Sonny Boy Episode 10 – Thoughts

Sonny Boy Episode 10 – Thoughts

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Last episode, we learned that Mizuho’s cats can actually talk, and they’re like pulling strings or something. A lot more happened, like a war between clones over hair. But the big thing is the kitties.


First Impressions

Mind reading girl
(Reading minds would suck)


So we start with a monologue about this girl’s power, which she calls monologue. It gives her the ability to read people’s minds as if they were a story. Because she’s actually smart, she hides this from everyone. She’s also crushing hard for Asakaze, which is probably why she went with Aki and them on the magic, flying school bus. 


All of the students with Aki are also given ranks, and Asakaze got a high one because God recognized him? I don’t know why any of that’s important, but it is, I suppose. What’s far more interesting is this whole mind-reading thing.


We go through a lot of the older scenes in the series but now hearing Asakaze’s thoughts. We see that, big surprise, he really does have feelings for Nozomi, but it’s actually pretty cute. The guy’s very innocent on the inside. Personally, I’d be ok with them getting together and Mizuho and Nagara being a thing, but that’s just me.

Asakaze and Nozomi swimming
(It’s cool to know what he’s really thinking)


This continues to be explored, and we learn a lot more about Asakaze, in general, and the type of person he is. He’s kind of a dick, as you’d expect, but that’s from the inside out too! He’s an all-around dick.


The war people have been talking about that I didn’t mention because it confused me was the actual War. Like that guy from two episodes ago. God wants him dead, which makes sense. We then get a static image of two hot dogs touching for a second or two. I’m baffled as to what that means.


We then flip back to Nagara and the gang, showing us that the anime really is trying to wrap up. Everyone is aware of the cat’s full powers now, and that Sakura is likely the reason the copies of them exist in this world, but like Nagara creating the worlds, it was done unconsciously.

Asakaze, Nozomi, Aki, and a mind reader
(I don’t know if I’d trust a mind reader)


Nozomi is called by mind reader girl, who may or may not have had a name before, to come over with Asakaze in the hopes of stopping him from becoming a lunatic with a god complex. Too late. Nozomi apparently doesn’t have any thoughts. Her mind can’t be read. At least that’s what they’re implying. Probably because she’s actually dead in the real world or something. I’m much more interested in Nagara’s thoughts.


Aki lets it out that the girl can read minds, which upsets Asakaze but leads to him having a real talk with Nozomi. She outright rejects him, and he takes it decently well. So they all decide to get along somewhat and go kill War.


But Nozomi falls off a cliff, and Asakaze hesitates to save her, and she like dies again or something. We won’t know until next time. But we end with Nagara doing an experiment with murder.

Nagara, Mizuho, and two dead chickens
(This is surprisingly violent)


They get two chickens, one that Mizuho ordered and one that Nagara wanted. The one that he wanted comes back to life, while Mizuho’s doesn’t, implying that every living thing copied can’t die, like them. And this is apparently because Mizuho doesn’t want to see anyone die? I don’t know. Let’s find out next time.


My Thoughts

You could really tell this episode that they’re trying to wrap things up. Up to this point, each episode has been focused and pretty self-contained. For instance, if we were with Nagara, we would likely stick with him the whole time. This wasn’t like that.


We went between both groups of students a lot. The episode was still focused, but nothing too insane was introduced. Although, we did have the introduction of mind control, which shook things up.

Students chilling
(Never trust anyone)


It’s interesting for Sonny Boy in particular because there are so many unknowns, even with the character. Being able to know what these characters are really thinking makes you start to question all of them, especially because their actions can be odd at times. It creates a whole other layer.


Speaking of layers, we didn’t even go to any new worlds really. All Nagara did was mess around and slit some chicken throats. Asakaze went to War’s world. I don’t know what was going on with him, by the way. He was like frozen in his world and turned into a gun upon death.


I also don’t know if Nozomi is dead now. I doubt it because copies don’t die, but she fell into the void of the world. Nagara killing the chicken was neat, I guess. It shows how committed he is to getting everyone out of here, but I don’t know if he realizes that would mean the death of Nozomi yet. Well, I guess Mizuho would have a chance then.

Asakaze killing War
(I forget Asakaze has force powers sometimes)


There are two moments that I’m confused about. Why War was all frozen and dropped a revolver, and why the hell the two hotdog image was shown. Seriously. I feel like there’s some deep importance to the placement of the weiners, but I can’t figure it out.


This episode was a nice break for me, at least. Not nearly as confusing. It wouldn’t be Sonny Boy without trippy crap, so that was still there, but I don’t feel like I did any permanent damage to my brain this time around.


I’m just curious to see the direction things go and how they’ll end. It already feels like we understand mostly everything up to this point. The principal of the school is God, and either gave the students these powers or helped push them to use them.  That led to Nagara creating the worlds, the cats making copies of them, and then someone bringing them there.

God with a gun
(It’s God with a gun)


I don’t know what other plot points are left to drop. All the big things have been introduced very casually. “Hey, by the way, just wanted to let you know the cats can talk. Yeah, they’re the ones who made the copies too. Oh, and there’s God too. He’s to blame.”


I feel like we already know everything. There’s not must mystery left. We just need Nagara to duke it out with God now. Or create a world like hell and leave him there. That would be ironic! Or Asakaze can shoot him with the magic gun he got from War. Maybe weiners are God’s weakness?  Only time will tell.


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