Side of Fiction 2022 Resolutions!

Side of Fiction 2022 Resolutions!

Wow, it’s already the end of 2021. I honestly can’t believe this. This year felt like it went on forever for me, but it was quite possibly the best year of my life, despite some not-so-great things happening recently.


This is the year I really took a step towards my goal of becoming a writer, and I’ve met all kinds of great people because of it, both online and in real life. This blog, and the events that stemmed from it, have changed my life for the better in every aspect. 


But complacency is a very bad thing, so while I’m proud of what I’ve managed to do this year, time doesn’t stop, and neither should we. We have a lot of stuff to do yet. This thing isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Anime fireworks
(We should be celebrating)


With one year of the site down, it’s time to move on to the next, and that means even more content, more growth, and more experimentation. I don’t know if people realize how much the site has really changed from the beginning. It’s the same at its core, but pretty much everything else is different.


This all happened because I keep trying to improve things and push myself, even if that sometimes means I fall flat on my face. That’s part of the process, though. So, in the spirit of the new year, let’s talk about some resolutions and goals I have for the site this coming year.


Improvements to Regular Content

This is probably the most boring change and also one of the trickier ones. I would like to make my normal posts better, and just more interesting. If you compare the content I wrote at the beginning versus now, I’ve gotten much better, but I want to keep making more engaging stuff. I want to write stuff that people want to comment and interact with.


This can sometimes be difficult when you need to keep somewhat of a schedule, but I’ll get there in time. I also need to work on improving the SEO on the site, and maybe I’ll get another post that will do as well on Google as the Mieruko post did.

Side of Fiction home page
(It’s changed a lot since the beginning)


I’m always looking for ways to make the site actually do better because obviously, I want it to perform well. I’ve put hundreds of hours into this thing. It’s my baby, but a baby I only have because of all of you, so it’s our collective baby, I guess. I want our baby to succeed in life.


So basically, I want to write better content that people want to interact with more and I want to have better SEO so that can get out to more and more people and we can continue to grow things.


Interacting with the Community

I really need to get better at interacting and having a presence in the community more. I think I’m bad at this, per se, but I could always be better. When I get tagged for a tag post, I try to do them. I always interact with every post I’m mentioned in that I see. I do a decent job, but I did better in the beginning.

Me fitting in with the community
(I really wanted to be a part of the community)


A large reason I started to gain traction was because of interacting with the community, reading other people’s stuff, and just having a good time. As things in my personal life have gotten busier and with the increase of posts I write, stuff like that has taken a backseat, which I’m not happy about.


All I really need to do is take some time every day to be able to read more stuff and interact with the community more. I also want to start sharing posts that I like around so we can help everyone out. 


Personal Projects

While these are more things I want to do away from the site, they’re still relevant in many ways, so I can mention them here. I want to continue learning a bunch of skills that will help me with various things on the site.

anime guy sleeping on paper
(Me after all the writing I do)


For instance, taking courses on graphic design, continuing to learn how to code, marketing, everything that can improve what I do here. I’m also starting to write more fiction, which I will put up on Wattpad and Royal Road when they’re done. I want to be a writer, and these are ways to improve my skills while also crafting stories like I’ve always wanted.


I once again want to take up Renpy again and make another visual novel. Whenever I do, it will be a pretty big project that will take a lot of time and money. Regardless, that’s not happening for a bit.



If you noticed, on my new Twitter banner, I do have it listed as me doing YouTube. At the moment, I don’t have any videos out, but I do want to start making some very shortly. I was supposed to in 2021, but things were busy.


The blog was always supposed to be practice for writing and to be used as a stepping stone to move to YouTube one day. All that has changed is that I’m so attached to it at this point that I don’t want to abandon it, even if YouTube would end up taking much of my time up one day. What can I say? I’m sentimental, and I love this site to death.

Annoying voice
(I can annoy you with my voice next… I should apologize for that joke)


The plan for YouTube is currently all over the place. I just know that I’d like to make videos about anime that are around 15-20 minutes long once every two weeks, preferable each week if I got quick enough.


I have much of the equipment already. It’s just a matter of getting enough practice to make decent videos before I get things out. So look forward to that.


And That’s it!

That’s about all my resolutions moving forward. A lot of them aren’t that big, they’re basically just an extension of what I’m doing now, but that makes them more achievable. There’s nothing wrong with having crazy resolutions, but I’m more likely to accomplish these than saying I’m going to learn to fly next year.


And really, you don’t need any excuse to improve your life. The new year is how many of us kickstart that, but the truth is a lot of us don’t follow through. If you want to change, set some goals and take some baby steps to accomplish them, no matter what day it is. You can always grow and improve if you want, believe me.


Thank you very much for reading


What are some of your resolutions? I’d love to hear.

Follow, like, and show support. It means a lot.

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  1. Roki

    just a question Jacob. what video editing software are you using?. Best of luck in accomplishing your goals as well!!

    1. Figuring out a good one to use will be part of the process. Until now, I’ve only done small things, not making a full-length, like 15-20 minute video like I plan to, so I may change as I need more features.

      I used Davinci Resolve’s free version for a bit. It seemed really good, but maybe a little too good because my laptop I use couldn’t run it very well.

      What I planned to mess around with was VSDC, but since I plan to do videos every few weeks, I might end up caving and paying for better software with more features and that’s organized a little better. Regardless, once I get settled in with a good one, I’ll let you know.

  2. Yomu

    Happy New Year and best of luck in achieving your goals!

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