In the Land of Leadale Episode 1 – A Second Life

In the Land of Leadale Episode 1 – A Second Life

Hello, Hello, welcome to my first post about the Winter 2022 anime season. Actually, my first post about this year’s seasonal anime in general! Wow! Funny how time works. Anyway, we’re back with episode reviews again and In the Land of Leadale is one of the two I’m doing.


Believe it or not, I haven’t done an Isekai yet, and this one actually looks really fascinating to me, at least from what I’ve heard. Also, female-leads for Isekais are always great and are still somewhat uncommon, though it’s becoming less so. Regardless, let’s throw ourselves into Leadale and see what it’s all about!


First Impressions

Cayna waking up
(Ah, yes, waking up in a strange place. A classic)


So we start with some mysterious beeping noise as we see various buildings in some city lose power, finally ending what I assume is a hospital, then we see our main heroine wakes up at some inn, apparently in the blonde, high-elf avatar she created in a game called Leadale.


The reason I assumed it is the hospital is that she died in the real world and is stuck in the game from what the synopsis said. That’s always fun. Although, I guess that’s a spoiler for a few more minutes.


Our currently unnamed half-elf mooches on the kindness of the staff and eats far more food than should be humanly possible given the fact she was on IV drips and liquids in the real world for who knows how long. That breakfast is probably going to come back out real soon. Either way, she finds out that she isn’t in the same Leadale she knew, but actually one 200 years in the future. How that works, I don’t know. Maybe there was an update or free dlc.

Cayna and lit
(What a lit fam they have here)


Also, her name is Cayna, apparently, and I have to mention the generic cute little maid girl is named Lit. I mean, it’s spelled Lytt, but that’s still lit. Cayna has some little AI friend that supports her called Kee, and for some reason, it knows that there was a power outage that killed her at the hospital. She’s taking this all surprisingly well, I must say.


Her next goal is to figure out if there are any other players and to find her home tower, whatever that is. Apparently, her tower is feared because someone named the Silver Ring Witch is there, but that’s actually just Cayna from when she was a troll and killed a bunch of players before. Not cool. She was also like almost dead in real life at one point, though, so I guess I’ll forgive her.


Cayna heads into the forest and makes it back to her tower, where at the top, some delinquent face in the wall yells at her and says it’s some kind of guardian? I don’t know, man. What I do know is that Cayna has a son named Skargo, and a whole family of NPCs she adopted. Complicated stuff. I guess she’s a single mother too.

Cayna kicking a bear
(Now that’s a dead bear)


And according to Mr/Ms. Silver Guardian, the guardians in the other towers aren’t responding, so Cayna should go climb them and check things out if she gets the chance. Leadale was made by Ubisoft, I guess. She also kicks a bear and saves a guy and then eats the bear. Harsh stuff. She also drinks wine and passes out. She’s a menace, really, but the episode ended before I could comment more.


My Thoughts

My first thoughts are that this is going to be a pretty fun series. I wasn’t expecting anything too heavy, but I thought the whole paralyzed and bedridden in the real world would add something to it. It does.


A lot of the events were pretty generic Isekai stuff, but making the main character have such a tragic backstory does add a lot to it, especially when she’s such a cheerful, kind girl. I really feel for her.

Cayna feeling bad
(She still has rough times, though)


I joked about it, but her eating all the food up and truly enjoying a meal for the first time in who knows how long was genuinely heartwarming. I’m glad she was given another chance to live her life, however that was.


With that being said, there were a few problems. The actual plot as of now isn’t that interesting. She doesn’t really have a goal aside from being that overpowered elf that roams the world.


I will say that Leadale itself is fascinating, though. The other reason I wanted to watch this was because of Leadale. I like the concept of a mystery time skip in a game world. And I think Cayna learning about why things have changed will be more relaxed than her going and killing a demon lord or something.

Cayna drinking
(Remember, kids, being drunk is fun)


That also goes more into the whole enjoying her new life why she has it thing. Done right, I think this will be a really cute, wholesome, fun Isekai.


The art is also quite nice. It’s not outstanding per se, but it’s very clean, and I didn’t really notice any dips in quality, though they usually come in later.


I did notice a little awkwardness in some of Cayna’s facial transitions. When she switches from chibi to normal, there isn’t really an in-between. She just kind of pops where she needs to go. It looks a bit jank, but that’s about it. The rest was good.

Cayna weird face
(More Cayna faces next week)


All and all, that was a very good first episode. It got me interested in our lead and the world she was put in. I look forward to seeing more next week, and I hope you are too.


Thank you very much for reading


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