In The Land of Leadale Episode 2 – The Royal Capital

In The Land of Leadale Episode 2 – The Royal Capital

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Last episode, we joined Cayna as she died in real life and got transported to the Land of Leadale, a game she used to play in the past. The catch is, years has gone by and a lot of things have changed.


First Impressions

We begin with Cayna having a massive hangover, reminding us that she drank herself into a coma last time, but luckily she snaps out of it when she hears a commotion outside because you can just will hangovers away like that when you’re as skilled as she is.

Cayna using magic
(Don’t worry, the main character is here!)


It turns out this guy, Kenison, was attacked by ogres and is almost dead. I mean, he’s poisoned and only has like 40 HP. That’s not good. So Cayna uses this as a chance to show off her double spell casting and a few other things.


Regardless, she saves the day being the main character she is, and for her help, she asks the dog/fox man from the same caravan Kenison is if he knows of a priest male elf named Skargo. You know, her son.


Turns out he became a high priest and a lord and is now like third in line for power in the whole royal capital. The guy made it far, despite that awful name. Cayna decides to join the caravan on their way to the capital, but not before having a heart-to-heart with Lit, I mean Lytt, saying she’ll return eventually.

Cayna and her son
(Mothers always like to tease their sons)


We immediately cut to Cayna at the capital and see more of these beast people like dog/fox man, who I refuse to name for some reason, and also some dinosaur kid. None of that matters, though, because Cayna stumbles across another one of her children, good ol Kartatz. I think he’s some kind of dwarf, given the beard and shortness, but I don’t remember if that was confirmed. Regardless, seeing Cayna go all motherly on him is kind of funny, I can’t lie.


Cayna then goes to officially become an adventurer and meets up with some girl named Lonti and a guy who won’t stop winking at everyone. Apparently, they want her help finding someone. Who that someone is or any information isn’t important to Cayna as long as she gets paid, so she’s cool with it.

It's Shirou
(What are you doing in Leadale, bud?)


They’re looking for some boy a little younger than Lonti with red hair. What I didn’t realize until they saw him trying to save a cat was that they were straight up looking for Shirou. I kid you not; it’s him: same eye color, hair, similar face, everything.


Afterward, Cayna is forced to drink with the power of peer pressure despite promising never to do it again, and lastly, we see Cayna’s two sons and daughter having a meal together. Skargo’s a momma’s boy to an almost creepy level. That’s the big takeaway.


My Thoughts

Another good episode. I love Cayna a lot more than I thought I would. She seems a little bland on the surface, but she’s growing into this teasing, almost sarcastic type of person, which is fun to watch.

Cayna family meal
(The children are all here)


What I never expected, and I’ve never seen another Isekai do is this whole children thing. It’s really refreshing and actually quite funny. I didn’t know I wanted to see a however-many-hundred-year-old high elf pat some old dwarf on the head, embarrassing him in front of everyone, but I’m glad I saw it before I died. I also just like the general reactions of Cayna having multiple children with no explanation as to how whatsoever. It’s good stuff.


I can see that the relationship Cayna shares with them will probably be one of my favorite parts of the series, and it does seem like that’s going to be a main focus, as unexpected as that is. This is basically My Children Are All Grown Up, So I Decided to Become an Adventurer! That was the work-in-progress name, I’m sure.


It’s kind of rare for Isekai’s, but we still don’t really understand the magic in this world. All we know is that Cayna is strong for some reason, which is honestly very unrealistic. The meta changes all the time in these games. If you didn’t play for hundreds of years, you would be far behind everyone else.

Cayna and Lonti
(Me searching for the plot)


The plot so far really isn’t anything special, though. I know this isn’t the type of Isekai to have a super deep plot, and I’m ok with that, but you still need some type of goal or objective to push the plot forward. Now that Cayna’s an adventurer, I’m curious to see what that is.


It could just be random quests. That’s a bit of an uninspired way to go, but it would work. We’ll probably learn more about Shirou at some point too, and why he got Isekaied out of the Nasuverse.

Cayna Laughing
(The show does give me some good laughs)


My biggest hope moving forward is that the comedy stays the same, we get some more character building for Cayna, and we get a little more actual plot. Things have potential, but they aren’t as fleshed out as I would like at the moment.


Still, two episodes in, and I’m happy with Leadale so far. It’s proving to be a pretty good time all and all.


Thank you very much for reading


More Isekais with single mothers, I guess.

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