86 Season 2 Episode 8 – Pale Rider

86 Season 2 Episode 8 – Pale Rider

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Last episode, we finally, finally got things started. Shin and the gang, aboard their giant stealth plane, don’t forget, finally took off to deal with Kiriya on a suicide mission. What will happen, and who will live? We’ll find out now, but I can tell you at least someone is going to die.


First Impressions

86 dropping from the plane
(Yes, because I’m sure these balloons won’t get shot down)


I told you so. We begin with everyone getting dropped out of the plane straight into the middle of the battlefield, and then it’s assumed that Grethe died afterward. I’m not completely convinced, but it is possible. Never believe it until you see a body. That’s like death rule one.


Pretty quickly, the gang spots Kiriya in his giant centipede bot. They’re really going for the bug thing, which I love. It’s creepy as hell. It has a giant gun, as you would expect for a railgun. It’s enough to scare everyone, and the sight of Kiriya himself even shocks Shin a bit. But it turns out that one was a fake to lure them out.

Kiriya's big mech
(Now, that’s an awesome design. I’m terrified)


The real Kiriya was hiding somewhere else, ready to blow the fake Kiriya up and kill everyone in the process, but because Frederica contacted Shin, everyone made it out ok. So far, they haven’t even made it to Kiriya and have already been dropped out of a plane and almost blown up. Not looking great.


You know what else looks like crap? Shin. This dude is really losing it. He has the great idea to charge forward towards Kiriya while ignoring the pleas from all of his pals because he’s too damn busy going insane. I guess it’s not his fault, but the dude needs to chill before he gets everyone killed.

Kiriya the blue man
(Hey, he looks badass inside too)


This devolves into Kiriya, or Pale Rider as he’s called in the Legion army, and Shin essentially yelling at each other until they snap out of it right before they both get killed. Kiriya ends up retreating because of orders above him. So it’s up to Shin and the other 86 to follow while leaving the rest of Nordlicht to die… I mean, fight the legion to buy them time. Also, Shin’s hand was shaking. That’s new—poor boy.


Guess what? Grethe is alive. Yeah, I was so worried about her and definitely didn’t see that coming. It also seems like most of Nordlicht made it after. They’re chilling at a temporary base because everyone needs some rest for a bit. I’m sure the giant railgun centipede robo demon will wait a bit longer.

Freddie being a sneak
(I didn’t see this coming at all)


Frederica snuck along with them. She’s once again insisting on being a hostage. If they don’t want her to die then they need to live themselves. Raiden and everyone are a lot nicer, saying they don’t plan on dying. Meanwhile, Shin, the realist, throws her his gun and says to shoot herself if everyone else dies. What a nice guy he is. He’s being kind in a way, but we really need Lena back here to knock some sense into him.


My Thoughts

Ok, that was a lot to get through. I can’t wait to find out what happens two weeks from now! That’s a joke. Well, not really. The next episode is two weeks from now, but it isn’t delayed. It was announced that it would be postponed a while ago. It’s for other circumstances not related to production.


So this episode was pretty good. Am I happy that we’re yet again chasing down Kiriya because he retreated? Not really. I was really hoping to get a little more after the Kiriya stuff, but at this rate, he’ll likely be the end of the season. Well, that and I feel like we’ll get a bit of Lena stuff at the end. At least a cliffhanger or something.


Getting a chance to actually see Kiriya and hear him was pretty neat and brought up a lot of questions. Why is he Pale Rider? Who is this No Face (great name) he’s talking with? I don’t know. We’ve seen something like this a bit in the first season, but Kiriya is a whole different beast. Literally. He was a giant winged centipede monster. Look at how cool that design is. It’s awesome.

Shin Smiling
(He just keeps getting worse)


I have to really commend them for the way they handled Shin and Kiriya’s interaction. It was nothing more than Kiriya shouting and Shin smiling as they charged at each other, but the way they kept flashing to both their faces and how they eventually combined, the intensity behind it, everything. It was a fantastic scene. I also like how every time Shin has gone insane, he’s had a slightly different feel to him—this time being more defeated. Good stuff.


I want to take a minute to talk about how much I like the whole hostage thing Frederica has going on. That’s been the point of her from the beginning in the army. It’s her role, but it opens up a wider discussion about death in general. Like, in Frederica’s eyes, by them not taking her, they’re expecting to die themselves. So Frederica being present is her way of showing she’ll die with them and for them to live if they don’t want that.

shin sighing
(This guy’s already dead inside, to be fair)


But then you have the fact that they all know this is basically a suicide mission, and they don’t want anyone unnecessary to die. So, it creates this situation where everyone wants to show their support to the 86 by fighting alongside them like Frederica, Grethe, etc. Yet, the 86 aren’t allowed to do the same. They won’t listen when they tell them not to fight because everyone sees that as them being suicidal.


Basically, just because they’re 86, nobody is understanding the difference between them wanting as few people to die as possible and them planning to die themselves. See, people are still pitying them. It’s an interesting thing to think about, at the very least.

Freddie with a gun
(Shin should also think more before handing little girls guns)


This season has made me think a lot, and that’s what I really like. It’s good stuff. What will happen next? Someone will die, right? I don’t mean to be so negative, but we all can’t live. There has to be some death. If I wrote this story, call me crazy, but I would have everyone calling for Shin’s help as he’s losing his mind again, but actually kill one of our main peeps off. Could you imagine how much that would screw with Shin?


Then have Lena show up a little later and help him come to terms with everything again. Bam! I just wrote your season 3. Hire me. Even though the story already exists. Whatever, It would be great, and it’s somewhat possible. Ok, I’ll leave now.


Thank you very much for reading


What do you think will happen to our poor boy Shin? Probably a lot of pain.



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