Do I Recommend a Gentle Noble’s Recommendation? – Manga First Impressions

Do I Recommend a Gentle Noble’s Recommendation? – Manga First Impressions

I thought it’d be fun to do a somewhat frequent series (probably) where I give my first impression on some manga I’ve been reading. Damn, I’m just so original, aren’t I? Hold your applause until the end, please.


I wanted to do this partly because I actually do read quite a bit of manga now, just like I watch a lot of anime. Since I have the blog, I feel somewhat responsible to keep up with things. It’s why I do seasonal stuff. Anyway, this is a good way to get some faster content out of my manga journeys.


Regardless of my poor reasoning, we’re going to be looking at a manga today also about going on journeys that I chose purely because of the name. Will it be better than my segue? Let’s find out!

Lizel arrives in the new world
(Not a bad start)


As I said, I chose  A Gentle Noble’s Vacation Recommendation purely based on its name. My first impression was that it would be an isekai where some guy decides to go around sightseeing instead of saving the world or anything of significant worth.


I admit that I should go into things with an open mind rather than making up my own story off the bat, but you have to admit, that’s what it sounds like. In fact, the synopsis supports that. It talks about Lizel, our aforementioned gentle noble, having an otherworldly vacation and hiring a tour guide. It seems like I was right. I wasn’t.


See, I can’t help but think this series is a little bit misleading. It’s not that it’s necessarily lying, but it is playing things up to make it sound more interesting than it actually is. Let me explain.

Gil and Lizel's journey begins
(It’s certainly not a bad idea on paper)


The story revolves around Lizel, some guy who accidentally wandered into a world very similar to his own, yet different. Because he always has a level head, Lizel decides to take things slow and explore the world. He’ll get home eventually, right? No, there’s no guarantee, you moron. Worry a little bit. Think about your family.


Eventually, and by that, I mean like chapter 1 or 2, he recruits Gil, your average tough on the outside, soft on the inside tsundere guy to be his protector and tour guide, but mostly protector. And also his eventual boyfriend. Seriously, these two needed to get a room yesterday. The ship potential is hard, and I’m mentioning it because that’s definitely a selling point for some.


This is where my problem starts. It’s just an isekai. Firstly, this didn’t need to be an isekai. That’s generally my problem with the genre. Lizel here could have literally been a noble that throws away his status to go sightsee the world. That would be sick. Not regular isekai dude.

Lizel and a gun
(What the hell is this gun about?)


I say that, but as far as protagonists are concerned, Lizel is actually pretty decent. From the beginning, the guy’s shrouded in mystery. What world was he in before, and why was it similar to this fantasy world? How’d he get here in the first place?


You also have his personality, which is very friendly and charming, yet forceful, and he hints that he only acts like that because that’s the only way people seem to like him. So, it means Lizel might not be the person he seems on the surface, which makes you wonder what happened to make him that way. It is interesting.


What’s not interesting is the plot. It’s literally just an isekai. Type up some generic isekai story, and you’ll hit most of the points this manga does. Guy goes to another world? Check. Becomes an adventurer? Check. Has an advantage in this world due to his past one? Check.

Gil and Lizel
(Ah, so platonic)


It’s upsetting because the plot basically writes itself. Make this a chill manga about a noble sightseeing. It’s right there. And then it’s even written like that’s the plan. But then it turns into something kind of like that, but not quite.  It’s like, why not commit? Lizel doesn’t need to be an adventurer. It’d be far more interesting if he wasn’t.


 He could just be this rich, sheltered guy who likes to go on a bunch of vacations and experience the world. It’d be the same thing, just better, and also not an isekai or a generic one at that.


It’s not bad, at least not from what I’ve read so far; I just don’t understand it, really. I’ll keep reading it just because, again, Lizel is a good protagonist, and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t make out with Gil soon.


Ultimately, it’s a fun, light read. That was what I wanted out of it when I bought it, so I guess I can’t complain even if it was slightly different than what I had in mind. I implore you to give it a read if it sounds interesting. Maybe you’ll like it a bit more.


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