Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 2 – Komi Can’t Order Coffee

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 2 – Komi Can’t Order Coffee

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Last episode of Komi Can’t Communicate, we learned that the namesake of the series, Komi, has trouble talking to people. Like bad. To the point she scares everyone away. But best boy Tadano decided to become her friend anyway and help her make 99 more because that’s easy.


First Impressions

Yamai whispering to Tadano
(This school isn’t normal)


Tadano realizes his mistake pretty quickly. He also doesn’t have any friends, so getting Komi 99 more might be a small problem. He decides to go over to Yamai, who’s basically the leader of the popular girls. He apparently thought she’d hear him out, probably more than the girl wearing armor on next to her, at least. She doesn’t.


What Tadano fails to understand yet is that everyone in the school is weird as hell, and all worship Komi as a goddess. Why would you want to be friends with your goddess? You worship them. That’s the way everyone here thinks, at least. So Tadano needs to get desperate and talk to his old childhood friend Osana Najimi.


She, we’ll say, is ambiguous. Tadano remembers her as a boy, but he could have been mistaken. Or maybe he’s right? The details are very vague. But the point is, Najimi is popular with everyone. She’s befriended the entire school and can remember each of them by name. She has an estimated 5 million friends, in fact. The opposite of Komi is every way. Tadano asks if she’ll be friends with Komi, and she says, “nope.”

Komi and Najimi
(What close friends…)


Najimi tried to be friends with Komi in the past, but her quietness is the natural enemy to someone like Najimi, and the shock of being unable to befriend Komi literally made her ill. For a week. Yeah, I can guess why she wouldn’t want to. After some convincing, she agrees to walk home with Komi, and that goes about as well as you’d expect.


Neither of them can speak a word to each other, and the whole thing goes off the rails quickly. Then one of Najimi’s childhoods friends, a big thug, runs up and confesses to her. She denies by saying she’s a boy—the lore’s deep, what can I say. But the big thug isn’t taking no for an answer, so Komi has to step in. She grabs him, threatens to stab him to death with his own key, and scares him half to death.

Komi's death grip
(She means business)


Ok, in actuality, he dropped his key, and Komi was trying to return it, but words are hard. This causes Najimi to see that Komi isn’t so bad. She just has trouble with words. So do I, funnily enough, but maybe not quite as bad. Next, Najimi sits down to have lunch with Komi but instead orders her to go get a coffee from my favorite place, Standbakes.


Komi fails to say anything and gets the wrong order but brings it back anyway. The trauma from this adventure causes her to cry, so Tadano and Najimi apologize from the bottom of their hearts, even though Tadano did literally nothing. Anyway, they’re good. Komi pouts. It’s cute—the end.


My Thoughts

Something you might have seen a bit at the end there is what these episode reviews will eventually devolve to. The plot in the manga is a bunch of short segments usually adapted into a bigger story, but occasionally, they’re little one-offs like the coffee part. That means for the first impression segment it will probably jump around a lot much like the actual anime.

Beautiful bald barista with his coffee
(So much passion)


I’m happy to say that the quality has not dropped. It’s still super pretty. It’s still funny. It’s still really going hard with the art. I’ve noticed that like in episode 1, it is sticking with the whole manga style of having the text boxes kind of follow the characters. It’s a very interesting way to do it. It’s almost like an animated manga instead of an anime.


My mind would have immediately gone to figuring out a way to convey the same things without the need for the text boxes. I’m glad OLM didn’t go that route. This is an incredibly charming, neat, and faithful way to do it. It’s really cool. I would really suggest people interested in adaptations watch this. There’s a lot of cool styles and techniques in play here.


This episode also confirmed to me that they’re able to handle all of the humor well. There were a few jokes that I thought wouldn’t hit as hard in anime form compared to the manga, but they still seemed to be pretty funny. OLM has managed to completely make me eat my words about this series not working in anime form. It may have been a very manga-like manga, but they did it well.

(She’s a character, alright)


As for how they’re adapting the story, it’s going really well. The biggest thing is the introduction of Najim and the…fascinating character that she is. She’s being handled well, just like everything. I have to once again do what I did last time and praise the amazing voice actors. They’re all fantastic, but today we got Murakawa Rie as Najimi which is yet another perfect cast.


She gives Najimi a voice that is just as ambiguous as she is. Half the time, I’m like, “yeah, that’s feminine,” and the other half, it suddenly sounds boyish. It’s really good. There’s not much to say other than that. This series is just hitting all the right notes perfectly, and I look so forward to seeing the next episode. 


Hopefully, the schedule for this will be a little more regular now, but we’ll have to see. It’s harder when Netflix airs the stuff.


Thank you very much for reading


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