last episode of Remake Our Life, Hashiba continued to grow his harem as he gets confused about his true feelings. Why he’s suddenly taking steps backward, I don’t know. Sayuri was also driven out by Tsurayuki, so I guess we won’t see much of her anymore. It’s back to the visual novel. Will it be a success? Stay tuned to find out! I mean, it probably will.


First Impressions

Hashiba talking to Shino
(Hashiba gets into his role)


As the deadline for the visual novel approaches, Hashiba realizes that they’re probably not going to make it. Maybe that has something to do with him being the only one familiar with the genre, but what do I know? To fix this, Hashiba has decided to largely take things into his own hand, giving everyone directions to follow to get things done.


Not everyone is happy about this, it really limits their creative freedom, after all, but they accept it for the sake of getting crap done. And get crap done they do. It’s already time to start moving on with other aspects of the project, including Nanako getting some audio lines done.


Shino thinks it would be a good idea to add another scene into the VN, but Hashiba has to shut her down because of  time restraints. Looks to me like this future man is limiting these very talented people because he doesn’t believe in them, but hey, what do I know, right? We already established not much.

Tsurayuki mad about his typos
(This is accurate for a writer)


Finally, after much debugging that made everyone lose sleep, my favorite part being Tsurayuki, who constantly gets pissed for making typos, the VN is done. It’s shipped out, presumably sells pretty well, and everyone makes the big bucks. All is happy, and the students live out their lives having a good time—the end. Oh, you wish. Actually, I don’t. This is much cooler.


Tsurayuki drags Hashiba away from the group to give him some news. He’s dropping out of school. All his life, he’s always had confidence that he could make it as a writer. That he was talented, and as long as he was starting from the same point as everyone else, he’ll figure it out. That there was nobody who knew everything from the beginning. He always thought that until he met Hashiba, who seemed so far ahead of him as a person and creator. About 10 years worth, I’d say.


This makes Hashiba realize that he screwed everything up by returning to the past, but he can’t help but wonder where he went wrong. Then it hits him. I wish I could have told him earlier and saved him the trouble. He thought he was helping his friends in their times of need, but they didn’t need it. They were already successful without him. He was just screwing with the timeline, and that’s what led to everything falling apart. But if you thought that still wasn’t enough, boy, do I have news for you.

Hashiba Maki
(Yup, this is happening now)


Hashiba then blacks out and wakes up in a mysterious bedroom with some mysterious little girl calling him “daddy” that looks mysteriously like Shino. Do you get it? Yeah, it’s now 2018 in this timeline, and Hashiba presumably married Shino, and the two of them now have a kid. Remake Our Life, everybody. A hell of a lot just happened. For real, though, what was the point of Sayuri even showing up? She was the most pointless character.


My Thoughts

Where to begin…Oh, I know. Here’s an interesting thing: Tsurayuki’s pen name was Kawagoe Kyoichi. The “Kyoichi” part, meaning Kyoya is number one, referring to how Tsurayuki feels like he can never catch up, which is ultimately what led to him dropping out. But why was that his pen name in the future if he never met Hashiba? I call shenanigans! The timeline must have leaked over or something. Whatever. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.


So, for full disclosure, when I wrote this post about Remake Our Life, I had gotten some spoilers as I was researching stuff. Not much, but I knew a few events that happened. One of them was the fact that Hashiba and Shino have a kid. I knew this, but I did not know how exactly it happened. That’s a fairly recent event in the light novel, so I didn’t expect them to adapt it, but they already did. That, combined with what will likely be the climax of the whole story over the next few episodes, will easily take this from a decent anime to a pretty damn good one if they do it right. Everything from this point on should be great. It’s about to get pretty top-tier.


We’ve completely ditched the happy-go-lucky “let’s relive our youth” atmosphere, and it’s time for Hashiba to deal with the fact that he likely ruined everyone’s lives. I mean, he also brought life into this world with Shino, so maybe that evens things out? Is that how this works? I don’t know.

Shino in the future
(That escalated quickly)


That decision was great. I love that they’re together in the future, and it will make all the events that transpire all the better. The story has turned into that very pessimistic concept I hate where there’s a limited amount of happiness in the world, and if you gain it, it gets taken from another and vice versa.


Hashiba was a miserable bum who injected himself into this group of talented people he admired, stole their happiness, and is now chilling in the future he always wanted, happily married, a nice kid, and likely very successful. Now he just needs to decide what to do, and I will pretend like I don’t know what that is. Just keep watching. I don’t know the details, but it gonna get good. It’s going to get real good.

Hashiba in the rain
(He’s pretty messed up now)


I love that Hashiba actually realized that none of them ever needed his help and that he was basically screwing everything up. That’s something I started to realize as far back as episode 4 or 5, I believe, and it makes logical sense, so I’m glad it wasn’t skimmed over. For an anime about time travel, all of these things happening make a surprising amount of sense. If this plot would ever happen in the real world, it would probably go very similar to this, minus the world collapsing in on itself.


I’m glad I get to talk about this, because truthfully, if they didn’t adapt this or any of the ending stuff, I was just going to read the light novel and make a post saying why you should read it, so this saves me the trouble. I fully expected this to end as a generic happy plot, but it seems that studio feel has an understanding as to what will make this series stand out and isn’t afraid. This is the riskier route, but it’s the more rewarding one.


It would have been very easy to just end this before things go south and have it be a cute series about a guy taking his life back, but nope. That would lose the meaning of the story. I agree. Let things burn. It’s better that way. And no, I don’t have issues. I just like well-written stuff, and it just so happens that low points in characters’ lives are usually the best parts. We need that drama, even if it destroys the universe.

Keiko's dead eyes
(I didn’t think she was that important)


There are also some other little things, like Keiko having the generic lifeless, blank anime stare and wondering why things turned out like this. That implies that she has some knowledge of the future just like Hashiba, and she too didn’t see impending doom like I did. Shino also asked if things were supposed to go this way before Tsurayuki dropped his bombshell, which could also be referring to how things were going. So maybe she knew? Maybe this was all just a ploy to get with Hashiba?  Oh, no, Shino’s the real main character!


That’s how you know I have nothing left because I’m spouting nonsense. Anyway, if you have been reading these without watching the series, go watch it. It’s now worth your time. Things will get good. I’m looking very forward to next week, and I will see you then, hopefully with even more disregard for the space-time continuum.


Thank you very much for reading


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