Sonny Boy Episode 11 – Goodbye

Sonny Boy Episode 11 – Goodbye

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Last time we had murder! Only with chickens, though, and it was for the sake of an experiment. Also, War turned into a gun, and Nozomi’s missing…hopefully? A lot happened, but I don’t know what it will lead to this time.


First Impressions

Yama at the funeral
(Didn’t expect to start this way)


Ok, so get ready. We start with a montage of Mizuho, Nagara, the kitties, and Yamabiko setting some kind of party up. They paint a sheet, make a nice little tent thing. Do all this nice crap. It’s because it’s a farewell party for Nozomi, who’s apparently dead. So she actually died, presumably.


Mizuho is taking this a little healthier than Nagara and crying about it, but our boy is too focused on going home, which they’ve apparently found a way to do—probably related to the chickens. It’s then that a man covered in birds attacks, but it’s actually just Rajdhani. According to his phone, he’s been gone for like 200o years, and some stuff has happened.


So the plan is apparently to build some kind of massive something to get out of this world. They have a construction site, machines, the whole deal. It looks to me like a rocket, but I’m not sure how that will help at all.

Rajd and his arms
(That’s a sight to see)


As they build, Rajd tells us more about some of his journeys and how he’s been the last 2000 years, but the most important one is this world where someone tried to create death.


Basically, he hated this world and had a desire to die, but the world wouldn’t let him, so he did experiments in murder, suicide, all kinds of stuff to finally create an electric chair that sort of kills you. Then he sat in it. Brutal, but hey, I could see not wanting to live for all eternity. Rajd has been alive for 2000 odd years, and he’s already getting a little messed up in the head. We humans aren’t meant for that.


We see a flashback of Nagara and Nozomi when they discuss what they’ll do back home. It looks like there’s a good chance they will forget their memories of this world when they go back. It makes sense since this world isn’t even real, really. 


They both promise to become friends again in the real world, and Nagara breaks down crying finally. It’s about time. The guy can’t hold onto all of this moving forward. He needs to keep going.

Nagara Mizuho and Yamabiko say farewell
(Actually a cute scene)


So it is a rocket they’re building. They even have suits and everything. It’s a replica of the first rocket to take a man to the moon. Cool. Like a minute later, it’s time for goodbyes because Rajd still has more to do in this world, and they blast into the sky.


Now, bear with me again. Once in space, Mizuho and Nagara climb out onto the rocket and use their giant magnet to connect to some pole in space. It’s actually an elevator, I assume goes up to god, and they’re going to kill him or something. That’s that.


My Thoughts

So, we’re almost at the end. I can’t tell if I’m happy or sad. I truly feel like this series has changed me in some way. I just can’t tell if that was a good thing or not. If anything, it definitely took some time off my lifespan with all the overthinking my brain had to do. Anyway, we aren’t quite there yet.


I really did not expect Nozomi to die. Truthfully, I’m still not certain she is. I feel like she’ll come back in some way. Granted, I hope she doesn’t. I think it’s better for the story if she dies. I just don’t see it happening, but really, how many things in this series have I been right about?

Mizuho and Nagara sharing a sad moment
(Started off somber)


We’ve gone in a pretty interesting direction. I’m not sure how the chicken murder fits in with the journey to space, but it does somehow. What’s neat is the whole forgettable memories thing. That’s not at all an uncommon thing for these kinds of stories, but it matters more here.


Typically, the memory trope is bad because two people forget about each other. In this case, that will also happen, but what’s far worse, and I think Nagara knows this, is that he’ll change. 


He went from a passive guy that cared about nothing and hated himself to someone who can work hard and fight for what he believes in, cry for his friends, and generally be a pretty good person. He’s changed everything thanks to Nozomi lighting that spark in him. If he goes back to the version of himself in reality, he’ll be just like he was before. That’s a scary thought.

Nagara and Nozomi sharing a moment
(Lots of good, fairly sad scenes this time)


It’s just a really neat way to handled this situation. It flips the common memory loss thing on its head and makes it much more dramatic than normal. I like it a lot. Mizuho is really in the same boat. She won’t have her cats she relied on so heavily, but she’ll also lack the newfound strength to live without them.


I also enjoyed seeing Rajd again. He’s one of the better characters. I thought we’d see him, but I never imagined he’d be 2000 years older. Looks damn good for his age, but really his stuff felt rushed. I guess it’s hard to fit all that time into just 15 minutes.


I do wonder what happened with Asakaze and everyone. I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as talking to god and asking to go home. There’s going to be some resistance, I’m sure. At least, I hope.

Rajd on his head
(I guess we’ll have to settle for this graceful man)


Not as much has happened with Asakaze, Hoshi, and the gang as I originally expected. About halfway through they split up, and that was kind of it. They’ve just existed in the world, occasionally doing stuff. It seemed like they would be much more important, but we still have some time. What will happen? We will see. Next episode better be the strangest yet.


Thank you very much for reading


How do you think things will end? With confusion, I’m sure.

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