In the Land of Leadale Episode 3 – A Ghost in the Colosseum

In the Land of Leadale Episode 3 – A Ghost in the Colosseum

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Last episode, Cayna went to the royal capital in search of her children. Yup. Weird series. She also wanted to become an adventurer too, so there’s that.


First Impressions

Cayna walking
(Cayna’s famous now)


So, Cayna once again has a hangover and swears off drinking. I really hope that’s a common joke, even if it makes no sense to do it. Everyone in town heard of her and is treating her like Jesus, partially because they think she’s cool and partly because she can literally walk on water.


Regardless, Cayna doesn’t have time for that because she gets a summons from the academy’s headmaster, despite never going there, I don’t think. It makes sense, though, because that is where “Mai-Mai,” who’s Cayna’s also very attached daughter, is headmaster. Weird family here.


Continuing with that weirdness, Cayna meets Lopus, who is her little-well, big Mai-Mai’s husband, meaning technically her son-in-law despite looking like his daughter. It’s a whole thing, I’m telling you. Well, the potion she made for that quest last episode I may or may not have mentioned is some type of super rare thing most people can’t make, so she’s supposed to keep it a secret.

Lopus, Mai, and Cayna
(Like mother like…son-in-law)


That’s why it makes absolutely perfect sense that Lopus wants her to teach a class about making high potions at the academy. You know, the perfect way to hide your potion knowledge. Smart man. Oh, they actually acknowledge that. I just got fooled.


Next, Cayna needs to deal with some ghost in a colosseum, but she’s very adamant about the fact that they don’t exist…says the ghost, but whatever. Says the dead person with their soul in the game, at least.


At the colosseum, she eats, summons Cerberus who then finds Shirou from last episode sneaking around. Sorry, but I’ve forgotten his actual name. Anyways, Shirou has a crush on Lonti, who’s the mage girl from last episode looking for Shirou. Sounds like they have a complicated relationship.

Cayna and the ghost
(I kept writing ghost as “shost”)


More complicated at a glance is the glitchy ghost that shows up, but that’s just a guardian for another one of those towers Cayna is looking for, except it’s not visible in the real world or something, so she warps there.


This place used to belong to one of the skill masters, Ryotaro, who apparently stopped playing the game because Cayna wasn’t on anymore, which means they didn’t have enough masters to do…something. Who cares that she was on death door, I guess. Feel bad for not playing daily!


Anyway, Cayna has a hunch that this Leadale is after the servers shut down, meaning she’s the only player left, except that someone else has a guardian ring somewhere, so there might be another player, this one possibly alive, unlike her. Also, the tower is underground. I’m glad they cleared that up. I was concerned. I’m also concerned about Shirou’s dream with Lonti, but that’s his business.

Skargo dead
(Skargo is actually deceased)


Well, Cayna’s sick for some reason, and Skargo hears that and starts running through town, parting the rain as he does. It must run in the family. He creeps Cayna out, she uppercuts him, and that’s that. They put him in a coffin, so I’m pretty sure we had our first death, not counting Cayna or that bear that they ate. That’s it, though.


My Thoughts

Hold on; this episode gave me a really good idea that I’ll allow anyone to steal. Imagine an MMO that actually had some kind of change based on the players in it. I’m talking big stuff, like imagine if players could own these towers in each region and almost become like rulers.


What if they could affect the way things work in each kingdom? I know MMO’s usually do have economies, but imagine that idea taking to the extreme? And if things went to hell too bad, the developers could like stage a coup or something? I don’t know. It sounds fun as hell. I’d actually play that. Wait, what are we talking about again?

poor Shirou
(Poor Shirou)


Oh, yeah, creepy children. Yeah, Skargo’s weird. So is Mai-Mai, though. Honestly, they’re creepy. Do you know what, though? Cayna’s a sucky mom. I said it. She just goes around punching her children, tells them not to hug her, disappearing for 200 years. That’s not too good.


This episode is actually starting to set up some interesting stuff. Leadale after all the players are gone. That’s kind of cool. We could suspect that before, but now we’re actually getting confirmation. That’s once again a neat idea.


Imagine an MMO that needed to be maintained by real players? Like if nobody did their jobs the world would start to fall into turmoil and change. That’s awesome. It would require a lot of monitoring on the part of the admins and devs, but that would be a super neat experience. Steal my ideas, people, please. I just want to watch the world burn, I guess.

Another Cayna face
(Gotta love Cayna’s faces)


Point is, Leadale is actually starting to go somewhere. There’s also stuff about Shirou being royalty. I didn’t really expect to see him again, but that may go somewhere. It seems like Cayna will have to adventure around, but it also makes sense for her to stay here with her family. 


Leadale is starting to look somewhat promising, or at least it’s getting the gears in my head turning now, which is the big thing I look for in any story. I like seeing ideas. That’s what I want to see. Unique ideas and Leadale is starting to give me that. Good stuff.


Thank you very much for reading


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