Sonny Boy Episode 12 – Just the Beginning

Sonny Boy Episode 12 – Just the Beginning

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Last time we began to wrap things up. Old friends were reunited, some lost forever, but most importantly, we went to space, possibly to kill God. Fun.


First Impressions

Nagara surrounded by classmates
(Look at our awkward boy)


So we start in a confusing way. Who would have thought? We just jump immediately to the real world. Apparently, going to space was the correct answer, and now Nagara and Mizuho are safe. The first six minutes are filled with music and various shots of Nagara doing things in life. Kind of beautiful, really.


The big takeaway is that our boy got a haircut, I think? I feel like I may be making that up. Anyway, he’s looking a bit cleaner, and he still has his memories of going adrift. However, he’s the only one who remembers it. Mizuho is back to who she was prior to drifting and doesn’t remember Nagara in the slightest.


There’s also some girl that looks like Nozomi, who’s Asakaze’s girlfriend in this reality, but she’s dead, so he must have got himself a lookalike. Wow, that sounded less messed up in my head.

Nagara and Mizuho leaving the world
(That’s a sight to behold)


We get to see how the two got back in a flashback, and it was about as wild as you would think. So, basically, the elevator to heaven or whatever led to some void in between different dimensions. You could get anywhere in the universe from there, I suppose.


So Mizuho and Nagara tied themselves together so they wouldn’t get lost in the void and started following Nozomi’s compass that led them home. Along the way, they ran into Asakaze, who said that the world was starting to collapse and everyone was leaving. Possibly because of Nagara’s antics. Regardless, he gives the two his blessing to head back home.


And so they do. After walking through a very trippy void, with trippy visuals and music that was honestly mesmerizing in a way, they find their way back to the dimension that will take them home. 

Mizuho and Nagara walking in the rain
(Everyone looks so depressed still)


Mizuho is back to being her depressed self as a result of the memory loss, but she drops a glass and suddenly remembers. So she goes up to Nagara and says their inside joke making fun of poor Rajd, and the two chat about the future. 


From what I’m getting, the compass didn’t necessarily lead back to their world. It led to a future that Nozomi desired, which is why the lookalike is actually her. What’s interesting is that that would mean she liked Asakaze all along, and this is about the most complex, and coldest friendzone for Nagara. 

Nagara chatting with Nozomi
(They met once again)


But Nagara finally gets to talk to Nozomi when they both get worried about baby birds at the train station. Very fitting, considering Nagara’s past. Finally, he sees Nozomi happy and smiling with Asakaze, causing our boy to smile too and walk towards the future with his head held high. Ok. That series happened. It wasn’t a fever dream. Well, it was, but I was awake the whole time.


My Thoughts

So. So. So? How do I do this? How do I begin? Well, there was a lot of confusing stuff that happened. Still, all things considered, this ending was not as hard to comprehend as I expected. Some details are shakey, but the ending itself wasn’t.

Nagara, Mizuho and God
(Oh, hi, God)


First of all, I have no clue why that other world existed, where it existed, who created it. I don’t know why God is there or why students go adrift there. I don’t know what was happening to the world after Nagara left and what was going on with a lot of things about that world.


Still, this is what I believe happened. Nagara found the center point of all the dimensions. The train station of the void. Nozomi’s compass led to a future that she desired/believed in, not necessarily the old world. That’s why she wasn’t dead.


Nagara followed the compass, entered that world, and brought all of the students to this world, but mostly all of them forgot what had happened. It was only Nagara and Mizuho who remembered, perhaps because they left of their own free will, but it’s likely just for the sake of a happy ending.

Nagara getting yelled at
(Poor guy tries hard)


Nagara’s still the same person he was before. Depressed with life it seems like. Not happy with his job or reality in general. But seeing Nozomi alive and happy, even with someone else, and knowing that he’s still a stronger person because of her, he smiles and moves forward. Not too bad! I just don’t get anything else that happened.


I liked the ending a lot. It was far more normal than I expected, but there was a lot of cool direction with the art as always, but with the music too. Their journey to this new reality was just that, a journey, even if it didn’t last long.


I just wish that we would have understood more about the world they went adrift in, rather than it just being this confusing, incomprehensible thing. However, I feel like that’s what it was always going to be, and probably what it should stay.

Nagara smiling
(At least we end on a good note)


Just like with Remake Our Life, I am doing a review of this series soon. I have no clue how to review this series. It’s going to be really difficult, but I’ll try. So I’ll end things now, so I still have stuff to say then. Please, give me that. I don’t know what to say besides “it’s weird.”


Thank you very much for reading


What did you think of Sonny Boy? I liked it, but I don’t know what the hell happened still.

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