Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 11 – Komi Can Be a Maid

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 11 – Komi Can Be a Maid

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Last episode, Komi did a sports festival and also got incredibly jealous over another girl spending time with her Tadano. This time, probably more Komi hijinks.


First Impressions

War in School
(This is war!)


So, it’s time for the school’s cultural festival, and everyone’s going crazy trying to decide on something. As you might expect, everyone has their own suggestions, but all of them relate to Komi in some way.


Agari wants to be hit by Komi. Everyone wants to eat Komi’s cooking and see her in a maid uniform. Yamai wants a dark, haunted house to sexually harass her. Pretty standard stuff, really. Every character up until now showed up, even if it was for one line of dialogue, but that’s more than they usually get anyway.


Komi wanted the maid cafe and so everyone agrees with their goddess for her word is absolute. Komi wants to help set everything up, but you know how she is. She does more standing around and sitting on her godly throne the students made her.

Kaede with a chainsaw
(This is completely safe)


That’s until Otori Kaede invites her to go shopping for supplies. She’s basically a sloth in human form. That’s all you really need to know about her character. Onemine tags along too, and they all have fun at what I’m sure is bootleg Home Depot. 


Some stuff happens, including but not limited to Kaede grabbing a chainsaw, and they all become good friends because Home Depot is known for building friendships. Home Depot and chainsaws.


Next, it’s time to pass flyers around, not only to business but also bothering people in their homes about it? I guess that’s a thing, but it seems kind of rude. I don’t know why these people would care, but I guess I’m mean.

Komi's Onigiri
(That’s how I check my food out too)


To help cheer all the boys up, Komi and the girls (and also Nijimi) make some Onigiri in all shapes and sizes. All they care about is eating whichever one Komi’s is, but because Tadano has plot armor or something like that, he manages to pick hers without even knowing it. What a guy!


A guy that’s far less impressive is the maid master. I won’t even speak this guy’s name. Surely he’s on a few lists, but he visits maid cafes all over Japan. He’s a real creep. His target today was the student’s cafe. I’m honestly surprised the school is ok with letting this 32-year-old guy with no relatives in there to fawn over the girls, but I guess laws are slightly different and such. Regardless, we don’t care about him anymore. We have bigger fish to fry.


Tadano-kun is forced to try on a spare maid costume and becomes Tadano-chan as a result, making fans around the world quiver, I’m sure. For some, that’s probably a good quiver. Regardless, everyone loves him, even the guys. His sister shows up, takes a blackmail photo. All bad stuff for the guy, but at least he’s hot or something like that. Anyway, the episode ends.


My Thoughts

Tadano chan
(Best girl has arrived)


So, we’re ending with the cultural festival next episode? Honestly, that was probably pretty obvious. If a slice of life series doesn’t end at a summer festival, it’s probably the cultural festival. There are not too many ways you can make everyday life dramatic, and that’s a common one.


I’m glad we’ll end on a high note, at least. This episode had one central focus but split it into a few little parts. It’s actually a good way to handle things. If they had the ability to just skip over some parts and only adapt a lot of the bigger stuff, I think it would have made a better series overall. Stuff like this is where Komi shines.


And wow, a two-parter? They’re really bringing out all the stops. Rarely is a quarter of an episode dedicated to something, let alone two whole episodes. Need more time for Tadano-chan, you know?


I know some people would have been genuinely upset if that part wasn’t adapted. People love them some Tadano. I love him too, but I loved him before that. He’s a lovable moron, so bland character be damned; he’s my bland man, not yours! 

Komi the goddess
(More of this in season 2!)


Also, Komi’s getting another season. I’m amazed, to be honest. It’s a very popular series with a great adaptation, but I did not think they would keep things going. I’m happy about it, though. More Komi is always a good thing. No promises that I’ll do episode reviews for them, though. I’ll probably have other stuff to do. 


Regardless, here we are at the end. Next time is the last time, so I’ll see you in a few days when we finish things once and for all. Well, for now. We’ll finish the episode reviews at least, even if Komi is continuing.


Thank you very much for reading


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