86 Season 2 Episode 10 – All That’s Left (It’s Nobody)

86 Season 2 Episode 10 – All That’s Left (It’s Nobody)

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Last episode was amazing. Shin aired out his feelings with both Raiden and Frederica, and we got just a bit more insight into how our poor boy is handling his feelings. But we should also worry about Frederica and how she’s handling hers.


First Impressions

Raiden and Frederica in a spidey bot
(Well, this looks safe)


We start with quite the menacing scene. Frederica is chilling with Raiden in his good old spider bot, and he asks her if she’d be willing to forget about everyone but that idiot, likely Shin unless I’m misreading, and go. She says yes as she’s clutching the gun Shin gave her. I like nothing about this situation, nor do I like anything it’s implying.


Sorry, so we’re firing right out of the gate then. Everyone’s chasing after Kiriya again, and along the way they get ambushed by Legion, knocking Anju however many hundreds of feet off of a cliff. So clearly, the best decision is to leave her, and apparently, she’ll be fine. I guess we’re killing her? Probably not, but I imagine we’re dropping them like flies now.


Yup, and then Theo’s like, “I’ll hold them off here, bro, you guys go ahead.” Yeah, he’s dead too, I guess. Why the hell not. Sure, split up. Like I care about any of their well-beings deeply or anything.


Next, Kurena splits up and does her sniper thing. She gets a thank you from Shin, though, so she can die happy at least. Ok, I didn’t mean that literally, she got blown up, and her blip is off the map now. Surely, she’s not actually dead.

Raiden protecting Frederica
(Hey, look, it wasn’t safe)


Well, Raiden got blasted too, and his arm is now full of glass from protecting Frederica. I guess he needs both to drive this spider efficiently. I don’t know what the hell is happening anymore. Take it down a notch, 86, jeez. I know I said we needed more action, but for the love of god, I take it back. We’re only seven minutes in. At least Frederica rides in Fido next. That’s cute or something, I guess. I’m so unsure of everything. You’re watching a man slowly descent into madness. I miss Lena!


So Shin and Kiriya start their battle. I could stay a lot about how mesmerizing everything from the battlefield to the music is, but I won’t. It’s good stuff. Shin loses himself again, yatta, yatta, we’ve seen it before. 


What we haven’t seen before is that Kiriya also specialized in close-combat like Shin and can get the jump on him because of it. Thankfully, Raiden swoops in at the last second to help out, but that gets him blown to hell and back, and he’s probably dead now. Let’s just kill everyone. Who needs them? I don’t.

(He’s kind of beautiful)


Shin, realizing he’s completely alone and Kiriya is unharmed, charges forward, figuring this is the end, and he probably wants it at this point. I can’t really blame the guy there. But his hell isn’t over because he gets some air support helping hold Kiriya down. This causes Kiriya to lose it even more than he has, which is hard to believe given he’s a giant ass caterpillar mech that kills everything. Also, Freddie shoots the gun and goes out to talk to him. Everyone needs to learn more about self-preservation.


She then holds the gun to her own head, getting Kiriya’s attention. Shin then uses this distraction to get in there, blow his brains out, the end. I wish. The big man’s mech went boom boom, and everyone probably died. That’s actually the end. Credits roll.


My Thoughts (Angry Edition!)

Frederica is not amused
(I’m not amused)


Hi. How have you been? I just want to say that I’m extremely angry right now. So, all of these delays have led to the final two episodes of this season getting pushed back to March. Yup. About three months until the final two episodes. Believe it or not, I’m not mad about that.


I’m furious because this anime deserves an unlimited amount of seasons with how high quality it is, and I’m worried that this freaking abomination of a schedule will hurt its chances at continuing. If it does, I will be angry for the rest of my life. No, I’m not exaggerating. I’ll be upset.


I don’t care if I’m reading and loving the light novels. That just means I’ll be even angrier if it doesn’t get more of the story adapted. Because despite these delays and bullcrap time constraints, the staff has continued to not cut corners and made something so good. It’s so, so good. I will not stand for them getting crapped on for that. They deserve the whole damn story getting adapted. Ok, I’m fine now.

The Nouzens
(I need more of these wonderful Nouzen boys)


They just better give them the time to work on it. I don’t care about your damn schedule. Screw that. Give me this high-quality stuff. Ok, I’m really ok now. I’m fine. I promise. I’m fine.


So, what did I like about this episode? It was chaotic as hell. I literally watched everyone potentially die. At least four of them are surely dead. Do I actually believe that? No, probably not. Maybe. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out before anime watchers, though.


I don’t really agree with some sentiment that this is the best episode yet. I think that probably goes to the last episode, but this was the perfect resolution to this season as a whole. Especially Frederica. I crapped on her a bit in the past, but I really came around—the girl’s kind of a badass. Dead badass now, but aren’t most of them?

Kiriya is not happy
(Yes, I’m also mad, Kiriya. Grow up)


It brought Kiriya and Frederica’s arc to an end, which coincided with a lot of Shin’s stuff, wrapping that up too.  Just like all the bodies that need to wrapped up and dragged away off the battlefield. Maybe. I really don’t know what I can add to this one at the end here.


It was primarily action, which is harder to talk about than drama. It was beautiful. It was good. It was really good.  Go watch it. You did? I don’t know. Rewatch it. Support the series. Make sure it continues. Better yet, go get the light novel. The anime will wait for you. Go read. I’m not waiting for this, and you shouldn’t either. 


Thank you very much for reading


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