86 Season 2 Episode 5 – Purpose

86 Season 2 Episode 5 – Purpose

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Last episode, we had the calm before the storm. A giant army of Legion is approaching the Federacy, but their overconfidence is causing them not to believe Shin, who knows the actual numbers coming to their doorstep. Frederica also laid out her history with Kiriya, telling us her reason for fighting.


First Impressions

Tons of Legion
(Finally time)


The Legion are finally close to the Federacy. Things are going even worse than Shin had planned. Rather than splitting them into other kingdoms equally, it seems like the attack is more focused on the Federacy. So Shin takes drastic measures to make sure everyone in the army is alert and ready to fight. That may or may not have involved a gun. Who can say, really?


So the first wave of Legion comes through and slaughters pretty much everyone in the Federacy until Shin and the gang shows up. Each character has their moment in nicely animated fights, as you’d expect from 86 at this point. Then the Federacy gets a big head yet again and says everything’s over now, but Shin is like, “Nah, man, the second wave is the worse one,” grabs his squad and moves out.


And so they absolutely slaughter the Legion. Like tear them up until there’s nothing left. When you’re such a good soldier, you straight up scare the military that’s how you know you did well—kind of. I mean, they called them monsters, but you know, it happens. Shin starts to concern everyone a little bit. He has a smile on his face why he’s fighting. Besides looking creepy, there’s a reason for this.

Shin getting torn up by glass
(He might be losing it a bit)


Frederica seems to think he’s going down a similar path to Kiriya and losing his mind. When you think about it, they are fairly similar. Kiriya went mad and only lived to fight after losing his purpose in life. Shin, as of now, technically has no purpose. He doesn’t have to fight anymore. He’s doing it because he doesn’t know anything else. He’s just very self-destructive. That’s why he needs Lena there, to snap him out of it, pretty much. He can’t be left on his own.


Speaking of Lena, the Legion also went to her doorstep, literally. They’ve broken further than before and are attacking the Republic. It’s almost like Shin was singlehandedly protecting them or something. Now, it’s Lena’s turn to take charge, and she has a plan for how to hold them back, but her lovely uncle, General Karlstahl, if you’ve forgotten, says it would be better to die than let them into the Republic.


Lena and her uncle's final meeting?
(Someone dying soon, that’s for sure)


Basically, he doesn’t think the 86 would fight to save them, and Lena also deep down knows that, but she doesn’t want to let Shin and her original gang down by not fighting to the end. And fights she does, but we’ll have to wait until next episode to see how much. And then there’s one final scene. Shin gets mind-controlled, maybe by Kiriya, and attacks Frederica. That’s it. What? Possibly? What happened there?


My Thoughts

Potentially the best episode this season so far. It was really, really good. The only real complaint I could have had this season was that there hadn’t been much action. We’ve got a lot of great scenes, character development, and all of that important stuff, but actual fights haven’t been around much. 


This episode was at least half action or better. Beautifully animated action as well. This is really the first time since last season we saw Shin and everyone fight like they’re used to. They threw themselves right into the thick of it, taking down hundreds of Legion on their own. Not only is it cool to get back to that sort of thing, but that one spider bot against many thing leads to lots of cool animation. 86 is knocking it out of the park in that, and many, regards.

Shin leaving
(He’s pretty good)


Everything with Shin is also incredibly fascinating. I’ve always liked him, but this season has really brought him to life. He’s an incredible character. I’m not exactly sure what’s happening to him now, but we do know that he’s related somewhat closely with Kiriya, so maybe there’s some connection there. It’s not like Shin isn’t a little odd anyway.


There were also a whole lot of cool little art things for his scenes as well. Mostly just the art looking phenomenal, but I especially like how Shin had a short moment where it zoomed in on his ear before he snapped back to normal. He used to have his Para-RAID there, and it’s like he subconsciously knew that Lena would be calling for him at that moment. Take that with the fact that Lena has the drawing of her as a pig hanging on her wall, and I just love the dynamic between them all.


Despite how much they’re supposed to hate each other, Lena has managed a connection with them that they still remember. Lena has basically become the new Shin. She doesn’t have anyone else to lean on but herself now. Shin and everyone did most of the work, but Lena was the one who got them their freedom. So much well-written drama between them all.

(Stuff’s going down, you know that)


And now with Kiriya heading over to the Republic instead, possibly(?) I don’t know what will happen. I imagine Lena will deal with it somehow, but Shin did promise to lay Kiriya to rest. Although, I don’t think he’s in any condition to do that right now. Frederica may not be either. However, Shin did just hug her. That’s basically what it looked like.


That does give me another theory that maybe Kiriya either has some super sniper, like we’ve seen before, or was closer than we thought and tried to kill Frederica, and Shin was protecting her. The way that scene played out was pretty open to interpretation. It got me excited for the next one, at least, I’ll tell you that.

Spider bots ready to slay
(I still love the mecha designs)


While this was one of the better episodes, there’s not as much to talk about because of the fights. I don’t know how many times I can say they were really good. There’s no point in describing every frame. It was just really solid fights for about 10 minutes of the episode. Great stuff. Like the series so far. Seriously, 86 is good.


Thank you very much for reading


What do you think happened with Shin? Maybe he just couldn’t resist hugging his adorable new little sister?

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