Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 9 – Komi Can’t Play Smash Bros

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 9 – Komi Can’t Play Smash Bros

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Last episode, Komi and friends did some Summery things, including a festival, which debunked my theory about where the series would end. Where will it actually end? Let’s see. Well, we won’t find out now, but soon.


First Impressions

Inaka Nokoko
(A new challenger approaches)


We start off with an introduction to Inaka Nokoko, a girl whose entire character is that she’s from the country. Her skirt length is different. She talks different. She also has an unhealthy infatuation with this world’s Subway—all normal country girl things. 


She, too, has the wrong idea about Komi and worships her as some kind of city girl idol. And so Nokoko goes to stalk Komi, who’s going to fake Subway on Najimi’s orders, and of course, Tadano is stalking both of them to see how things go. Komi has a bunch of creeps in her life; what can I say?


But she ends up ordering the sandwich completely wrong. We actually already saw this joke before, so I’m surprised it was done again, but it did have city girl flare this time, I guess, so that’s something.

Maro and Weeg
(Fun fact: I hate everything I’m looking at)


Next, it’s time for video games. Continuing with alliteration, Nakanaka decides to invite Komi over to hang out and play some stuff together, but Komi’s not big on games, and neither of them is big on socialization, so Najimi gets called as well and Tadano too because he’s legally required to be there.


So they all play rip-off Smash Bros, with Nakanaka and Najimi being rip-off swimsuit Mario and Luigi as they fight for Komi’s affection or something like that. Meanwhile, Tadano, who is some Yoshi clone, is busy teaching Komi (possibly Zelda?) how to play the game in the first place, getting slapped a few times in the process. Not in real life, though.


We then cut, rather abruptly, to Najimi asking Komi to help with a part-time job. It’s handing out tissues, which I believe is a thing in Japan, as weird as it is to a weird American like me. Komi can’t talk well. Things happen. People want tissues because she’s attractive. Not all that surprising.

Tadano dying
(Don’t worry, he’s just having a stroke)


What is surprising is that Komi has a dream Tadano, and everyone has something on their face, but she’s too scared to tell them. It turns out that it wasn’t a dream but instead a vision from the next day. She’s too scared to say anything, so she just forgets about it and instead asks Tadano to call her Shouko instead of Komi.


This causes Tadano’s heart to burst into flames. In order to preserve his meager existence, he refuses to say her name. Komi also has trouble saying Hitohito, but to be fair, that’s certainly a more difficult name than Tadano or Shouko. Regardless, Najimi brings up the thing of Tadano’s face, and the episode ends.


My Thoughts

That cut between video games to part-time job was awful. I will say that. Normally they roll along much better even if the two subjects are unrelated, but that one just kind of punched you in the face. Not like that ruined the episode, though.


This episode had a lot of rip-off brands, and those are some of my favorite things. One of my favorite anime series is about rip-off McDonald’s, so Komi was just pandering to me this time between Subway and Smash. Can’t say I ever wanted to see animated Mario in a school swimsuit, though. Good thing that Bleach anime is coming out next year; I need some for my eyes.

More smash characters
(We’ve gone too far)


This is another example of one of the weirder segments of the manga getting animated really well. I remember the Smash stuff fondly, and even though it scared me, seeing it animated was something I needed before I died, and they did a good job on it.


Nokoko is a character that I forgot existed. Seriously, I didn’t remember her in the slightest which goes to show how interesting her character is, I suppose. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with her. She’s just boring. She’s a country girl, and that’s it. Most characters are one-dimensional, but at least masochist and yandere are a bit more out there.


I think Komi’s hit the point now where it’s not as interesting. It’s still doing a good job adapting stuff, but we’re past all the big stuff in the beginning, and now we’re just kind of following along with the manga. Sure, more events happen, but you know what I’m saying. We’ve kind of leveled out now.

Nokoko at Subway
(This ain’t the Subway, I remember)


Once again, it’s just because of the way the manga is. I knew it was going to be really hard to adapt it, and I believe I was correct, but they’ve still done better than I expected, so bravo to all the staff. Still a really great adaptation all around. Anyway, only three more times do I need to try and talk about this fairly uneventful series for 1000 words. Help me, please.


Thank you very much for reading


I think Mario should have a swimsuit costume in the next Smash, just saying.

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