Sonny Boy Episode 8 – Epidemic

Sonny Boy Episode 8 – Epidemic

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On the last episode, well, I don’t know how to describe it, as per usual. We met god. There were ants. Nagara’s growing as a person. That’s good. Um, yeah, let’s watch the next one. See what meaning we can get out of it.


First Impressions

Nagara, Mizuho, and Yamabiko at camp
(What a group)


We start with Nagara, Mizuho, and the puppy all at camp together out in god knows where. For whatever reason, Nozomi didn’t come. Mizuho thinks it was a fight with Nagara, and to be perfectly honest, a lot does happen off-screen, so I could believe it. Mizuho is bored, so she asks puppy about his life as Yamabiko… before he became a dog, I mean.


It’s about as weird as you’d imagine. There’s this girl who has the power to “direct” all things, vague as that is. She’s looked up to by everyone, including pre-puppy boy. Suddenly all the people start growing bloody tumors out of their skin. The director girl gets it too, and Yamabiko decided the best thing to do was lick her blood, and he turned into a dog. I swear to god. I’m not making any of that up.


But if you thought that was weird, you’re in for a treat! We learn even more about Yamabiko, basically that he was a traveler because it was easier than being with his classmates. The guy doesn’t like people. Eventually, he found this girl, Kodama, who people worshipped as a god. That’s bloody tumor girl.

Geyser of soup
(Let there be soup!)


He thought her kindness was fake and wanted to leave as soon as possible, but in time she tracked him down and continued to show kindness in the sweetest ways, like making a geyser of soup out of the ocean that Yamabiko crawls up and drinks like a dog, and this was prior to puppy transformation, by the way. He always had it in him.


Eventually, they find some guy coughing up blood in the cave and suspect that he’s the cause of the tumors. After a while, he just says it. Yeah, he is. That’s easy. He reveals that the cause of the bloody tumors are mental wounds. So he manifests people’s mental issues in gross ways, shows off his medals he wears for killing thousands of people, and he wonders why nobody likes him? I’ve seen weirder, to be honest.

Kodama dying
(Worse ways to go…probably)


That about wraps up puppy boy’s flashbacks. It turns out that the tumors were kind of Yamabiko’s fault, according to the serial killer guy we learn is named “War.” His power is to bring anything in his mind to life, and that somehow manifested itself as the tumors? I probably understood that wrong. Regardless, it kills Kodama, and our puppy sleeps for a few thousand years before meeting Nagara and the gang.


Finally, everyone reunites with Nozomi after their journey to god knows where, and all chill by the campfire. Lastly, Yamabiko drops a bombshell that War’s plan was to kill god, and Nagara is like, “yo, what good would that do?” and the credits roll.


My Thoughts

So this was a very flashback-heavy episode, as you can probably tell. Why Nagara and Mizuho were traveling, I don’t know. It was mostly a plot device for Yamabiko to tell them his story. I will echo something that I’ve thought before, Mizuho is the best character, or at least most likable. She lightens the mood and is nice. She’s come a long way from burning down islands, you know?

Kodama and everyone has tumors
(Those are tumors. Not crystals. Just giant tumors)


Getting to see Yamabiko’s backstory was interesting, but I do wonder what effect it will have on the story as a whole. I still have no idea where Sonny Boy will end or anything leading up to that ending. What I know is that while many of the things that have happened so far are weird as hell, they generally mean something to the greater plot, except monkey baseball, of course.


That has me wondering what was ultimately the purpose of having an entire episode dedicated to puppy boy’s backstory. My guess is that it was probably to introduce War, whoever he is. Seems very odd to me that he’s a character that talks about killing god, just to be used in a flashback. No, I think he’ll be important somehow, and I feel that this episode was to set that up in a way. Because if this episode doesn’t have any real importance, it could feel like a waste.


I’m all for character development. I’ve said we needed that since the beginning, but now that we have fewer students, it’s naturally happening. I just mentioned how much I like Mizuho, and last episode, I talked about how much Nagara has changed. I actually know their names now! Development has happened without the need for an entire episode dedicated to it, especially for puppy boy.

Yamabiko drinking blood
(Just a dog drinking blood. Definitely not a human seconds before)


We only have a few episodes left at this point, and we are not anywhere even close to an ending whatsoever. Where are we going to go with this? I don’t know. Truth is,  Sonny Boy probably won’t have a satisfying ending. I don’t even know what would count as satisfying for this series. It will likely end really abruptly and make no sense. Still, I’d like to get something out of it.


As for the actual content of this episode, it was pretty good. It had that Sonny Boy charm. I couldn’t describe what that is if you held a gun to my head, but if you’ve been watching the series, you would know that “guy drinks blood off of hand = become dog” makes perfect sense.


The whole visuals of the bloody tumors slowly enveloping the host’s body, watching them all get slowly more grotesque as time went on, was terrifying and fantastic. Lots of really eerie imagery, which actually suits the insane nature of the show. Really, it makes me wonder what a horror series would look like by the same creators. It would probably be fantastic and would fuel many nightmares for years to come.

Kodama's eye
(What beautiful eyes)


It’s absolutely undeniable that the staff has a ton of talent. I’ve never seen an anime like Sonny Boy, and I mean that in the best way possible. I want to see the same people do other stuff in the future—preferably horror. I’m really into that idea now. Please. Give me a world and grotesque monsters crafted by these people. This episode but a gruesome series. Make it happen.


And that’s about it. This was just a flashback episode. It was enjoyable, and we learned a lot more about Yamabiko, who is arguably one of the more interesting characters at this point. But, seriously, we need to get things going now. We’re really close to the end. I have to admit, I’m kind of happy, but I’m going to miss it.


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