Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12 – Komi Can’t Sing

Komi Can’t Communicate Episode 12 – Komi Can’t Sing

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Last episode Komi became a maid for the cultural festival, but much more important to some, so did Tadano. I think he’s currently still a maid, in fact.


First Impressions

Komi serving water
(Komi’s always popular)


So we start right from where we left off with Komi at the maid cafe. Because everyone in the school are creeps, both the men and the woman, in fact, Najimi sees this as an opportunity to make some quick cash.


And so Komi walks all around the school in her maid uniform, attracting stalkers along the way to come eat at the cafe. Najimi also starts causing money for a lot of the stuff, which the teachers don’t seem to like, but really it’s just smart business and I don’t think anything was illegal, so I don’t get it. Regardless, no money allowed. 

Komi being scared
(It must be hell to be scared without the ability to scream)


After that, it’s time to advertise the maid cafe more by running around and looking at everything else the festival has to offer, including a generic haunted house and the much less generic minor confession area.


Basically, you get on a roof and confess. Why the teachers are ok with students standing on the edge of roofs and not turning a profit, I don’t understand. Regardless, it goes about how you would expect.

Komi with glasses
(Komi knows how to make fans)


Komi then wears glasses for some reason, I guess to appeal to everyone and starts walking around school with Tadano again, this time without Najimi for reasons pertaining to the pissed-off teachers from earlier. But they pick up Onemine and Kaede along the way, so all’s good.


They spend some time together, Komi and Tadano share a look that makes his heart race, and he somehow reverts to being an idiot again, not able to understand his feelings. I’m glad we’re getting a second season, but we’ll need like six more for that to go anywhere.


Actually, I just checked and this arc is the end of the fifth manga volume. That’s further than I thought. We’d need like three or four more, probably. Maybe if we got a season four. Anyway, it’s time for a grand prize to be given out to the class that won. It was the maid cafe, but they couldn’t win because Najimi apparently had bad business practices. 

Komi and Tadano Dancing
(For someone shy, she sure knows how to be the center of attention)


But what’s far more important is that they throw a party for everyone, and Komi and Tadano dance in a very awkward and cute way before Najimi interrupts them. Really, though, they were embarrassing themselves, so it was probably better that way for once.


To end things off, everyone goes to karaoke. Komi, as you would expect, doesn’t sing but still gets praised. The much sweeter moment is when Tadano sings. He does a decent job, but nobody is paying any attention to him except for Komi, who’s actively cheering him on. This motivates him to really go, and he only gets slightly better, but the whole thing is cute as heck.

Tadano bringing the heat
(Tadano is the best character. That’s a fact)


Najimi grabs Komi and Tadano to sing one more song, which rolls into the ending theme, and that’s that. Komi’s over. But only the first season. In about three months, it will continue, as the little ending joke showed us. Good stuff.


This was a really cute series, and look at that; it actually ended at a pretty good spot. I was wondering how it would happen. That was really cute, just the whole thing.


Rather than having a whole other segment reflecting on things, I’ll save that for the review, which I’ll have out in like a week. 

Komi will continue
(Season 2, here we go)


I’m really very happy this is getting a second season. I didn’t really see it coming, but I’m glad it is. The series is fantastic. It’s just not going to be for everyone. It very much has a Teasing Master Takagi feel to it where if you like this style, you’ll love it, but if not, you’ll get bored.


It’s incredibly formulaic, but if you’re just here to have a good time, Komi will give you just that. I’m really glad it’s continuing anyway. I’ll see you in a week when we really get into things.


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