Remake Our Life Episode 10 – Deadlines

Remake Our Life Episode 10 – Deadlines

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Last episode, Hashiba began to regret his time-traveling decisions. Though he’s now happily married to Shino, she had to give up her art in the process. Tsurayuki, Nanako, and Kawasegawa are all in worse places as well, thanks to him. So Hashiba is currently a drunk. What will happen? Find out now!


First Impressions

The Hashibas eating breakfast
(These three are the cutest)


It looks like our boy Hashiba has realized what I did already. Rather than sulk, he’s going to honor Shino’s decision and make sure her giving up art wasn’t in vain. He won’t repeat the same mistakes again again or again again again. Whatever it is. It’s not like he can go back in time or anything.


Hashiba’s getting used to his new job. I would explain all the ins and outs as he does, but there’s a lot of letters and jazz. Just know that he’s in charge of one of four teams making games. That’s the basics. I’m not a developer here. I will say, Hashiba’s kind of a sucky father too. No offense to the guy, but would it kill him to play with Maki once in a while? I’m starting to think Shino was too good for him.


So, Minori, that artist going through a rut last time, is going through one again, messing with the development of everything. Hashiba is apparently their enforcer, so he goes to see what’s up. Originally she seemed pretty depressed, but she opened the door right up for Hashiba without even asking who he was. Next is an odd scene.

Minori as a maid
(This scene was an odd choice)


Minori was dressed like a maid. Why? I don’t know. She let Hashiba in because she thought he was the deliveryman. I’m also not sure what that’s supposed to imply. I have an idea of why she’s dressed like that for a deliveryman and his package, but I’m almost certainly wrong. It’s all a change of pace to get her creative gears turning. But it doesn’t work. Nobody in this world understands how to keep a schedule or the concept of a deadline.


This continues to be the case as problems pop up one after another, and Kawasegawa’s team is about to go under. None of them are sleeping, getting days off, any of that stuff we humans need. Yet the game is still set to release soon despite it being a buggy mess. No matter what, the gacha game (of course) Mystic Clockwork has to be released on time. How painfully accurate this is to real life. 


The game releases, and all hell breaks loose. The person who voiced the main character wouldn’t stop tweeting about how good their gacha rates were. It turns out that the system was favoring certain people over others. It’s broken to hell, basically, which screws with the whole game’s economy. That, mixed with all the bugs, cause the self-proclaimed “gamers” to cancel them on social media and the likes. Again, this is too real. It’s also an interesting situation too.

Kawasegawa and her boss
(You can tell this guy knows nothing)


Because of this, the sleezebag guy in charge of everyone continues to jump down Kawasegawa’s throat despite everything being his fault for being so greedy and sucky at his job. Things are going so bad that Hashiba was called in on his day off to do something about it. They even interrupted him drawing a zebra with his daughter. How dare they! The bastards!


But Hashiba doesn’t do anything. There’s nothing he can do, and he learned his lesson last time that meddling in people’s problems won’t help anyone. Until he sees that Nanako still likes to sing on his computer. She hasn’t quite given up, giving our boy the courage to do the same. And so he yells that he’ll figure something out, damn it! A good call back to episode 2.


My Thoughts

I really like the direction the story is heading! I know I said that already, but it’s the truth. In a lot of ways, we’ve gone straight back to square one. Both square ones, really. We’re back to Hashiba feeling powerless like pre time skip, and we’re back to when he first decided not to give up after the time skip. Both points are meeting here.

Hashiba and his boss
(He’s not afraid anymore)


This is a really good arc to end the story. Hashiba starts off as a bum with regrets in his life. He goes back in time to fix them, realizes that he made a few mistakes in the process, but rather than sulking about it, he now has the knowledge to fix it. Despite going back in time, he has the mindset of living in the moment. Time travel wasn’t a crutch for him. It was a chance to grow.


This whole series actually has a pretty fantastic message, and I just hope it ends the right way. Give us some final episodes of Hashiba solving problems and everyone moving on in their lives, and you’ll have a pretty solid anime. It’s done really well lately and became pretty unique and not at all like a certain series I kept comparing it to.


I, for one, love to see all the game-developing stuff. Even if some of it flies over my head because I’ve never been in the business before, it’s really interesting to see an anime focused on the ins and outs of development and the many problems, be that personal or business-related, that come from it. It’s neat.

Kawasegawa and Hashiba having lunch
(It’s nice they’re still friends)


It’s a very fitting place for Hashiba to end up after all that had happened. The scenarios that came from the time travel are just fascinating in and of themselves. I never thought we would get back to the present in this series. I just didn’t. Skipping that far into the future where Hashiba has a freaking kid and married Shino did not at all seem like something this story had the stones to do, but now that it happened, it just feels right.


You certainly could have taken this story down a very generic road, but it really took a sharp turn along the way and went to not only the more interesting option but the one that makes the most sense. It’s ending where it began. I sure hope. As I mentioned, I do know where things are supposed to go. I just hope the anime settled for a different ending because if it doesn’t, we’ll never have a proper one.


I want more of seeing Hasihba be a dad. Really, that’s the far more interesting thing about this situation. Screw the whole waking up with a wife part. This man had a kid and doesn’t even remember it. What if Shino ever reminisces about Maki’s first word or things from her pregnancy? This man will have some explaining to do.

Maki and daddy
(I love them so much)


I also wonder how easily he’ll take to the fatherly thing. He’s doing an alright job, but I feel like he missed out on a lot that’s supposed to shape you into a father. Never holding her, again, missing the entire pregnancy. Was this about time travel? Just give me a whole anime based on this. I Woke Up 10 Years In the Future And Now I Need to Raise My New Daughter!!! It would sell, trust me. 


Anyway, I will see you next week, where we will hopefully get more Hashiba growth. You know, maybe respecting the fact that his wife no longer wants to draw. I get why he’s upset, but again, she’s an adult that made her decision. She seems pretty damn happy. Just be a good husband and father, and she’ll be fine, you jackass.


Thank you very much for reading


Would you become a game developer? I’m going to be honest, the message of this show sometimes feels like you shouldn’t.

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