Sonny Boy Episode 9 – Cats

Sonny Boy Episode 9 – Cats

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In the last episode of Oh, God, What the Hell is Happening, we learned about Yamabiko’s backstory. A little too much, if you ask me. I didn’t want to know about his blood-drinking fetish, but here we are. That was pretty much it—blood-drinking and tumors, what a fun series.


First Impressions

Cats talking
(Just cats having a good time)


Sorry, I’ve never watched something that causes my brain actual pain 5 seconds in. So all of Mizuho’s cats can talk. Only to themselves…maybe? They have some cat language, and they’re all sophisticated and know more than you’d ever think. I do imagine cats as snobs, so that’s accurate. They’re also who brings Mizuho stuff from bootleg Amazon. Maybe I knew that already.


The gang, now including Asakaze on orders from Aki, are in some snow world with two twins trying to kill each other over a strand of hair. One twin has one more hair which pisses the other off. This has raged for years, and Nagara needs them to change the world or something.

The twins bonding
(Oh, Sonny Boy)


That’s because they both have the power to reverse time, but if they reverse the reverse, it becomes reverse-reverse, which becomes a reset, meaning nothing changes, and that’s why they’ve been beating each other for thousands of years.


Uh, Aki is helping the one with less hair, who is apparently a clone of the other, but that one somehow grew more hair. I’d hate to introduce these two to a hair salon. Aki decides that the best way to help the one with less hair is with a raygun that has god’s protection or something.


And, and, stay with me here, it looks like the cats are part of the cause of everyone going adrift. Their power is to make copies from the real world, but they can’t copy living things. Or so they pretend! Those damn cats! They don’t mention that because it would put Mizuho in a bad spot, I’m guessing because people would want their families and such.

Cat lie detector
(We need to know the truth, cat!)


Rajd figured this out after hooking one of them up to a feline lie detector. He figured out how they’re involved, but I’m clearly not smart enough to know yet. But Mizuho and the kitties are closely related to how all this happened.


Then Sakura, the smart white cat who’s overprotective of Mizuho, gets caught in a trap. Forget the smart part. The cat can talk but is still a dumbass, clearly. So Mizuho goes to find her feline friend.

Rayguns hurt
(I’ve seen this before!)


But, uh oh, younger copy of hair guy was going to sacrifice her kitty to the gods? I think. It’s then that the copies fight with their, uh, rayguns, and one less hair guy shoots a hole through the other like in that Dragonball Z fight with Raditz. But, he loses all purpose in life and shoots himself in the head after. The end, pretty much. There’s some other stuff but nothing really important. The bottom line, their powers are useless now…because they’re dead.


My Thoughts

Oh, oh, oh boy. I’ll start by commending Sonny Boy. I do not know how each world has continued to be so fascinating, but it has. This one was absolutely insane and was beyond interesting with the whole twin/copy setup, and it only lasted one episode. It’s impressive to do that so consistently.


As for everything else, I don’t know. Apparently the cats are the root of all evil? Some people would probably agree with that. Thing is, I just want to know what the creators are on, so I get some. Imagine if I had this creativity but retained any logical thinking whatsoever. I’d be the best writer.

Bro and Aki
(He should have had one more hair)


Really, though, the whole power struggle between the twins was such a cool concept and was such a Sonny Boy thing. Sonny Boy is creating its own genre because I’m beginning to use the series as an adjective. Having this thousand-year struggle be brought on because of one copy having one more strand of hair is so Sonny Boy. Just like talking, magic, cats.


This episode was really Sonny Boy in a nutshell. Stupid as hell, absurd, magical, and quite deep when you think about the meaning of everything. Like, it sounds dumb that you would kill your copy because of a strand of hair, which it is, but there’s more to it than that.


This copy came into being, possibly from the cats, and suddenly started to grow more than the original. It’s not really about the hair. That’s more a physical example of the change the new one had. He’s grown more as a person. Calmer, more intelligent, more reliable. That, rightfully so, pisses off the original. The hair doesn’t really matter.

Everyone in the blood moon
(This is menacing for some reason)


I echo what my fellow blogger Scott said about it in his recent tweet. You really could. Sonny Boy is almost less an anime and more a collection of ideas loosely tied together. I mean, the world jump excuse is a way to have all of these things make sense. You could flesh out any of the concepts present in this series.


I feel like Sonny Boy could almost be a fun writing exercise. “Hey, let’s all make our own world and setting and try to throw them together!” Like that. This is the same series that also had monkey baseball, remember. I know that feels like 20 years ago, but it was just a few episodes.


It’s just so consistently imaginative and weird that I love it so dearly now. I want to protect its absurdity so much. It’s such pure, raw, unfiltered what-the-hell-is-happening energy.

Cats on Radj
(Just Sonny Boy things)


Sonny Boy is what I imagine watching your first episode of an anime feels like to those who weren’t introduced to it from a young age. Weird as hell, you wonder if you should continue or not, but that same things that made you question your sanity becomes what you love about it.


But I’ll stop my thoughts there. I notice I tend to talk about the series as a whole rather than the episode, and my thoughts get kinda mixed up. I don’t think you can blame me, though. I just watched cats discuss their owner as two clones attempt to shoot each other with rayguns. It’s Sonny Boy!


It looks like the cats are involved. I mean, the people in this world are copies of the real world, correct? Like Nozomi is a copy of her real self before she died in the real world, which is how she’s alive here and feeling like baggage. Again, super interesting predicament.

Kitties in the sky
(They know everything)


So the cats got together with god to send these students adrift? And they did this because Mizuho couldn’t survive by herself? I mean, she did eat cat food. And in the real world, they would die. So maybe, this entire thing was born from a pet’s loving wish to protect their owner. Did I solve it? Maybe. Let’s find out next time!


Thank you very much for reading


Are cats evil? Let me know.

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