Top 10 Episodes of Remake Our Life

Top 10 Episodes of Remake Our Life

Remake Our Like was an interesting series. All around, it was pretty solid. However, the quality definitely fluctuated a bit from time to time.  Some episodes had pretty extreme highs, and some were…alright. 


So as one more post before the review, I wanted to talk about my favorite episodes in the series as a top 10. I’ve never done one before, and this seems like a fun way to start, and I feel like it goes with the spirit of the episode reviews, really. So let’s get started.


Oh, and it kind of goes without saying that there will be some spoilers. We will be talking about some of the episodes, after all.


Not So Honorable Mentions

This is for the episodes that I just couldn’t put on the list. In case you forgot, this is a top 10, and there are 12 episodes. That means two had to be left out. Thankfully, it wasn’t that hard for me to narrow it down.

Remake Our Life Episode 12
(Hope you don’t like this sight much)


Last place is, funnily enough, the final episode. I talked in detail about why that is in the episode review if you’re interested. But keeping it short, I felt that it went against the whole message of the series to that point, and in a lot of ways, made the prior four episodes or so pointless. Not the best.

Remake Our Life episode 10
(This outfit was the most interesting thing this episode)


Episode 10 wasn’t exactly horrible or anything. It didn’t leave me with any negative feelings. It’s more that not much happened. It was mostly focused on Hashiba dealing with stuff involving the game company, and while that can be interesting, it’s not what the series is about, and the time could have been used a little better. Now on to the actual list.


Number 10

Remake Our Life Episode 3
(There wasn’t much filming, though)


I have to give this to episode 3. While not being one of the most memorable episodes, there were a few things here that stuck out. Nanako fans rejoiced in this as she started to get even more screentime. We also got to see the results of the filming taking place in the last episode, albeit in a pretty odd way. They decided to skip right to Hashiba’s without showing even the film that beat his out.


But the biggest reason I remember it is because this was the beginning of Hashiba and Shino really starting to have an interest in each other, which, as you may know, is pretty important in the latter half of the series. Decent episode, with just a few odd points.


Number 9

Remake Our Life episode 6
(It’s what he gets for suggesting visual novels)


This spot goes to episode 6 mostly because of the arc it began. It began the visual novel making arc, and besides the final arc, that one was my favorite. It felt very fitting for everyone to make one. It’s something that combined all of their skills into one thing in a way that made sense, and it also took us back to our roots with Hashiba wanting to create things.


The weirdest part, though, was how Hasihba, a fairly smart guy, thought this was a good solution to Tsurayuki’s problems. Like, oh, no, he’s in debt. I better make a game in one of the most obscure genres to pay for it. Odd, but a fun arc for the most part, short as it was.


Number 8

Remake Our Life episode 2
(Nanako time is good time)


This goes to episode 2 for once again giving us some Nanako time. What? I do still like her, even though I’m a firm Shino supporter. She’s a good character. This episode also foreshadows some events in later episodes, with this being the first time Hashiba and Tsurayuki get into it about his scripts.


I also liked my joke about poor college students that I put at the beginning of the review. I thought it was funny and still makes me laugh if I reread it. I’m a simple, very egotistical man, what can I say?


Number 7

Remake Our Life episode 4
(Keiko’s introduction was forced, though)


This goes to episode 4 for one main reason, and no, it’s not the beach portion that lasts for like 3 minutes. That was the most obligatory of the obligatory beach episodes, though. No, this goes to 4 primarily because it was the introduction to Keiko who is a character I ended up liking a lot more than I originally thought.


She seems like the token predator bait at first, but she’s actually incredibly important to the story overall, and her interactions with Hashiba are fun to watch. I also liked her voice actress. She’s a weird character still. Nothing about her was really explained, but that doesn’t take away the fact that Keiko was really interesting.


Number 6

Remake Our Life episode 7
(Tsurayuki was more of a generic protagonist than Hashiba, really)


Episode 7 had quite a few good points. We got to see Nanako and Shino’s rivalry at an all-time high as they both compete for Hashiba’s affection, but we also got to see Sayuri throw herself at Tsurayuki constantly, which led to a few funny moments since he’s not real good with that sort of thing.


