The Very Professional Summer 2021 Anime Awards

The Very Professional Summer 2021 Anime Awards

Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, It’s that time yet again. The Fall 2o21 anime season is here. But as the wise men once said, “to know where you’re going, you need to know where you came from.” At least, I think they said something like that.


Back in Spring, I started a weird tradition that I quite like a lot, actually. I like the anime awards. So I thought about doing a super (un)professional one each season. Spring was fun, so let’s do Summer.


Just like last time, we have all sorts of categories. Some make sense, like best story, best girl, etc. And some are fun categories that are season-specific. The big takeaway is that this is by no means serious as I am the only judge and can only put series I know of on here. There’s a reason these things are done democratically or with multiple judges. This will have none. I am your dictator. Anyway, let’s start.


Best First Episode

kimi and siesta
(It showed a lot of promise)


Many of the series I watched this season actually had a pretty incredible start. Girlfriend Girlfriend, for as insane as the series was, had a pretty hilarious first episode and was memorable, if nothing else. Remake Our Life also had a fantastic 40-minuet first episode. But at the end of the day, it was pretty clear.


While I can’t say my final opinion of the series was as strong, The Detective is Already Dead (Deadtective) made a perfect first impression on me, as it did for many others. Like Remake Our Life, it was 40-minuets, and it wasted none of that.


It served as a great introduction. The art and action scenes were beautiful. It was 40-minutes of building what would have been a great series had things not gone down the drain as quickly as they did.


Best Last Episode

Nagara and Mizuho
(It was a pretty tame ending)


I feel like a lot of series I saw didn’t end that well this season. Season 2 of Tensura had a fairly satisfying one, especially after such a long build-up. But I’m going to take it another, less slimy way.


I did not expect Sonny Boy to have a good ending. The story is so all over the place that I thought it would be terrible and come out of nowhere. Granted, it still kind of came out of nowhere, but the ending of Sonny Boy was surprisingly nice.


It had a nice message and a good conclusion. It makes you think. It was a fairly normal ending for one of the craziest things I’ve ever watched in my life, and I’m kind of happy about that. My brain needs time to heal.


Best Story

Hashiba Sleeping
(This guy brings us on a journey)


I give this award out with trepidation. Remake Our Life, as far as I’m concerned, fumbled over itself and fell flat on its face towards the end, but if we go by the length of time it was good, Remake Our Life takes it. It’s a story about regret, mixed with love, mixed with time travel.


It’s crazy, and for the vast majority of the series, it has a really good message of following your dreams and living your life to the fullest, mixed with somewhat mind-bending consequences for a character inserting themselves in the past. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s really good until like the last episode or two.


Most Thought-Provoking

umbrella man and Nagara
(Doesn’t this make you think?)


If we take thought-provoking by definition, there’s no other series that it could ever be besides Sonny Boy. I have lost brain cells thinking about this series. I reviewed it, if you’re curious, and also did a top 10. I can’t really explain why it’s crazy here. It just is, and I’ll never forget it.


Best Boy

Kimi being Kimi
(I love him so much)


Quite a few good boys this season. Hashiba from Remake Our Life could be a contender, but he did some things I didn’t like towards the end, so screw him. But also, the girls in that series were the ones pulling him forward. Nagara from Sonny Boy was really close, but in the end, I have to give another one to Deadtective.


I loved Kimi so much, and despite the series shortcomings, I still really like him. It didn’t matter who he was talking to. His dialogue was always witty and made me laugh. Why does he look so old for his age? Beats me. I guess fighting criminals does that to you. I just wish he would have been in a better series.


Best Girl

Saki being Saki
(But I love her even more!)


I was going to put either Nanako or Shino from Remake Our Life here until I watched a different series, that is. I decided to watch Girlfriend Girlfriend which has a few choices for this category, as you could imagine. Although not only two, like the title might make you believe.


But of all of them,  I have to give it to my girl, Saki Saki. First of all, she’s adorable. She also has the best interactions from the series, a fantastic voice actress, and all around makes the entire thing.


A solid 80% of my time I spent laughing at Saki Saki and her name. The other 20%, I felt bad for how awful the writers treated her. They did her bad. She really gets the short end of the stick. That’s why I’ll give her this award to help.


Best Orb

Fushi in the snow
(This orb, man)


I joked about this last season, so why not? To Your Eternity was technically airing for about half of this season too. What can I say about Fushi, the literal best orb there has ever been? Fushi is wonderfully creative, makes me question what it means to be alive, and has given me every emotion possible. Bye for now, To Your Eternity, I’ll see you at the end of the year again, I’m sure.


Best Characters

everyone is here in isekai pharmacy
(Lots of morons to love)


I’m sure this one will surprise a few people, but Drugstore in Another World was actually a pretty solid series. It wasn’t one of the series people talk about much, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. It’s a slice of life isekai about a pharmacist that’s practically an alchemist. It’s the Atelier series in anime form, and it’s charming as hell.


Slice of life series’ need good characters, and we have that here. Not that they’re necessarily great, but they all play off of each other well. They’re essentially walking tropes, but when you bash all those tropes together in a drugstore, it brings me a lot of joy. The characters never failed to make me laugh, and I really wanted to put this anime on the list in some way. There also wasn’t any series with outstanding characters I can think of.


Best Couple/Ship

Kimi and Siesta married
(This is comically misleading)


I’m giving this to Kimi and Siesta from Deadtective, for one big reason. They are just a joy to watch. Their interactions are some of my favorite parts of the series and really make me wish that they just let Siesta be the main heroine. It seems like a missed opportunity. All and I all, Kimi’s great, Siesta’s great, and the two of them together are perfect. And this ship actually holds some ground. You know, if only they sped up a bit.


