Remake Our Life Episode 11 – Worthless

Remake Our Life Episode 11 – Worthless

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In the last episode of Remake Our Life, Hashiba continued to get used to this new future he created for himself. We learned that Nanako didn’t actually give up on singing, giving our boy the confidence to be nosy once again. Where will that get him? Only time will tell.


First Impressions

Hashiba, Kawasegawa, and Pres chilling
(Just Hashiba things)


It’s time to get serious. Picking right up from the last episode, It’s Hashiba’s time to shine. Mystic Clockwork was an absolute failure on launch, and nobody else can figure out how to fix the problem, so it’s up to him.


He starts commanding everyone around like he owns the place, giving people time off, deciding how many apology gems people will get for their gacha pulls, what engine the game will run on. He completely takes over.


As you’d expect, the president doesn’t like this very much. Not only is Hashiba worrying about the workers, which you know businesses don’t like, he’s also doing a lot of fairly risky things.


But after enough persuasion, the president is defeated by Hashiba’s charm and gives up. Just like all the ladies before him, they just can’t resist Hashiba when he gets serious. This does show that Kawasegawa isn’t quite as tough as she was before, though. The fact that Hashiba had to do it for her. That wouldn’t have happened before.

Minori looking at HaruSora
(I didn’t expect their visual novel to come back. It’s nice)


But there’s still work to be done. That pesky artist, Minori, still won’t cough up the art. So once again, Hashiba goes over to nag the hell out of her, this time with art from HaruSora, the game they all made back in college.


This is what got Minori into art and apparently just looking at Shino’s artwork from the game was enough to get her drawing right away. Shortly after, she makes a character and is onto the next. Yay for passion!


But all isn’t happy in Hashiba town. Kawasegawa has decided to run away and take off to Okinawa. Once again, Hashiba jumped in, and kind of made her look like a fool by taking over her team. I get that, really, but it’s not like she was helping.


But it turns out she already decided not to leave. So Hashiba opens up about all his feelings. Why he blames himself for Shino, Tsurayuki, and Nanako. About how he thinks he’s worthless. He gives her everything, leaving out the time-traveling part, of course.

Kawasegawa beating Hashiba
(Our poor, very deserving boy!)


So Kawasegawa does the only responsible thing. She begins beating him into submission with her purse in the middle of an airport as she tells him nothing is his fault. She possibly even slips a confession in there, but they both agree to forget about it.


But even after all that, Hashiba still says he wants to go back in time again. The freaking loser. Seriously, how does he blame himself for this? All he did was give everyone a taste of the working world, and they bailed. Whatever.

Keiko and Hashiba
(I don’t like where this is going)


Anyway, Keiko appears in front of him and is probably going to be important next episode. Maybe she’s God and can transport people through time. Oh, wait, God’s a character in Sonny Boy. Sorry, I got my reviews mixed up.


My Thoughts

We’re almost done. Only one episode left. I can hardly believe it. It’s felt like I’ve been watching and reviewing this anime for years when in reality, it’s only been a few months. I guess it has something to do with consistently.


Regardless, we aren’t quite there yet. We still have this episode to go through. The pacing of this one was a little odd, but I actually enjoyed it a lot. Many of the episodes have been fast-paced, jumping from one scene to another to get things done.

Hashiba defeating the pres
(Round one goes to Hashiba)


While I like that, and it keeps the plot moving, this episode only had two real scenes. Half the episode was Hashiba convincing the pres that he’s right about the gacha game, and the second half was Kawasegawa laying into him about how much of a moron he is.


Both scenes were good for different reasons, but my favorite was definitely with Kawasegawa. This is the first time since…the entire series, really, that we’ve seen her lose her cool. She’s had little tsun moments, but she could be arrested for attempted murder this time around.


It’s one of the only times we’ve seen her be honest about her feelings and let down her facade. She gets on Hashiba for always dealing with things himself, but she’s the exact same. They’re two peas in a pod. So you could see this as her getting pissed at herself too, but I’m probably thinking too much into it.

Minori and Hashiba
(Hashi always gets his way)


Minori’s cool. I honestly don’t understand why so much time has been dedicated to her. To me, it seems like she may have been more important in the light novel, but that’s missed in the anime. That’s my guess, at least.


Keiko, on the other hand, is obviously very important. That was clear right before Hashiba was brought to future land again. She has some understanding of Hashiba’s circumstances. Why or how we’ll have to find out.


It looks like Hashiba’s going into the past again. I was afraid of that. That’s how things were supposed to go, but I was really hoping it wouldn’t happen. In my opinion, It defeats the purpose of the story. It goes against its message at this point.

Hashiba and Kawasegawa drinking coffee
(Actually like the cutest scene in the show)


The first time jump was to show that you can’t solve your problems with a redo. That nothing will ever be perfect. Having a re-redo goes against all of that, and I really hoped the anime would do something different.


Putting my personal feelings aside, I just don’t see them wrapping everything up in one 20 minute episode if he does leap through time again. One cool thing they could do is make a 40-minute episode like the first one. I could see things working out that way. I’m just worried.


Up to this point, we’ve had a really solid series. It started out really good at the beginning, became kind of mediocre, and recently got great again. A bad or rushed ending would leave a bad taste in my mouth. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.


Thank you very much for reading


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