Did you forget who Sayuri was? I almost did too. She’s the childhood friend of Tsurayuki who was pretty much only in this episode and got dropped, but why she was here, I had a good time.


Number 5

Remake Our Life episode 9
(Look at this family that Hashiba barely knows!)


Episode 9 was really good because it started the weirdest, most unexpected, and best arc of the series. We got to see Hashiba get used to this new family life and job he had. The life that he wanted since the beginning of the series was thrown on him all at once, just with no memory. How would you feel if you had a daughter you didn’t remember? That would be odd. And reasons like that are why I liked this episode.


Still, it was just incredibly cool to see this jump to the future. I never imagined it would happen, and it was really entertaining to watch, and I think the series handled it pretty well. Until the final episode, of course.


Number 4

Remake Our Life episode 11
(Kawasegawa won major points with me this episode)


Episode 11 was quite a bit better than the final episode. You could honestly say this episode was part of the reason I didn’t like the final one. This episode had a bit of everything. Hashiba solving problems like a badass, Keiko, that artist girl who kept being important for some reason or another. 


But the scene with Kawasegawa and Hashiba is what sold it. She basically took every feeling I had towards him and his depressing attitude, filled her purse up with them, and beat him over the head with it. She finally dragged Hashiba out of his own head and made him realize that he doesn’t control how things end up. People make their own choices in life. Not everything is on him. And then he decided to still go back in time and ruin everything he learned.


Number 3

Remake Our Life episode 5
(One kiss breaks the universe)


Oh, boy, episode 5 was a big one. The biggest surprise, even more so than the big surprise, was when Nanako got up on stage and pulled a Haruhi by singing God Knows. And no, I don’t mean god knows what. The song is “God Knows.” But an equally big surprise was that Shino decided she was fed up with this crap and kissed Hashiba basically out of nowhere.


That sealed this world’s fate which is the big event that led to him eventually marrying and having Maki with her in the future, and it just happened because. I did not expect it in the slightest. I thought we were still focusing on Nanako, but nope. This series has other plans. I also think every Nanako fan the world over died a little inside, just like she did when she witnessed the kiss.


Number 2

Remake Our Life episode 1
(No smiles in this timeline)


I wasn’t sure how to order these last two, but I think I’m giving episode 1 second place. The first episode was a longer one. It was one of those 40-minute or something episodes anime sometimes does, and it was really solid. It was a fantastic introduction to who Hashiba was and the mistakes he’s made in his life. It gave a valid reason for why he would want to travel back in time.


It also started that message of not letting opportunities slip past you in life, since that the point the whole story is based on. The only reason things are different is because Hashiba decided to go back and try the riskier option. Don’t let yourself have regrets. Follow your heart. Good stuff and a really good episode all around.


Number 1

Remake Our Life episode 8
(Imagine yourself in his shoes)


I have to say the best episode was possibly episode 1, but I’m choosing episode 8 for one main reason. Holy crap that ending was insane. This is when the series started to get very good. I remember even tweeting out that people should start watching it if they haven’t after this episode.


This was the first real time we got to see how Hashiba’s time traveling could affect the past in a negative way. It started to give some actual weight to his actions up to this point, but most of all, this is the episode that, right at the end, revealed that Hashiba and Shino got married and had a kid.


Even though I was spoiled before I saw the episode, I was really impressed that the series would do something like that. It felt almost out of place for what Remake Our Life was, but it was the most interesting direction the story possibly could have went. I just wish they didn’t spoil it a few episodes after.


Anyway, that’s my list. I wanted to dip my toes into top 10s a little bit. I don’t really plan to make them a regular thing, but I kind of like the idea of doing it for series I make episode reviews of. It feels fitting to me if nothing else.


Thank you very much for reading


What do you think of this idea? I like it, but I’d like to hear some more thoughts.

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