Cue Episode 3 – And Now Idols

Cue Episode 3 – And Now Idols

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Last episode, the AiRBLUE girls did a lot of anime auditions. That was about it. Some were more talented than others.


First Impressions

The girls exercising
(Gotta get your practice in)


We start with the main girls doing some exercises. Some for enunciation and some for changing their expressions on a dime like serial killers. I guess I should take notes since I just recorded 15 minutes of audio for a video today and am always looking for ways to sound better.


It turns out that all of the girls will be living in dorms provided by AiRBLUE when all’s said and done, but only half of them can move in soon because of renovations. I don’t know how much they paid to be part of this, but this is a pretty generous company, albeit a stupid one. This is all probably terrible for business. They probably take a cut of some of the money they will all make, though.


Bloom Ball called back about the auditions, and it looks like Maika was actually picked for the role of Tsubaki? I think that was the name. If you’re wondering who that is, don’t! We have so little information about what Bloom Ball is, character names are all I can give, and I’m not even confident in that.

Honoka shocked
(The look of someone now in an anime)


Shiho also got one. That’s two of our four mains. Honoka got one as well. Nice. I feel like Haruna will probably be left out since she wasn’t picked first, and that will lead into an arc about her character growth, but let’s see. Well, she wasn’t picked at the very least, so I could be right.


But we don’t dwell because AiRBLUE is remarkably busy despite being new and having little success in this world. Some virtual idol group called “Vogel” asked if they would like to try and cast their girls into the four main roles and also probably to give them money since they need to rely on crowdfunding. That makes sense why they went to AiRBLUE and are picking up newbies, I guess.


Well, the drama sets in because little sister girl, Yuuki is her name, points out that idol work isn’t really voice acting, which I kind of agree with. Yeah, they both take voice control and talent, but you’re really accomplishing two things. So they make it clear that the four girls who go through with this will have to focus on singing and jazz rather than VA stuff. Not a good deal, if you ask me.

Vitural idols
(This seems untrustworthy to me)


But regardless, Yuuki shows up to talk about the job and pours her heart out about having a strict father who wants her to get a “real” job, so she wants to do legitimate work, even if it’s idol stuff. Drama stuff. Three other girls also come to talk about it, and they’re about the most idol-ish girls there, so I’m sure they’ll have their fans, even if they have to get involved in that horribly toxic culture.


Really, we have little sister girl, air-head, quiet one, hardworking one. They’ve got the whole package. Their childishness was convincing enough, I guess, and AiRBLUE will proceed with the idol group that has no money and just a drawing of four girls. A steller business choice, for sure.


Everyone’s talking about getting their parts for Bloom Ball, very selfishly rubbing it in Haruna’s face, but she’s cool because she’s s decent person. It does make me think, one, that she’ll get a call last minute for a part, and two, that the problem isn’t that she’s bad at voice acting, but she has a lot of range, and they’re trying to figure out which role she should get. That’s probably why they had her do so many. She has potential, while the other girls are kind of gimmicky. Wow, that was meaner than I thought it would be.

Haruna crying
(Moments before becoming an extra)


And I was right. Haruna did get a part. A part for Student A. I laughed pretty hard. To be fair, though, if I were in her position, I wouldn’t care if I had one line and then got hit by a truck. I’d be thrilled! I wouldn’t even care if my line was the scream before I got hit! I’d rock Student A!


My Thoughts

Again, I will surprisingly praise this series. We’re three episodes in, and we’ve met these girls, they’ve done a bunch of practice stuff, auditioned for an anime, heard the results of it, and joined an idol group. That’s a lot of stuff in a very short amount of time.


I didn’t expect this anime to be good. I really didn’t. I thought it would be a neat pick that I could maybe make fun of, but I wasn’t expecting actual care to go into it. It actually has some heart.

The soon to be idol girls
(There’s actually development with these other girls here)


It’s very thoughtful about the voice acting stuff, which makes sense, but I didn’t expect it. It’s actually bringing up interesting situations, especially now with the idol stuff. It’s drawing similarities to different things, talking about different career paths all in this voice work world. It’s kind of wild and almost educational, in a way.


I can’t say I agree with everything they say. Last episode they were talking about how they don’t need to necessarily understand the character their voicing to act them. I disagree with that pretty wholeheartedly, but I respect the interesting stuff that could bring to the table.


This is actually a well-thought-out series exploring all the intricacies of voice acting! I was joking when I said I could learn a thing or two for my voice work on YouTube. I might have been right! The hell, Cue! You’re from a mobile game. Stop being good. That’s illegal.

The four mains
(Don’t forget our mains! They’re getting development too!)


Like this episode is actually setting up character development. I mean, Haruna got dealt a pretty bad blow by not being picked for a lead role. She’s going to have to learn and grow, the same way the other girls who did get a role with have to learn to grow quickly from their immediate success. And again, now we have the idols to worry about.


I joked about the main main characters, but it actually seems like Cue is pretty dedicated to not only focusing on each character a lot but also differentiating them from each other and sending them on their own unique journeys.


Damn, it’s actually good. Why the hell? Why did I pick a winner again? I have such a dumbass methodology for how I pick these episode review series. I need to stop picking good ones. Well, see you next time.


Sorry, I need to add something cool here. A lot of the VAs for the characters are actually newbies as well, or they have had very few positions before. In fact, seven of the main girls (including Haruna’s VA, which is, I think, the best voice) have never had another role yet. That’s awesome. I just learned that, and I think that’s just amazing and really on-brand—good job to these wonderful people.


Thank you very much for reading


Well, I’ll go practice my voice stuff. That’s a lie. I’m actually about to lie down and go to sleep. It was almost midnight when I wrote this.

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