I have Kaginado Idea What’s Happening

I have Kaginado Idea What’s Happening

Every now and then, an anime airs that confuses me. I mean, let’s be real, it happens a lot. Anime isn’t exactly the simplest thing to understand in the world, but every so often, a series just makes me scratch my head for one reason or another.

Tomoya pulling a Nagisa
(Aren’t you confused?)


Kaginado is that series this season, but not for any fault of the studio, writers, or anything like that. It’s entirely my fault because I’m a moron. In fact, if I get confused, that’s often the case. 


Kaginado is a bit of an odd anime. If you remember Isekai Quartet back when that aired, it’s quite similar, the biggest differences being that each episode is around four minutes instead of twelve and rather than the characters being from Isekais, they’re from all of Key Studio’s IPs, so Clannad, Air, Kanon, etc.


What’s funny about this is for how much I adore both Clannad and Little Busters, I don’t know much about Key’s stuff. I know nothing of Air, not a lick about Kanon, I’ve never even heard of Rewrite, and I’ve yet to go through Planetarian. That means I know squat about three of the five series represented in this crossover.

I don't know who eye patch girl is
(Tell me who you are!)


That makes it especially confusing when all these characters are talking about their sisters. I don’t get why twin-tail eye patch girl has problems with hers or why this other girl gave up her marriage for her sister. I don’t get it, but I’m certain it’s hilarious if I did.


I’m just ecstatic that Sunohara is the series punching bag. It makes it easy for me to get the jokes when they’re about him. It’s like I’m just this outlier trying to fit in with the cool kids, so every time they laugh, I point my finger and join in. “Haha, I get it, guys.”


All I’m doing each rapid-fire episode is desperately grasping at something that I understand. It’s nothing but constant inside jokes about the series present, and I only understand like 20% of them. It’s so confusing. Thank god the episodes are only four minutes because my mouth is agape the whole time. Help me, please.

How could this happen
(I hoped to get the jokes, man)


That might have you wondering why I would watch this if it was clearly not made for people like me. To that, I have a counter-question: why do you think my first experience with Fate was with the Fate/Grand Order anime? Clearly, I’m a moron. We’ve been through this. It sounds fun, and that’s all the convincing I need.


It becomes almost like this weird scavenger hunt, right? Kind of. I have to dig through all of this crazy stuff that I don’t understand in the slightest to get to what I do understand. Like there’s this time all the protagonists are gathered together, right? Sounds fun, right?


Well, I don’t get why this one guy has bad luck in love, but they’re all comparing how many girls they have in their canons. I found it funny that Riki has a bunch because I actually understand it. Kind of.

(Don’t you trust this monster!)


I mean, if we’re talking Riki from the true end, shouldn’t he have only one or none because of {spoilers} I mean, technically, he has everyone at one point, but that all takes place in {spoilers] in alternate {spoilers} so how do they arrive at that? If we’re talking routes, then everyone should have quite a few, but it makes more sense to go based on the canon, right? This shouldn’t be so hard! Damn you all and your harems!


For as much as I’m making light of this, it is actually fairly confusing, and I’m certain that I’m not enjoying Kaginado as much as others, but it’s fine because I’m getting my own fun out of it. This also taught me an important lesson.


I was going to watch Carnaval Phantasm before I experienced Tsukihime. This scared me away from that a bit. I’ll only understand the Fate side of things, and I would, once again, be missing half the point.

Pointing at something
(Look, I’ll also point out the jokes one day)


So while I have all and all enjoyed Kaginado, I can most certainly say that I’m not quite the audience for it, and my enjoyment was hindered by that. I really shouldn’t be surprised, but I didn’t realize the extent of the inside jokes. That’s everything. You know what’s bad about them? You don’t get them if you aren’t in on it. Damn inside jokes.


So if you want to watch Kaginado, I recommend going through hundreds of hours of visual novels or watching tens of hours of anime. Easy, right? Or just like one of two of the series and charge in blind. If you’re anything like me, you’ll still have a fairly good time, even if it causes your brain to explode in the process.


Thank you very much for reading

Seriously, who’s the eyepatch girl, and why does she show up so much?


Also, I’m leaving the bit in because I find it funny, but I realized after that Riki being a player does make sense since each route, though they happened in {spoilers} all still took place in canon, true end Riki’s life, I’m pretty sure. See, I’m not smart enough for this.

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