Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 10 – Komi Can Play Sports

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 10 – Komi Can Play Sports

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Last episode, Komi and the gang all hung out and played some rip-off Smash Bros. Ok, so some more happened, but I’m still recovering from the swimsuit Mario and Luigi.


First Impressions

Tadano super tired
(Our boy isn’t cut out for this stuff)


We begin with the sports festival that I definitely don’t remember. Everyone’s all pumped up because they want to win for Komi. It’s the usual. There’s also some girl who can detect heat or something. I don’t remember her at all, but I’ll just assume I’m a moron.


So everyone does some stretches, and Komi wins by doing absolutely nothing. Why that’s a competition, I don’t know. Komi also causes everyone to lose tug of war just by being near them. Then it’s time for a relay race? I think that’s what it called where you switch people every so often? Look, I never did any.


Tadano’s doing his thing trying to compete, but he’s Tadano, so he’s doing incredibly average until he looks over and sees Komi cheering him on. He briefly goes super saiyan but still comes out third. That cracked me up a lot.

Ninja playing quidditch
(I mean, it’s clearly quidditch)


But the sports festivities continue with my favorite sports like a scavenger hunt where they all but strip Tadano, and pole battle thing, and game that looks like quidditch. At the end of it all, it’s time for an actual relay race showing I somewhat know what I’m talking about.


Komi is racing the hot girl from earlier… not hot like looks, she can literally detect temperature and her eyes are in the shape of fire. Komi loses in the end, but all her friends cheering her on gave her the motivation to keep going. She gets second because she still doesn’t suck as bad as Tadano.


We then meet another new character, but this one not obsessed with Komi. Onemine, a big sister type, apparently, has known Tadano for a bit and is helping him out with all the work he has being class president. How long they’ve known each other or why I’ve forgotten in time.

Komi being Jealous
(She’s just jealous, ignore the menacing aura)


She just wants to help Tadano out and is worried that being around Komi isn’t the best for him, but he reassures her that she’s very nice, just quiet. Meanwhile, Komi gets jealous in the shadows. When Onemine realizes this, she buts out and lets the two of them do the work together to grow closer, really showing off that big sister energy after all.


Lastly, we have photo booth shenanigans, but that’s really just an excuse for Tadano to win a cat keychain in a crane machine for Komi. It turns out that Najimi also got her one, so Komi suggests doing a trade, showing who she cares about more, even if it seems a little harsh to me.


My Thoughts

That was a really cute episode. Back to focusing on bigger segments rather than these short little bits. This is how Komi works best, at least in anime form. Just a shame that we can’t have these as often.

Komi and Tadano being cute again
(Everyone needs to root for these two)


We also had a lot of Komi and Tadano fuel to add to their fire. A lot of fuel. That fire is burning the house down. Even Onemine is shipping them. Too bad this adaptation will never see the day that amounts to anything. We’d need another four or so seasons for that.


Speaking on that, I highly doubt we’ll ever get another one. This has been a lot of fun and has been really good, but unless they can go the whole way with it, which is impossible pretty much, I doubt we’ll ever get another. This was just to see some things get animated finally.


I’m also realizing how little I remember about some of the characters here. There are just so many, and again, they’re all fairly forgettable. That’s the price when most all of them can be described by a single trait.

Onemine and Tadano chilling
(More of Onemine would be nice)


Onemine at least has a little more substance to her, but big sister does describe her pretty well. While the story of Komi is actually fairly deep at its core, the actual story doesn’t have to be. It’s just meant to be fun, which it really is. This episode, in particular, was really funny.


After a while, the “everyone goes crazy for Komi” jokes do get quite old. I didn’t really get that in the manga, but I think that’s just because the format of the humor hits you differently. In the anime, it’s starting to get a bit old. I still recommend the manga over this, as I do think it’s a better experience overall. Though, this is great for fans.


Some things are just funnier in motion, particular all of Tadano’s screw-ups. This is about the best job they could do adapting the series. It’s just a hard series to adapt, after all. I’ve said it before, but it just isn’t written in a way that works well in an anime. It’s made for those short manga bursts.


As a last note, I want to point out that I’m currently writing this as I’m watching Madoka Magica, and it’s giving my brain whiplash, but I find the duality here really funny. I’m trying to talk about some adorable, socially inept girl as I’m watching an anime with a whole lot of death, sadness, and tears, some of which are mine. In fact, someone just died, but they came back to life, so we’re good—weird stuff.


Thank you very much for reading

I’ll get back to crying now.

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