Cue Episode 2 – Lots of Auditions

Cue Episode 2 – Lots of Auditions

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Last episode, we got introduced to far too many characters, all following their dream to become voice actresses. While I’m still confused by Haruna’s past somehow, we’ll continue on.


First Impressions

Bloom Ball Anime
(What an exciting show!)


So the anime they’re all auditioning for is called Bloom Ball. There’s more to it, but we shorten things here, and it’s easier for my English brain to remember. Basically, it’s dodge ball, but with life or death or something involved. It looks intense, at the very least.


Apparently, since there are so many characters in Bloom Ball, all of the AiRBLUE girls will be allowed to audition for whoever they want. Some of them don’t know the manga this was adapted from, which, to be fair, I also don’t pay attention to sports manga, so we’re even there.


Regardless of if they know how to play the character, they’re just going to pick whoever they make a connection with the most and wing it, which is why Haruna ends up choosing the main character at random. Her MC blood flows strong within her. Maika picks the sidekick, so she also has hardcore “important but not as much as Haruna” blood in her.

The masses agape
(The masses have never witnessed such an awful event)


Maika goes in there, slaps the microphone on accident out of nerves, still does a decent job, and that’s that. So far, little sister girl does the best, and that’s only partly because they skim over the rest. She was pretty good.


What they don’t skim over is Haruna. Besides the fact that she goes into a coughing fit after yelling, she does a pretty good job. Or at least they like her voice because they make her play like five different characters out of nowhere to see who she fits best. 

Haruna doing it
(Haruna works hard)


She’ll probably get picked for something, but they need to keep you in suspense, for a while, of course. So Maika and Haruna do what I also do after some kind of stressful event, they go grab a bite to eat. That’s first on my list.


There they see the green-haired girl, Shiho, and the mature older-looking one, Honoka. I’ll remember the names of these four since they seem like the main main characters, but I can’t promise any more than that. Oh, yeah, that was the end of the episode.


My Thoughts

I have to give this series props for the pacing. I really didn’t think I’d be praising the pacing in a series like this, but credit where it’s due, I guess. Any series can do things right.

(This is a good out of context shot)


I was worried Cue might be boring, and it’s actually not. I’m impressed how every episode has actually felt like we’ve got stuff done. We’re going places fairly quickly, and it’s somewhat suspenseful too. I mean, I’m rooting for these girls to get these roles.


I’m still not sure why there’s not a single guy. Again, I feel like it would be good for AiRBLUE to have that variety, but maybe all-female voice agencies are a common thing. I’m not a voice actor. It’s possible. I know I wouldn’t be allowed at AiRBLUE if I was, at least.


It’s all just very neat, you know? Seeing how these voice auditions go and seeing how everything comes together. It’s cool, and it’s a little peek into a world that I’ve never been a part of.

everyones here
(One of them has to get the job)


Whether it’s Bloom Ball or anything else that requires voice work, that’s one art that has always impressed me a lot because I realize how hard it must be to nail a character. There are so many characters that I take their voices for granted, but they didn’t have a voice until someone gave it to them. It’s cool stuff.


Artists that draw, voice actors/actresses, and anyone that can create music. They are my three most respected creative fields, and I don’t know how anyone does it. I mean, I do. Hard work and practice, but it’s not easy.


More series that bring these things up is a good thing, especially when they seem fairly committed to the material. I have no idea why Cue needs 24 episodes still, not unless they plan to have an actual ending to the series. That would be kind of wild, but it’s possible. I don’t know. We’re going places.


Thank you very much for reading


Ow. I just accidentally kicked myself figuring out what joke to make here, so I’ll leave it at that.

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