Cue Episode 4 – Food Solves Everything

Cue Episode 4 – Food Solves Everything

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Last episode, the AiRBLUE girls heard back the results of their auditions, and all of our main main girls secured roles, even if some were better than others. Also, some of them are getting into the idol business.


First Impressions

It looks like Haruna has more roles than just Student A. She’s basically going to be the filler character voice, I guess. She’ll go to all the recordings and voice what they need. It actually proves my theory I don’t remember if I actually said or not, but I figured she’d be doing something like that. That’s why they had her do so many voices when nobody else did.

All the girls in the dorms
(Quite roomy in there)


The first eight girls move into the dorm, and as you might have guessed, it’s our main main girls and the Vogel girls. Almost like they’re the only ones we have a reason to care about right now.


The Vogel girls are officially recognized by the company and they’ll voice and sing their four “imaginary idols.” The lore is that they’ve apparently come from a future where idol culture didn’t exist (wait, why did they leave again?) to save the world or something.


I’m sorry, but idol culture is terrible, just like Vtuber culture. This is practically both. I feel for everyone involved in those industries. You put up with more crap than I can.


Rants aside, I’m reminded that these girls are actually all different ages, with some going to high school and college. Anime makes me assume nobody’s over the age of 16. Anyway, being young doesn’t matter when there’s work to be done.

The Vogel girls
(It pays to have pals)


The Vogel girls start to train their vocals and dance moves, which I don’t really understand. I get singing, but why do you have to dance. They’re literally virtual idols. They don’t have to dance. It’s fine, I guess. It’s an experience. I would learn to dance if I could, I suppose.


Airi, who’s the quiet one, is really bad at dancing, which again, shouldn’t be an issue, but I do relate to her. Not only for being on the quiet side but also because I would fall on my ass just as many times as her if I tried half of what she’s doing. I can’t promise the camera would be waiting to get a shot of it, like for her, though. 


Airi’s sucking continues, so as a little motivational threat, they all get failed. I assume because everyone’s too busy seeing Airi fail to admit that they aren’t the best at teamwork, but I could be wrong. Also, Airi is really into fortunes and always has bad luck. Today says she won’t accomplish her dream and her lucky spot is “high places.” I don’t trust that app. That’s messed up.

Airi fails
(She does her best, I suppose)


Yuuki, who is the little sister Vogel member, remember, got the idea to cook for the group from Haruna. So she did. And like everyone knows, the best way to both a man’s heart and cheering up a depressed best friend is through their stomach. That meal was embued with the power of dance and love, and now she’s a pro. Good message to end on. I guess.


My Thoughts

I’m very surprised how much they’re focusing on the Vogel girls. I very wrongly assumed the other girls besides the main main four would be forgotten. I guess we have the main main eight now.


You know, if the anime continues to do stuff like this, we might actually get one of those rare series with a large cast where every character is likable and fairly fleshed out. You won’t get anything crazy, but our main eight aren’t bad at all so far.

Haruna Baking
(Haruna is honestly one of the least tropey ones)


Yes, they’re reduced to tropes, but they can at least be good tropes that go through the issues coming from having those tropes. There’s a way to do it, but it isn’t easy. I look forward to seeing how they tackle it.


I also really like the message we heard last episode, and it was referenced again this time, about creating destiny. I really like the idea even though it goes against what destiny actually is, but this thought about making an event destiny if you want it to be is really inspiring and honestly true.


I think most of us know that all events in life are pure chance, that’s how it works, but we can call them fate, destiny, what have you. But if you care about something hard enough, you can make sure that the event was destiny or was fate, rather than just letting it be a coincidence—surprisingly deep stuff.

Airi trying her best
(Episode was like this image. Decent, decent, then…it tried)


This episode was fine but probably the weakest so far. I really wish the other girls were meaner to Airi. It’s not like I wanted her to listen to the app and go to her luck spot, but since they were doing the whole shtick about how all the girls need to change, I feel like it would have been better to make Airi feel like crap, have them feel bad, and then make up, but they kind of half-assed that.


At the same time, you can say that it isn’t in their characters to be like that, which I agree with, so in a way, their more subconscious treatment could have been better, but I do feel like all of the drama was really, really weak when it had decent potential.


So far, they’ve done pretty well with a lot of the drama. Nothing crazy, but good enough to be passable. This was the first episode where I felt like it kind of fell off, but it was still decent overall.


Thank you very much for reading


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