Best Art

Trippy Sonny Boy art
(It’s art!)


The only series I felt was fitting for this was Sonny Boy. The only other one that could come close was Remake Our Life. I think that has more technically beautiful art, while Sonny Boy is more just art itself. As far as the actual art style goes, it’s very unique. I’ve never seen any series look like it, and it’s incredibly smooth for the most part. There are quite a few dips in quality and hiccups as the series progresses, but it’s still really nice.


But it’s the art direction that I have to praise, or I guess the lack of it. Sonny Boy has some of the rawest creativity I’ve ever seen, and while some people think it’s not structured enough, I absolutely love it. The world the staff crafted is so imaginative, and all throughout the series, the art does so many neat things to showcase that. It’s just really good and super unique.


Best Opening

Girlfriend opening
(I listened to this song a lot)


I’m giving this one to Girlfriend Girlfriend. I don’t have much to say about it other than it was the catchiest one this season. It’s unique, and it stuck with me. If we went by song alone, I’d give it to Sonny Boy, but there are no visuals to go with it, so Girlfriend Girlfriend will take this one.


Best Ending

Ending from Seirei
(Art is good, just wish there was more)


Ending has to go to Spirit Chronicles actually. I didn’t intend to give this another award. That’s why I created the joke one you’ll see shortly, but when I was listening to the endings for this season, I was reminded that this one’s actually really good. The music is catchy, nice, feels isekai, which I appreciate. The only thing I don’t like is how many still images are present, but a lot of the art is nice, so it’s not a super big deal.


Best Soundtrack

Doc Oct
(I just like this image)


I also have to give this one to Sonny Boy. The series consistently had solid music throughout, but particularly in some of the later episodes, we had a lot of scenes with music pretty prevalent, like montages. Overall, soundtracks are something that I usually give to whatever stood out in my mind, and that was Sonny Boy. I was so close to giving this to Remake Our Life for that Haruhi reference, though. So close.


Most Isekai

Unique isekai protag
(Wow, I’ve never seen a character look like this)


This one has to go to…wait, what’s it called? Seirei Gensouki or Spirit Chrnoicles. I want to start by saying this anime wasn’t bad, but it’s what inspired this joke category. People often get on isekai for being very bland, cookie cutter series. They all have similar setups, characters, etc. For this series, I have to agree.


It is the most isekai isekai I’ve seen in a while. The main character’s boring and overpowered. He has a harem. He just looks like Kirito. The magic system is basic. The story doesn’t really go anywhere until its abrupt ending. It’s such pure, bland isekai, and I’ll probably forget about it existing after I write this.


The only main thing I liked was how fast-paced everything was. I liked that we got to see the characters grow up as time passed, even if there was no physical or mental change in any of them, it seems. Anyway, congrats.


Most Disappointing

Kimi and Siesta kind of
(Had so much potential)


It’s time for the one category nobody wants to win. This and also worst anime, of course. The most disappointing, unfortunately, isn’t something I had to think about long. While Deadtective had the best first episode, it took a head-first plunge downward after that.


The series is riddled with odd choices, bad pacing, dips in art. It’s just not the adaptation I think anyone would have wanted to see. I talked more about it here. It had so much promise at the beginning, and really keeps things strong until about episode 5, and then the flashbacks. Oh, why did anyone think like five flashback episodes was good?


The whole series, quite honestly, is a mess. I’m not going to say it’s awful, but I don’t think it ended up being good. And that’s so upsetting because it had the potential to easily get anime of the season had it been done right. But for now, it wins this category, sadly.


Worst Anime

Pretty Friends!
(This is really blurry for some reason, but it adds to the humor)


Let’s do our usual thing of seeing what the lowest anime of the season is according to MAL. It’s “Pretty All Friends Selection.” There’s no staff, no opening, ending, rating, review, nothing. This anime is an image. That’s it. Ok. It’s not wrong. I do have pretty friends. Non-joke answer is probably Deadtective out of spite.



Drugstore in Another World: 1

Pretty Friends!: 1

Remake Our Life: 1

To Your Eternity: 1

Girlfriend Girlfriend: 2

Spirit Chronicles: 2

Deadtective: 4

Sonny Boy: 4


Best Anime of Summer 2021

Nagara and Mizuho
(It was a trip)


I honestly didn’t think this was all that fantastic of a season. It wasn’t horrible by any means, though. This season, in comparison, was tame, especially looking back. Of all the series I watched. I’m choosing the one that wasn’t necessarily the best, but the one that left the biggest impression on me. And that’s Sonny Boy.


I’ve said a lot about this series, and I’ve already reviewed it, as I’ve said. But it’s a wild adventure from beginning to end, and I’m glad it had a weird name. I found both 86 and Sonny Boy because the names were odd. That seems like a valid strategy to follow in the future.


Until Next Season!

Yet another season has come to an end, and it was my second one getting back on the seasonal train and also my first with episode reviews. It was fun. It made me like Summer more than I normally do. I live where it is perpetually Summer, so that makes you hate it quite a bit, but this season wasn’t too bad.


I look forward to doing this again next time, where I do plan to watch more. Honestly, I don’t think I watched enough seasonal things this time around, but it doesn’t really matter. I did tell you that this was all my opinion, and if I forgot, well it is. See ya next time.


Thank you very much for reading


What was your favorite anime of the season? Let me know!

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