Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 8 – Komi Can’t Leave Summer Behind

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 8 – Komi Can’t Leave Summer Behind

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Last episode, Komi went to the pool. Everyone had a good time swimming around, except when Komi fell and busted her knee. It’s fine. She got shaved ice later.


First Impressions

Komi and her family roadtrip
(What a nice family)


We begin with a Komi family road trip. As you can probably imagine, it’s not the most rambunctious car ride ever, when three out of four people are practically mute, but that’s the kind of ride I would want to go on. Relaxing.


Everyone’s going to visit relatives, some our Komi hasn’t seen in quite a bit. Now that she’s leveled up her social skills ever so slightly, she actually gets along with them more. Good on her. Once again, the way I was when I was younger. I hate how much I can relate to her sometimes. 


Grandma also chews her out for getting embarrassed when she snoops through her phone and sees Tadano. There are obviously bigger problems than that, you don’t just dig through people’s phones, but this at least confirms for the first time, I think, that Komi likes Tadano. You know it, but she didn’t really dodge at all.

Komi in a yukata
(Anime is pretty when it wants)


We then get to where I thought early on the series might end, the Summer Festival. I was wrong. Anyway, Komi forgot her notepad because we need to push the plot forward. So the entire time she’s there, she tries to tell Tadano his Yukata looks good but can’t quite get it out until much later.


Tadano already died of embarrassment telling her that she looked good, so you can imagine how much of a shock this was to his system, especially hearing the gentle “Tadano-kun” part. Needless to say, the poor boy probably lost a few years off of his life, but it was worth it.


Also, they all play that candy cutting Squid Game game that I know was common in Japan before, but I’m going to say that because it’s trendy and cool. Najimi also sucks at it and apparently has a blossoming gambling addiction. Once again, something I relate to. I kid, kind of. I can control my addiction, thank you.


Some more insanity ensues. Komi and the gang, which now includes Yamai because she’s a stalker, and being there is part of the job. But she manages to get alone with Tadano again. This series loves to ship those two hard, which Is fair. They are the main couple.

Everyone chilling and studying
(Najimi is always a mood)


Eventually, they leave, and Summer Vacation moves to its last bit. Komi, Najimi, and again, the stalker all visit Tadano’s house for fun. By fun, I mean for Najimi to study and Yamai to stare at Komi uncomfortably.


Everyone recounts their favorite parts about their vacation, and Komi starts crying because this is the only Summer vacation she’d ever wished didn’t end. That’s so damn sweet. I’m surprised Tadano didn’t lose it. I know I would.


My Thoughts

Well, I vastly misjudged where the series would end. I don’t know how that happened because I’ve actually never been wrong about anything ever in my entire life, so this is certainly new to me.


All I know for certain is that unless they do some witchery with the timeline, which I doubt they will, it will end with something I’ve seen already in the manga. There’s no way we’ll go past vol 5. If I was smarter and could remember more, I’d be able to figure out where it will end, but my guessing is clearly off, so I’ll refrain for now.

Komi and cousin
(Does this look like anything intense is going on?)


This was a fairly tame episode, not that things ever get too out of hand. I feel like the quicker-paced episodes make it much more apparent, but Komi and Tadano sure do have a lot of moments. Like, I know they do. They’re literally the driving force for the plot. I’m sure many people stick with it just for them, but we see something each episode, sometimes multiple in one.


I also feel like Komi talks more here. I don’t remember the whole Tadano yukata thing. I’m sure it did happen, but I think because I actually get to hear the nervousness in Komi’s voice in this adaptation, it leaves a much bigger impression on me.


I can’t say enough good about the VAs. They’re all amazing and do so much more for this story at large than you would ever expect. Amazing, fantastic work.

Komi and Makeru fight
(It’s good stuff.)


Art is still really good too. I do enjoy the consistent visual gags, like whenever Makeru shows up, and you see her keep losing points to Komi. I like her gag the most, I think. Just good, quick punchlines, even if it is the same one.


Anyway, that’s it. Not much happened, so a short one. I’m actually just about caught up on these after falling behind a bit. I have no clue what schedule to keep because of the way Netflix released these delayed, so that’s why they’re infrequent—getting there, though.


Thank you very much for reading


Where will the series end? Nobody knows. Actually, a lot of people can probably figure it out.

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