One Year in the Making (Yearly Roundup!)

One Year in the Making (Yearly Roundup!)

Hello, everyone. It’s the year anniversary of the site today. Firstly, thank you all so much. I’ve had a blast doing this, and I hope to continue and improve for many more years in the future. All this month, we’re going to be doing all kinds of things in celebration, but to begin with, I thought a post on the stats of the site would be interesting.


You all know I like to pull back the curtains and talk about how everything is behind the scenes. I’ve done it many times before, and I’ll continue to do it. We’ll be looking at my most popular posts, what has the most views, what month did the best—that kind of stuff. Anyway, let’s check out some neat facts. Bear in mind this isn’t for exactly the whole year because I need time to write this. This is information from around 5 in the afternoon on November 30th. So almost the whole year.


Random Jazz

anine girl peace sign
(About this many facts… Maybe more)


So, before we get into the more fascinating stuff, let’s start with some random facts that are kind of neat. If you take every post on the site, not including this one, I’ve written 215,037 words! That’s enough for like two and a half novels. Wow. That’s a lot. But it makes sense since my average word count per post is 1,920. That’s by design. I try to keep them somewhere in between 1,700 to 2,300. We’ve also gotten 559 likes and 132 comments. Granted, half the comments are by me responding, but that’s 132 more than I thought I’d have, so thank you. That’s pretty damn cool.


Ever wonder who interacts with my stuff the most? People in the good old US of A. The United States is where most of my views have come from by a pretty good margin. Then you have the Philippines, Canada, and the United Kingdom pretty close next in line. How many of these views are bots? I don’t know. Probably a fair bit, especially the one or so odd views from places I’ve barely ever heard of.


Most popular day? Monday, I guess. Hour? 12 PM. Will that change anything? No, but cool to know. The site has 41 WordPress followers, which is nice. Of course, you want followers, but they aren’t the be-all and all. Neat to see. Anyway, let’s see more interesting stuff.


Most Popular Month

girl with yen
(I won’t give in to the incredibly massive fame)


Well, to start, we’ve gotten 8,658 views total. That’ absolutely insane. That is so much more than I thought we’d get. A few hundred of them are definitely my own, but they picked up a ton around March with 232 views. That’s because I started to get involved with the WordPress community and actually gained some traction. 


April, dropped by like 40 views, I think mainly because I was still figuring things out then. I still am, but I know what I’m doing better. Here’s what’s fascinating to me, episode reviews were an amazing decision apparently.


I don’t know if it’s because I put more posts out or if people like the episode reviews, but you can see right around the time I started doing them, things picked up a lot. Things actually picked up in June, with a 300 view increase from May. Not sure why. Anyway, July got 972. That was right in the thick of Sonny Boy and Remake Our Life reviews. That’s another 300 view increase from June. What’s crazier is that trend continued.


1.2k for August, 1.4k for September, 1.6k October, and lastly, the busiest month was last month. November had over 2,000 views. That’s insane. Just in November, we got more views than the first six months of the site. What makes me really happy is the steady increase. It’s been consistently getting better with each month by a pretty large margin.

Smug anime girl
(It doesn’t matter to me at all. What do you mean?)


Views aren’t the most important thing, but I can’t act like they don’t matter at all. Still, what I ultimately want more is interaction with comments and such. That’s on me for not making as interesting of posts as I should. Something I hope to get better with as time goes on. I’m trying, and I have gotten better.


The biggest thing that I’ve found is that it’s just hard to try and continue to improve while also keeping with the schedule I have. It’s easy to fall back on things. I’m going to get better, though. That’s my promise to you and me.


Most Popular Posts

Rich man is rich
(All these views are this non-monetized site will make rich!)


Well, technically, the most viewed thing just below 1000 is the home page. That’s boring, but I suppose it makes sense. The most viewed post makes me pretty happy, though. It was my post on Deen/Stay Night.


