Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 4 – Komi Can Choose Friends

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 4 – Komi Can Choose Friends

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Last episode, we met yet another weird character who just so happened to be a tad bit masochistic. I mean, when I say “another,” I don’t mean the masochist part. I’m more talking weirdos. But hey, to each their own. Also, Komi got a cell phone and did cute stuff.


First Impressions

Yadano and Komi fighting
(The visuals are great)


We begin with meeting another new character. Well, we do. The characters don’t. She’s Yadano Makeru, and, you guessed it, she’s insane. Her specific brand of insanity is thinking that she’s Komi’s rival. She has a very strong desire to beat her in everything without ever even telling Komi about it.


She wants to win during all the student’s physical examinations with really stupid things, like who has better eyesight and is taller. You know, things that can’t really be controlled. She ultimately decides that being heavier than Komi is a win, and she calls it a tie, all the while Komi never even knew. Amazing that Komi’s one of the most normal ones there when you think about it. She just can’t speak much. She’s all put together in the head.


Next, we start on another of my favorite parts of the series. Yamai Ren, a girl we also saw very briefly earlier on, is very into Komi. Like a lot. Just imagine how creepily you could be into someone and amplify it by 10, and you have Yamai. She even licks Komi’s hair which is about the creepiest thing I could ever think of.

Yamai being creepy
(Look at this totally normal girl)


So she tries very hard to be friends with Komi, but because she is clinically insane and should be shut off from the rest of society, she has random outbursts constantly. She curses like a sailor, has to resist the urge to grab Komi. On the outside, she’s a normal popular high school girl, but inside she’s a nightmare. Hell, she even has her room covered in pictures of Komi. Why do we know that? Well, let me tell you.


Tadano is good friends with Komi at this point. That leads to everyone hating him a lot. Yamai being the yandere that she is, especially hates him, and when she hates people, she presumably kills them. So she kidnaps Tadano, ties him up, and leaves him up in her room for the whole day as she tries to befriend Komi.


Najimi suggests that both of them go to Yamai’s house. Logically, a murderer shouldn’t let anyone into the house she’s about to commit murder in, but she just can’t resist Komi.

Tadano tied up
(Please help this man)


So everyone goes there, and Najimi immediately finds Tadano tied up, and once she understands he’s just not into that type of stuff, they free him. Yamai, remember, an absolute psycho, claims she did all of this for Komi, and she’s deserving of being her friend because of it.


Komi has no part in any of this and refuses to be her friend. She will decide who she’s friends with. Nobody else. So they leave Najimi there (poor soul) and probably try to forget this ever happened.


The next day, Komi is feeling a little upset. She blames herself for Yamai kidnapping and almost killing Tadano, which isn’t really her fault. It kind of is, depending on how you look at it, but once again, Yamai should be thrown in jail. Komi wasn’t the cause, but she was unwillingly the cause of the cause.

Komi and Tadano sharing a moment
(Just look at these two cuties)


This leads to Komi trying to end her friendship with Tadano out of fear something like that will happen again. But our occasionally smooth, average guy repeats the same line Komi said back to Yamai. He will choose his friends. Then Komi speaks to him in person for the first time, makes up with Yamai and everyone’s friends again. Seriously, though, the first thing I would have done was call the police on Yamai. What’s wrong with these people?


My Thoughts

That was an episode, wasn’t it? I really wonder how people who didn’t read the manga would react to Yamai. She’s insane. You just don’t see many rom-com’s where a stalker kidnaps one of the main characters, locks him in her room, and threatens to kill him if he makes any noise. It goes places quickly.


They did a great job with her too. She’s one of my favorite characters, even if she should be put in an insane asylum. Aside from the drama she adds to the story, her personality is just fun. Any character that just randomly yells “fuck!” at the top of her lungs is going to be a good time. She also leads to the scene where Komi talks to Tadano, which is another of my favorites. I just like any scene Komi talks. Like I’ve said before, they have a lot of weight to them.

Yamai scaring me
(I’m scared now)


Oh, yeah, I guess Yadano was also introduced. She was really overshadowed, though. I mean, look at some of these Yamai faces. She can’t compete with that—lots of good visual humor in this episode. I laughed quite a bit. The manga definitely has its own brand of comedy, but it’s been adapted wonderfully, and it makes me so happy. 


Truthfully, if the season ended right now, only halfway through, I’d give anime of the season to Komi hands down. While I really like 86, it’s technically not a second season. It’s the second cour. That and I also gave it the Spring best anime, and I wouldn’t do that twice. As of now, Komi is crushing it.

Komi being Komi
(I especially appreciate the Mantis Komi love)


It’s just a super charming series that I can’t get enough it. I wanted it to be good so bad, and we’re to the point now where I doubt the quality will drop at all. It would have already. They took a long-awaited series, animated it, and just killed it. I still can’t believe this is the Pokemon anime studio. That’s crazy to me. Make Pokemon look like this, please. I’d cry.


Anyway, I’ve fallen a bit behind on these, so expect episode 5 in the next day or so. See ya then, try not to get abducted and all that.


Thank you very much for reading


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