Top 10 Episodes of Sonny Boy (Please Help Me)

Top 10 Episodes of Sonny Boy (Please Help Me)

After I was done with the Remake Our Life episode reviews, I wanted to do a list of my favorite Remake Our Life episodes as a little send-off before the actual send-off, which is the review. I wanted to make this a regular thing with the series I do episode reviews of. But here’s the catch, Remake Our Life was easy.


I felt pretty confident with my list there. Sonny Boy is a whole different beast entirely. I’m genuinely scared to review this trip of a series because I have no idea how to talk about it. The episode reviews didn’t help me there any. So narrowing down my favorite episodes was borderline impossible.


Every episode is practically its own self-contained plot. That makes it both easier and harder to figure out at the same time. Each episode gave me the five stages of grief practically, as I mourned for my dying brain. Anyway, let’s figure out what I thought was the worse. 


Also spoilers and jazz.


Not So Honorable Mentions

This is for the episodes that I couldn’t fit on the list. I know it’s a top 10, but it’s a shame not to include only two in some way. This post also gives me a convenient way to make one post with all the episode reviews linked, but don’t tell anyone.

two hotdogs touching
(I still don’t know what the hell this shot was supposed to mean)


While this is technically my least favorite, episode 10 is by no means bad. It actually had some really neat ideas, like most episodes. We get a girl that can read minds and explore how that makes her and the people around her feel. We also got Nagara turning into a chicken murder. Neat stuff.


It’s just that in terms of Sonny Boy, the wacky series, it was fairly tame. This was an episode that began to wrap things up and kind of move the story towards its conclusion. Necessary but a little off when compared to everything else.

Mizuho getting hit with glass
(Quite a few good moments)


Once again, episode 2 was in no way bad. It was actually really solid. We got to see more of how this new island world worked and the strange rules that govern it, even if they didn’t really get anywhere—lots of drama with Mizuho, who ended up being one of my favorites. Pretty solid, just the other episodes were funner to me. Now on to the list.


Number 10

Nagara, Nozomi and Mizuho in another world
(Weird Pac-Man world was one of my favorites)


One trend you’ll notice is that the episodes I didn’t like as much are generally the more normal ones. This is the case with episode 5 too. While we did see a crazy world right at the beginning, and it had its quirks, but overall, this was a fairly tame episode.


Important, as it started the divide between the students that would eventually split them up. It’s also when Nagara began to gain some confidence, but there just wasn’t enough crazy Sonny Boy shenanigans to put it higher on the list.


Number 9

Nagara and Mizuho going to space
(How can you not like going to space?)


You might be surprised where I put episode 11. In my mind, it had some strong points. It was the return of Rajdhani after a good few episodes and all of the comedy he brought after his 2000 year-long journey. There were also a lot of cool visuals with building the rocket and going to space.


But that’s mostly everything that happened. It was a pretty slow episode overall and existed pretty much purely to set up for the ending—one of those episodes that were needed but doesn’t have the same energy as the rest.


Number 8

Curtain world vanishing
(This was oddly one of my favorite moments in the series)


There was a lot of cool stuff in episode 3, there really was. We had a mystery involving missing students, more Mizuho the way we know her now, but what I enjoyed the most were the visuals. They were at an all-time high this episode.


Between Satan’s toilet world in the first few minutes and everything about Nagara and Mizuho’s entrance to the curtain world was great. It had very Sonny Boy visuals, and I appreciate that a lot.


Number 7

Mind reader girl
(The movie theatre world was super unique)


I feel like episode 6 was a pretty solid conclusion to what was essentially the first arc of the show, if something like Sonny Boy can even have arcs. It also had one of my favorite convoluted solutions.


After Nagara found the movie theatre of life where their past, present, and future were waiting on film they had the idea to edit them together until they got to the real world. Another really cool idea. Also, God was introduced here, which was wild.


Number 6

Nagara and Monkey
(Behold monkey baseball)


Oh, I have been waiting for this one. I immediately wondered where I would put episode 4 when I was creating this list.  This is the most Sonny Boy episode of Sonny Boy in the whole series, but it’s honestly too Sonny Boy for its own good. I loved it, but there were better.


This episode was centered around two completely unrelated things, baseball, and monkeys. Monkeys that play baseball, if you will. This episode was practically just Cap telling us about the history of monkey baseball. No, it doesn’t make sense, and it didn’t at the time, but I’ll likely never forget it.


Number 5

Nagara and Mizuho in the light
(Lots of beautiful scenery)


The finale of Sonny Boy was surprisingly satisfying for such an odd series. There was plenty of trippy nonsense, as you would expect, but it was really just a fitting end. Everyone finally got back home, or at least a world similar to home.


Nagara and Mizuho remained friends, Nozomi seemed to find happiness, everything was as it should be. If anything, it was fairly tame for a Sonny Boy episode, but when I was expecting something that barely qualifies as an ending, the finale was surprisingly nice.


Number 4

Asakaze and the X
(Don’t ask too many questions. This is perfectly normal)


Sonny Boy was firing on all cylinders right from the beginning. Episode 1 was just as insane as any episode of the series, but it also served as a fairly good introduction, as best it could with the huge cast at least.


You knew right from episode 1 whether it was something you wanted to continue to invest your time in, and that’s one of the most important things about a first episode. Mix that with Sonny Boy shenanigans, and you’re set.


Number 3

upsidedown Mizuho greets Nagara
(I love upsidedown-dog-humans)


If I like episodes based on trippiness, then episode 7 was definitely up there. I mean, if you’ve ever wanted to see characters turn into ants, and meet a trippy umbrella person in upside land, then this is the episode for you.


It’s insane, but it was also the most important episode for Nagara’s growth as a person, which for all the insanity of this series, is always nice to see.


Number 2

The epidemic
(This came out of nowhere, really)


I was very close to putting episode 8 at first, but I decided against it for a reason I’ll discuss soon. This episode was fascinating to watch. The entire thing was essentially a flashback of Yamabiko’s life before he met up with Mizuho, and let’s just say he lived an interesting one.


Of all the imagery in the series, this probably had some of the grossest, but also, again, fascinating. Like, did I expect Yamabiko to turn into a dog because he drank some girl’s tumor blood? Did I expect tumors at all? No. Am I happy I saw all that? Kind of. Not really. I don’t know.


It’s one of those episodes that you could have made an entire series off of. It was really good, and as I said then, I just want the staff to make a horror anime now. It’d be great.


Number 1

Yamabiko defending Mizuho
(Take this out of context, please)


So, when I was trying to think of what episode I liked most, I picked what I felt was Sonny Boy in a nutshell. That was episode 9, without a doubt. To start, it was very weird. It was about a war between two twins over a single strand of hair, but they ended up actually being clones.


Unlike I feel a lot of plots in Sonny Boy are, this one actually had pretty deep subtext underneath it all. This episode again could be expanded upon. The character dynamics, the world around them, the war going on, there was a lot happening.


If I had to explain what Sonny Boy was, I would point people towards this episode. It had crazy worlds, wacky characters, interesting powers. It was very Sonny Boy, and I loved it.


Well, that was the end. I somehow managed to say something comprehensive about all the episodes. Now just to write a review. I’ll go…do that now. Please help me think of some way to review this series.


Thank you very much for reading


What was your favorite episode? I’d like to hear.

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