I’ve been having a good time getting into the Fate series this year, reading the VN, getting to watch the adaptations, etc. “Is Studio Deen’s Fate/Stay Night Really That Bad?” has gotten 841 views. That’s quite a bit of the total views for just one post, which we’ve done 119 of this year. I’m glad. I’m pretty proud of that post, and I still think it’s really good. It’s a good pick.


It also has all the makings for being viewed. It’s about Fate, so it’s popular. It has a catchy title. It makes people want to read it. Second is the Mieruko-chan post with 677. I don’t know why. The series itself is great, and the post was fine. It didn’t have a super catchy title. Not sure why it did so well, but I’ll take it. Maybe because fanservice was a big talking point for the series, which is why I talked about it, I suppose.

Naga and Senpai
(It was a fun time)


The next two are the Nagatoro posts I did tied right around 500 each. They had decent titles, and one of them was about a meme, so it was timely. They were the ones really kicking it until I released the Deen/Stay Night one. That took off almost instantly.


What you’ll notice is that my most popular posts have the best titles, which makes sense. That’s why I have a trend of naming things “is blank really that bad?” or something along those lines. Something that asks a question to the reader. I never clickbait, but I do try and make people click. 


One thing that bums me out is my Overanalyzing Anime Plots That Don’t Exist did terribly. Only 5 views. What the hell? I was really happy with that! Screw it; I’m putting that on the home page.


First Post

Paddington and 5th Grader
(You have come back to haunt me)


Can’t believe I’m bringing this up. The first post I ever did was one on two 3DS games I found sold together at a Family Dollar store. It was Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and a Paddington game. Pretty wild. I think the post is awful now, but it was a sign of the times. It shows how much things have changed since then.


I’ll also never get rid of it for that reason. Every step of your journey is important, and you should honor that. I’ll proudly say I started from that if it means that I can show how much I’ve improved. Never stop moving forward.


A very nice guy I watch on Youtube once said that if you ever look at an old project and cringe or think it’s awful, don’t feel ashamed. That just means that you’ve grown since then. Pretty wise.


Latest Post

This was the latest random anime post. It was my 8th one, and we watched Wave, Listen to Me. If I do this yearly, we’ll likely have a random anime be the latest post again since I end the month on that, so let’s look at the post before that one.


shirou the best boy
(I always love talking about Fate)


That would be the one for Ufotables Blade Works adaptation. Once again, another Fate post and one I’m proud of. I loved that anime so, so much, and I’m glad to get a chance to talk about it. My journey with Fate is tied closely to the journey of this site in a weird way. It’s been a good time.


Favorite Post

This is hard because I remember writing pretty much every post, and I have memories of each of them. Also, my favorite isn’t necessarily the best. In this case, I do think they kind of add up.


I really like a lot of the Fate posts I’ve done. I do feel like they’re pretty packed full of stuff and are all interesting. I’m really proud of how they’ve turned out, and that’s part of why I’m glad the Deen one has done so well.


I also like the two posts I did on my favorite and least favorite things about anime. I see them as kind of a pair, and I think they both turned out pretty good, but I’m going to do a curveball here.

Yoshida looking down
(He was an interesting character)


I really like the post I did on Higehiro. I basically did a character study on whether Yoshida was actually a good person, which was a big question in the show. I really liked it, and I love doing posts like that. I just don’t do them often because I don’t see characters complex enough for it often. The Nagatora one was also like that in a lot of ways.


I’m doing one for Shirou soon, but I want to at least see Fate Zero. After that, I’ll get to writing it. I just want to do my boy justice. So, yeah, probably the Higehiro one.


In Conclusion

I believe that covers just about everything. At least the main things I wanted to go over. I’m not on this journey alone, so I only think it’s fair to share how things are going with all of you. These are things I’m always interested to know about myself, so I think someone will get something out of this.


Regardless, I don’t want this to go on too long because I have a lot planned this month. A lot of long posts planned to. It’s just the nature of things.


Thank you very much for reading


What did you find interesting here? I really like the popular post thing. That’s neat to me. Shows me that I should keep talking about Fate.

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