Remake Our Life Episode 12 – Again Again

Remake Our Life Episode 12 – Again Again

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Last episode, Hashiba decided to step up and help make Kawasegawa’s team’s game a success after its atrocious, bug-ridden launch. All is going well besides him getting smacked in the face with a purse. But to end it, he runs into Keiko again. How will it end? Let’s see!


First Impressions

Keiko and Hashiba staring up
(Who is she again?)


We begin with Keiko asking the big questions. Does Hashiba want to travel back to the past? She can apparently make that happen. She’s a time god, I guess. But even she agrees he’s a moron if he does. He must hate happiness.


But before he can make a stupid decision, he needs to say goodbye to, you know, the family he has. It turns out that Shino has started to draw again and is passionate about art after playing Mystic Clockwork. Minori was inspired by Shino, who then got inspired by Minori. Kind of beautiful when you think about it.


So Hashiba ends up talking the whole night with Shino about all the stuff she’s going to draw and how he’ll help support her, take care of Maki, and generally be a good husband and father. All boldface, lies, of course.


Because right after, Keiko reappears. In Hashiba’s head, he apparently thought of himself as some kind of savior who could help his friends in the past since he knew of the future. He did it to fuel his ego. Now, we’ve never been given any reason to think that, so it feels like a little bit of a shoehorned reason to time-travel again, but whatever. I’m not mad. You are.

Hashiba, Shino, and Nanako in the dark
(We’re back again again)


We pick up in the past right where we left off after Tsurayuki decides to leave. Hashiba swears to himself he’ll do things differently this time, which is still the same thing, just in a different way. For instance, rather than helping Nanako, he’s now helping Nanako except in a way where she doesn’t rely on him. He’s still butting in, though.


He seems to just be leaving Tsurayuki alone, knowing he’ll come back at some point if he doesn’t mess with things, but what I don’t understand is isn’t that what he did in the other past? If he passed out, we could assume he never went to bother Tsurayuki again, so wouldn’t he have corrected things himself like in this timeline?  I don’t know, man, but Maki’s probably dead either way.

Minori from the past
(Another person’s life for Hashiba to mess with)


It’s then we see another person from the future, Minori, but this time all shy and lacking confidence. Hashiba is smart and realizes he shouldn’t mess with her in the past this time…oh, wait, no, he’s not. He wants to help her. I’m pretty sure he’s making the same mistake again. 


Don’t worry, though. He won’t give up on Shino. He’ll get her drawing again. How? I don’t know. They skip it, but she’s good now. He (possibly) hits on Kawasegawa about helping him if he ever needs it. If he goes down that route, Maki really is screwed, and she’s like, “sure, I’ll help, baka.”

Hashiba and Tsurayuki meeting again
(Oh, look, he’s back!)


And then Tsurayuki shows up again and has a staring contest with Hashiba. The end. For good. Unless there’s a season 2, which I doubt. I did not love that.


My Thoughts

I’m a little sad now. I do feel like the series just dropped the ball hard. Like, so hard it broke through the floor. It wasn’t awful but felt really weird and counterintuitive to the message of the series.


I understand the concept. Hashiba went to the past originally to get a chance to live the life he wanted. He did and changed the future, but it came at the cost of the people he looked up to’s happiness. Depending on how you look at it, that is.


I get that he won’t try to help people so fervently, or he’ll at least help in a different, less direct way, but I don’t get how they will really make a difference. It’s like Keiko said. He’s an interloper. He’s not supposed to be there. That feels like a much bigger problem than how he helps someone.

Hashiba hugging his family
(Too bad he threw them away)


But the biggest issue which I don’t recall anyone addressing, is who gave Hashiba the right to decide what will make these people happy? How does he know they were happy being the Platinum Generation? Why does he get to decide what happens? That sounds like someone with a bigger ego than someone helping people.


It’s so odd that they tried to paint the new world in such a positive light just to have him back out. The world was slowly correcting itself. Shino started to draw again, Nanako was singing. Everything was going back to normal, and everyone seemed pretty happy, and then he trashed that. Going back to the past again felt incredibly redundant. I don’t see the point of it happening if nothing was going to come from it.


Hashiba can say all he wants, but the truth is he’s still going to help people in very similar ways, just with the future in the back of his mind. And who the hell’s Keiko, by the way? The way she was talking made it out like Hashiba’s the one with the powers and did it accidentally, but she’s there to correct it. 


I really don’t get the point of making the future seem nice if you’re just going to get rid of it. The message of the show has been having no regrets. From day one, that’s been the thing. Hashiba regrets his path in life, so he goes back and gets a chance to make things count.

Nanako beating Hashiba with a purse
(Purse attacks persist through time)


Continuing to jump back and forth in time completely wrecks any tension at all. Who cares about regrets if he can just keep rewinding? More than that, the way the story went is the worst way to convey that message.


You could have had Hashiba do one of two things, and it would have turned out better. Either stay in this future, and have him realize that every path in life has its downsides, and it’s up to him to make the best of it. You know, going with that theme.


Or have him go back to the timeline at the beginning and have him work out how to make that life something better, understanding now that jumping back in time won’t solve all his problems. But no. We just went back to the same thing again, and he’s just going to do very similar things. Now with the addition of altering Minori’s future.


I just don’t get the decision here. Some people may like it. I don’t. It left a very bitter taste in my mouth. I wish things were handled in a way that made a tad bit more sense, not only in general but within the confines of its own story, as well.

Hashiba ready to go again
(Determined once again again)


Still, I won’t act like it ruined the series. It didn’t. It just spoiled it a little bit. It’s been pretty solid for almost the entire thing. At its highs, the series was like an 8-9, and at its lows like a 4. It’s had its ups and downs, but I’m still glad I watched it, and it will stick with me for being the first series I did episode reviews on. It’s been fun.


I’ll save my complete thoughts on the series for the review that will be coming out pretty soon. I have one more bonus post for Remake Our Life before, and then that will come out. Hopefully soon, but the schedule’s kind of packed. Two weeks for the review at the latest.


As always, thanks for reading. I appreciate it. This has been a new thing for me, but I had a blast doing it. I hope you look forward to next season in like a week when I review more.


Thank you very much for reading


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