Four Isekais I Really Like (Tagged Post!)

Four Isekais I Really Like (Tagged Post!)

Oh, the Isekai genre. How you bring out the best and worst in people. You can tell some of the most beautifully creative stories known to fiction, and then you can also give us utter cookie-cutter garbage that’s somehow even worse because, with actual cookie cutters, you still get to enjoy the cookies they make.


A little while back, Roki/Mallow, a blogger friend of mine, made a post about Isekais and tagged me in it. Check that out here, please. Since I got tagged, I figured I make as well make a post about it. As a blogger, I’m always hungry for content anyway. Seriously, you throw an idea on the ground, and I’ll eat that up like a wild animal.


Regardless of that, it does sound fun to discuss some Isekais I like, and I already like talking about the genre, to begin with. I’ve done it before. Let’s get started. Rather than this necessarily being my favorite Isekais, this is more four that I find really interesting, or I like for one reason or another. My favorite is still in there, though.


The Devil is a Part-Timer

Satan doing Satan stuff
(Yes, he has a steady job)


Well, let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. The Devil is a Part-Timer is technically not an Isekai. It’s a reverse Isekai, so normal guy doesn’t go to fantasy world; fantasy guy comes to normal world. I’ve written a review for it. I mentioned this series high in my top 1o series of all time. I really, really love this anime. Season 2 coming makes me so damn happy.


Describing my love for Satan working at McDonald’s is hard to explain. If I had to, I would say its premise is stupid, but it is far better than it has any right to be regardless. It’s hilarious, the voice actors are some of the most talented I’ve ever heard, which is quite concerning to me, and it still somehow manages to be a cute story about acceptance and redemption. It’s so dumb.


I love stupid plots as much as the next guy, but just calling it crazy without giving the rest of what the series does great credit is a disservice to it. It’s incredibly high quality, which is what’s so odd. It’s not great because it’s weird; it’s fantastic and just happens to be weird as hell as an added bonus. I recommend this series more than most, and if you have any decent sense of humor, I feel like you’ll enjoy it a lot.


Iruma-kun Goes to Demon School

Iruma and friends dancing
(Don’t you just want to watch this?)


The other somewhat obvious pick is Iruma-kun Goes to Demon School. I still have yet to review it, but somewhere over its two seasons airing the past few years, it wiggled its way into one of my favorite series of all time as well.


This, similarly Satan’s Burger Adventures, I like primarily because it’s funny. Something about the humor makes me laugh every single episode without fail. Is it wrong that I’m laughing at a kid who was sold to a demon by his parents? Yeah, probably, but he’s having a good time with it.


The series is cute, charming, funny, and it randomly breaks into musical segments akin to a Disney movie, which is always a plus for me, but all and all, it’s just a wonderful time that gives me classic anime vibes. It reminds me of Hayate the Combat Butler a lot, pretty much, which is another comedy series I enjoyed.


Ascendance of a Bookworm

Myne wating for paper
(These two are pretty cute too)


Ascendance of a Bookworm is a series I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned even once, which is a shame. It’s basically a normal slice of life Isekai about a girl who reincarnates into a small child in a fantasy world. The difference is there are more books! Or, more accurately, a lack thereof.


Our Isekai girl (yay for more female protags for the genre), who eventually becomes Myne, really had a thing for books in her past life. Guess what this medieval world doesn’t have a whole lot of? Books. This was before you could just print them for dirt cheap, so they’re one of the most expensive things around.


Rather than being about some grandiose adventure, the series largely focuses on Myne using her skills from her previous life to try and create her own books. Why? All for the love of books. It’s a really charming series that actually teaches you a thing or two about the history of literature and how books were made throughout the ages. It’s a really pleasant watch that I’d highly recommend.


Also, there was apparently a second part of this anime that aired and I never watched it. It was right around when I didn’t watch anime much, so I can see how it happened, but finally thinking about this series again gives me an excuse to go catch up.


The Familiar of Zero

Louise is pissed
(I hope you like tsunderes!)


Lastly, I’m sharing a series that I wouldn’t say I love but does hold a special place in my heart, and I’ve yet to talk about it, and I think that’s what these posts are good for. The Familiar of Zero is four seasons of what is basically Harry Potter, but if Hermione sucked at magic, had pink hair, and was more of a tsundere. And then, of course, if a magicless Asian guy teleported into the world.


This is a weird one because it went on for quite a while, and I don’t really know how. It actually adapted everything from the source material but left things at a cliffhanger because of the unfortunate death of the original author. That ending is part of the reason I remember it.


It’s fun. I had a good time with it. I also was really surprised how far the main relationship goes. They really commit to it, which made me happy, but then our “hero” Saito is not always faithful, and the anime is unnecessarily ecchi a lot, which ruins some of the cuter parts of the romance. It’s kind of a mess, but I ultimately liked it and think it’s “fun.” Take that as you will.


But I wanted to tell a story. I watched this series very early in my anime journey. It was one of the first series I watched after Sakurasou, way back when. At the time, I wasn’t super familiar with a lot of anime art and some of the tropes we know and love the medium for. This is important because it makes me look like a moron.


Saito and Louise
(Yup, most definitely children)


I saw images of The Familiar of Zero, and my first thoughts and why I watched it, was because it looked to me like a cute series about these two kids in love. What I didn’t realize was that they aren’t nearly as young, nor innocent, as my little mind seemed to think. Again, I didn’t seem to understand how young anime art can make characters look.


So there I was going into this cute show about children in love that turned out to be an ecchi Harry Potter rip-off. I also watched that before I ever watched Harry Potter, so to add even more humor, I didn’t even realize it was a rip-off until after. Yup, that’s my experience there.


Well, that’s that. Thank you again to Roki. Please send all the support you can muster. I will now tag not many but a few people, and I apologize if you’ve already been tagged. These things are tricky, especially when you’re as moronic as I can be.








As with all of these tag posts, nobody mentioned needs to do anything. I feel like sometimes they can feel like they’re pressuring you a bit, but everyone mentioned here or not can do whatever the hell they want, the same reason I’m writing this post. This is the hell I wanted or something like that. Anyway, thanks again for the tag. Bye now.


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