Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 6 – Komi Can’t Tell Jokes

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 6 – Komi Can’t Tell Jokes

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Last episode, Komi formed a blood pact, which is really just a friendship involving imaginary blood. I don’t know, man. The girl was a chuuni.


First Impressions

Komi and Tadano Nervous
(Good jokes make everyone nervous, didn’t you know?)


Our starter gag for today’s episode is one of my favorites. I feel like I say that a lot. I’m sorry, the series just has good humor. Komi wants to tell jokes and give everyone a good chuckle. Problem is she doesn’t realize speaking the joke is important. This leads to her leaving all her friends what look like encrypted death threats rather than a side-splitter.


And when she does finally speak on the phone to Tadano, she can only make dad jokes. Now, I personally would laugh at them, but my sense of humor isn’t exactly complicated, so what do I know? Instead of jokes, let’s take the logical next step and choose some clothes for Komi.


You see, she doesn’t get out much. According to society, that’s sad, but I also don’t get out much. That’s by choice, however. Haha, sad, Komi. Anyway, she doesn’t choose her own clothes, so Najimi has the idea to give everyone a money limit and choose an outfit for her.

Komi choosing clothes
(Our boy’s too innocent for this)


They go through all manner of things, some worse than others, and Tadano’s dress wins out in the end. Not only because Komi likes him, but also because he actually took into account what would look good on her rather than fulfilling whatever the hell desire he wanted. Like he was supposed to.


With some new duds, Komi decides to get a haircut that looks the exact same, but hey, animating is hard enough. Komi has trouble talking to people at salons, which is something I can relate to quite a bit. I’ve always found small talk incredibly awkward, but at the very least, I can communicate without pointing at magazines. Maybe, I should try that someday?


Regardless, Tadano proves that he stares at Komi the most by being the only one to tell she got her haircut. This probably put Tadano on Yamai’s list yet again, but let’s be honest, he never got off of it.


Next is the most relatable part of the series to me. Komi can’t sleep because she’s too busy thinking of all the stupid things she did or didn’t say to people. That was my life for so long, and hell, it still is sometimes.

Everyone playing Jenga
(Danger is the spice of life or something like that)


Lastly, Najimi hates studying, but there’s a test coming up. So everyone makes the only correct choice, play Jenga in the library. Once all’s said and done, Najimi invites both Tadano and Komi to go to the pool over Summer break, saving both of them from their own awkwardness.


They both wanted to invite each other. Literally, neither of them probably thought about Najimi at all, just each other, but hey, same result. That’s it for today.


My Thoughts

This episode didn’t really have any big moments. Lots of little but funny stuff. This was probably the most relatable episode. I mentioned this before when I was talking about Komi at some point. I relate to a lot of her problems.


I was really bad a talking to people when I was younger. It was to the point where the thought of doing it terrified me, just like with Komi here. Now, I’m no longer scared. I just have my trademark awkwardness, but now it’s part of my charm.

Komi awake at night
(This is way too real)


Point is, I really relate to a lot of what Komi goes through, and I can 100% confirm that all of these situations she finds herself in are very realistic. Almost too realistic. Especially, the staying up at night thinking about your mistakes. That part hits deep.


Not being able to do something everyone else can easily do is a very mentally draining thing. It’s not just haha, funny girl can’t talk. She’s going to blame herself for everything and pick apart each thing she says and does, making everything even worse! Fun!


Still, that’s a little deep for this rom-com, but it’s not inaccurate. There was a lot of care put into Komi’s character, I can tell. Throw that in with all the cute moments between Tadano and Komi, and I’m set. That’s the main reason I like both this series and the manga.

Everyone upset at themselves
(So many emotions in Komi)


I like Komi and Tadano, and, sure, we can keep Najimi too. While the humor is hilarious to me, I don’t care for the side characters anywhere near as much. My time watching these episodes is just spent with me either feeling for Komi, laughing at someone, or cheering for Tadano. Quite a range of emotions for this series. Especially when this episode was fairly tame.


I’m beginning to think I was wrong about where the series will end, but I can’t be sure yet. We burned through stuff pretty damn quick this time around. We will see.


Thank you very much for reading


How will Komi react to the pool? I don’t know. Wait until next time. I really don’t remember if we see them there. I think we do.

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