Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 7 – Komi Can Swim

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 7 – Komi Can Swim

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Last episode of Komi, not a whole lot happened. I mean, yeah, it’s a comedy slice of life, so of course, nothing happened, but last episode especially. The most exciting event was Jenga and shopping. Still tons of cute and fun moments, though.


First Impressions

Everyone in the pool
(We’re all having a great time)


Oh, I kind of forgot I was supposed to write as I watched this. Oops. Basically, this is the pool episode. You knew it was coming, and that’s what a large focus is on. Komi checks her bag seven times, leaves the house, waits for Tadano and Najimi, who show up 10 minutes early instead of 30 like her. In my humble opinion, she had the right idea. You always show up a bit early. Agari’s there too, because why not? Yamai also invites herself.


Komi only has a school swimsuit and because nobody thought to buy one beforehand despite going shopping with her. But it’s fine; Yamai helps get her one off-screen. Geninuley surprised they didn’t show any of that, to be honest. Kind of a typical thing. I guess the only real “girlfriend” type character Komi has to shop with is Najimi, but she foams at the mouth over her too, so I guess it makes sense they didn’t do that.


Regardless, they all get there and die looking at all the swimsuits. Typically anime things that I do get tired of every now and then. Tadano is my spirit animal in these scenes. Just confused and uninterested. But then he sees Komi and dies a little. That happens to everyone. They almost drown when they see Komi hold her breath underwater. That kind of stuff.

Komi sad and alone
(This is a sad, but I’m sure familiar sight for her)


But Komi ruins the mood by falling on her face and scraping her knee all up. Everyone’s upset now, but Komi is instant that they all keep playing and having fun. This leads to a really touching scene where she tells Tadano that she hates herself for making her friends worry, which shows a bit of her mental state by using such harsh words. 


But Tadano being the smooth-ass guy he is, splashes water right in her defenseless face to snap her out of it. This devolves into everyone drowning each other with water guns, and the day is saved! But now the day is shaved! Komi wants to go to the library by herself, but this somehow turns into her and her mostly silent father going to get shaved ice.

Tadano stalking Komi
(This scene was innocent, but this shot looks like a horror movie)


Few words are spoken because they both have the same issue, and they share some really cute moments. Komi then goes to that damn library. You do it, girl! But she’s too nervous to actually get a book, so she scares a child half to death, tries to smile at them, and then waves. Tadano also saw all of this because of convenient plot reasons. Lastly, Komi plays at a playground. Which Tadano also saw because this town is small apparently.


My Thoughts

They really spent a long time on the pool stuff this episode. I don’t remember quite how long it goes on in the manga, but I do feel like they extended it a bit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When the episodes are paced this way, the series is a lot better. Have half of it be one big arc, and have little ones sprinkled at the end. Of course, you can’t always do that without messing up the timeline.


Still, it helps distract from the fact that a lot of the manga segments are so short since they don’t work quite as well in anime format. The good thing is the manga still has a very coherent timeline, despite the shorter sections. The big thing for me from this episode is that we finally got to see where Komi really got her communication issues from. Her dad.

Komi and her dad
(To be fair, I also point when I order)


That’s one thing that’s really nice about Komi. Throughout the series,  you actually get to see a good bit of her family. That’s something a lot of stories never seem to do. Most of the time, you know they exist, and that’s just kind of it. But Komi is a long-running manga at this point, so you need all the characters you can draw from to keep things interesting. Papa Komi is definitely one of my favorites, though.


I have to give special props to yet another scene. The music and everything when Komi and Tadano had their moment at the pool, flawless. They clearly know which scenes to put the most effort in, let me tell you. Someone has their priorities in the right place.


I don’t mention it much anymore because I’d just be repeating myself, but make no mistake, this is an incredible adaptation. They did an exceptional job with pretty much everything and they don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon—huge props to everyone who had a part in this.

Tadano hit with water
(This anime is great. Just look at it)


It’s hard to wait for an adaptation for so long and have so much build-up for it, and then still manage to meet that call and make something great. I haven’t even been a Komi fan for all that long. Just think of all the people who have been waiting years. But we’re over halfway through, and things are still incredible. I’m very happy.


Thank you very much for reading


Man, I’m curious where they’ll end the series.

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