Remake Our Life Episode 9 – Sorry

Remake Our Life Episode 9 – Sorry

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On the last episode of Remake Our Life, spoilers happened. I will now reveal those spoilers, so view them at your own risk. Hashiba realized that maybe messing with people’s lives in the past wasn’t such a good idea, the world fell apart or something, and Hashiba jumped back to present day, but in this version is married to Shino with a daughter named Maki. Yup. Let’s see what could happen next.


First Impressions

The Hashiba Family Dinner
(He loves his toast)


We start off with the Hashiba family enjoying a nice meal together, at least for everyone but our protagonist. Imagine waking up and suddenly having a kid you have no recollection of. It’d be weird. You need to give our boy some time to adjust.


But he doesn’t have time for that because he works for a game company called Attraction Point. The same one Kawasegawa works at in this reality and, from their conversation on the phone, is likely his boss. It looks like the world corrects itself.


It turns out that Hashiba is actually a manager at Attraction point, which is his words, is a pretty solid mid-tier developer in his old present/future/past/wherever the hell he was pre-time travel. Kawasegawa is very important in the company and decides that she needs Hashiba to go be an errand boy again.


So using clever tactics like manipulation and social media stalking, he finds his way to Saikawa Minori’s house, an artist doing the characters for his companies new game. She’s suffering from some artist’s block and isn’t meeting the schedule. So Hashiba strong arms her, and by strong arms, I mean compliments her latest piece and gives her the motivation to continue.

Hashiba working hard
(We’re back where we started)


This is how our boy- well, he’s a man now- needs to feel useful in this world. Apparently, it isn’t the future he wanted, but his dream came true anyway somehow Going to be honest, about marrying and having a kid with Shino and the game company. This is literally what his future was going to be during the time travel, don’t tell me it isn’t. God just cut the fat out.


But things take a turn for the worst at the Hashiba’s family dinner. It turns out that Shino isn’t an artist anymore. She just didn’t want to draw anything anymore. That seems like an excuse for the fact that she’s clearly taking care of a small child every day and wouldn’t have time, but let’s not tell our time traveler that. He’ll feel pretty bad even know it was clearly her decision to.


Hashiba isn’t in love with this world. Shino’s not an artist anymore, Tsurayuki hasn’t written any novels, Nanako has stopped singing, Kawasegawa is still successful but not as successful. He feels it’s his fault this all happened. Technically it is, but I’m going to play devil’s advocate here.


Shino’s choice to take care of their child was her decision, Tsurayuki feeling obsolete with Hasihba was his insecurity, Nanako needs to find her own way in life without Hashiba, and Kawasegawa is still successful. Grow up, guy. These were still their decisions. Accept your happy world with your wonderful loving family, you dick.

Hashiba smells like a drunk
(Our boy is now a drunk)


This revelation that he stole everyone’s happiness causes him to lie down in a pile of trash, presumably get drunk, and return to his family as a sobbing mess. It’s then we learn why Shino stopped drawing. Pretty much, Hashiba continued to force her to keep deadlines as they all made games together, and she eventually stopped having fun. That’s it. Hashiba was doing what producers do. How did Shino make it in the art world again? Well, that was the end.


My Thoughts

Good episode. I said this a little bit last time, but this is about the best way the story could have gone. I love the darker, more somber tone. I will say Hashiba has a bit of main character syndrome going, though. Not everything in the world revolves around him.


The only character he personally has really done anything to was Shino, but again, she needs to adjust to things a bit to make it as an artist. Nanako and Tsurayuki weren’t his fault.

Hashiba's garbage bed
(I wasn’t kidding about the garbage. Comfy!)


Regardless, this is an interesting scenario. It flips the whole story on its head in a lot of ways. This is what you would have considered to be the end of the series. Hashiba has remade his life, quite literally. He went from almost homeless bum to married guy who lays in piles of garbage and drinks like a bum, but at least he has a kid now.


I also just find it funnier than I should that he gives Maki, his own flesh and blood, absolutely no thought whatsoever. He’s sitting here getting wasted and regretting his actions, not even thinking about the fact that this sweet little girl wouldn’t even be alive if he hadn’t gone to the past. The dude is extremely self-centered, and I guess that’s his character in a lot of ways. He’s the producer of things. You need to value your own opinions pretty damn high to do that.

Hashiba on the job
(Hashiba still has his charm, clearly)


So while Hashiba is definitely to blame for the current world, it wasn’t because of anything he especially did. It could have been anyone, and things would have gone mostly the same. These college students need to learn how to deal with their own problems, pretty much.


I really look forward to seeing how Hashiba deals with all of this because in my humble opinion, this current world is far more interesting than the setting for the rest of the show has been. I think we spent enough time in college days. I really like the idea of Hashiba fixing the future yet again, but this time one he actually enjoyed. And I would love him to do this in the current timeline, but we’ll see. I don’t know which direction the anime will take it yet.

Hashiba on the computer
(What will our hero do?)


I feel like this is the point where we start thinking about the ending. We only have 3 episodes left after all. There’s quite a bit that will have to happen to wrap things up. What I’m curious about is whether we’ll get an open-ended ending or something more complete. I would hope we’re given a solid ending, even if it would be an anime-only one. You know we’re never getting a season 2, at least, I highly doubt it, so I’d rather not taint the show with a sucky ending.


I would also like to see more of Hashiba at Attraction Point. See him handle adults and tell them what to do rather than college students. See if they give up on their dreams because they can’t handle it too! I kid. I do want to see more of this future, Hashiba. That’s about my biggest hope. Let him and Shino be happy together for a bit. I’ve wanted this since the beginning, ok! Yeah, you know that won’t happen. Not for another 3 episodes, probably.


Thank you very much for reading


Those of you who have watched this, what do you think about Hashiba’s decisions? I’m still of the mindset he didn’t do anything wrong, really.

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