In the Land of Leadale Episode 4 – Cayna’s Harsh

In the Land of Leadale Episode 4 – Cayna’s Harsh

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Last episode, Cayna did some things. Those things ranged from exploring a colosseum for a ghost to killing one of her sons. She gets around.


First Impressions

Cayna eating meat
(I also enjoy some meat)


So we see the siblings all trying to figure out how to get Cayna out of that barrier she put herself in earlier. The important thing to note is that she, unfortunately, didn’t kill Skargo. Mai-Mai (did we learn her actual name?) might have finished the job now, though. Oh, and Cayna’s fine. She’s just chilling outside eating food. She probably just wanted a nap.


It looks like Skargo wasn’t always a creep, and that’s why Cayna was so off-put, but she has the right idea about deleting his personality and getting a better one. Kartatz doesn’t agree, though, but screw him. He’s an NPC. Though, like Cayna points out, she’s probably the last human here, so she kind of needs him.

Skargo and Mai panic
(Violence is key)


She goes back to make out with Mai-Mai and Skargo but ends up reprimanding them with violence for fighting with magic and Skargo being Skargo. Again, she’s kind of an awful mother. But she was also like 16 or something in the real world, right? So I guess we can forgive her.


If you forgot, Cayna’s like really strong. Dog guy from earlier that I still refuse to name for some reason asks her to protect their caravan as it goes to Helshper. I don’t know what Helshper is, but I do know it’s fun to say, and they might run into some bandits on the way there.


So their first challenge is to cross a river, and Cayna uses her water-walking powers to let everyone cross. One horse did die in the process, but she’s mostly innocent. So she ends up summoning Li’l P, which is, Ironically, a giant boar, to replace it.

Centaur stabs
(A tad cruel, but I respect it)


Bandits attack, and Cayna, well, does very little, actually. Cerberus and her other pal, Centaur, slaughters them all in spectacular fashion. So brutal, in fact, Cayna gets a little uncomfortable about all the death, but she then shoots a guy in the heart with an ice arrow and breaks him into a million pieces, so I’m sure she’s fine.


My Thoughts

That’s actually fairly neat. I like that Cayna actually living in this world is starting to have somewhat of an effect on her mental state. She’s actually not happy about murdering people, and she’s starting to think of the world as real because, to her, it is now.


It’s also why she’s starting to treat her children a little better. They’re like her legit real people children now. This is why I’m worried about what she would have done if she ever lived to have children in the real world. Maybe this was for the best after all.

Cayna's pets
(She has a lot of…friends)


I will say, for this being a pretty generic Isekai overall, it’s actually handling the formula pretty well. Cayna is broken levels of strong, but they keep showing little interesting bits of her strength as time goes on, like with Centaur and Li’l P. It’s kind of neat. It’s a decent way to do it.


The story is still pretty much about nothing at this point. The opening shows some demon lord, but for now, we’re literally just running around doing whatever. Even the episode titles reflect that. This one was “A Son, A Fight, A Journey and Bandits.” They know it’s all over the place.


That being said, it is at least focused on the random, unfocused stuff. I do worry about getting to some actual larger plot, but I do like the direction they’re going with Cayna. I do hope we have another human in the world somewhere. I think that would be a really cool way to take the story. I’m also really interested in the world Cayna left behind.

Cayna chilling
(I liked the lighting here a lot)


That likely won’t happen, but a man can dream, you know? There’s a place for a series like this. There really is. It’s not overly complicated, and it’s not trying to be something it isn’t either. It’s just fun, cute, and actually fairly interesting when you think about it, and that’s really all I need. Not everything has to be crazy. I’m really enjoying Leadale.


Thank you very much for reading


Remember, don’t beat your children, even in a fantasy world with magic.

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