In the Land of Leadale Episode 5 – The Worst Grandmother

In the Land of Leadale Episode 5 – The Worst Grandmother

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Last episode, Cayna committed lots of atrocities, murder being the most prevalent one.


First Impressions

We begin with Cayna and dog man who I still refuse to name in Helshper. And yes, it’s still very fun to say. Apparently, the town is some eastern-meet-western thing. They’ve got some Asian-inspired things along with some very not Asian stuff. Weird mix, but it reminds me of a chapter of Elaina the Wandering Witch, so I’ll take it.

Cayna scaring her grandson
(Fear her for she will murder you)


So there’s this Sir Caerick guy. I don’t remember if he was important, but that’s who Cayna was supposed to give the letter to she got last time. Look, I’m a little late on this one. I haven’t watched an episode in like ten days. Cut me some slack. Regardless, this guy is apparently Mai-Mai’s son, so Cayna is also a grandmother. The lore goes deep, but it gets deeper!


There’s this other girl, Caerina, who’s the older twin of, uh, Caerick. So, if you’re keeping track, this means that Cayna’s lovely daughter has been busy in the past years, but also that this 16-year-old (or however old she was) is now a grandmother to multiple children in addition to being a ghost/walking corpse, what have you.


Cayna apparently has a reputation of tearing people limb from limb if they piss her off, even her own family. She takes great offense to this, but I literally insulted her for being an awful mother last time, so yeah, it’s true. She then demonstrates this by getting pissed and throwing a giant snowball at everyone in the room, including her own granddaughter, who did absolutely nothing. Yeah, she’s not cut out for this.


Also, the little intermission screen thing they do, they always have characters talk on it. They had Caerina say that Caerick made Cayna lose her marbles, and he responds by saying he still has his balls, though. What kind of exchange is that? That’s weirder than anything else I’ve seen in this series, and that’s saying something.

Dragon Boy
(I do like random dragon guys roaming around)


So a dragon/lizard dude with a thing for elves tells Cayna about this castle in the middle of a lake with a bunch of bandits. She’s pretty sure there’s a guardian tower there, so she goes to Caerick to make up with him, just to use him for information like a good grandmother would. Also, the unnamed guy in the back is apparently her great-grandson. These damn elves and their lifespans!


Cayna leaves for the castle but settles into a fort where Caerina is for a while. That place then gets attacked by a bunch of rock golems. The fort doesn’t have a ton of soldiers, but their numbers aren’t really the issue. They think they can shoot a rock with an arrow and actually harm it. When they’re working with brains like that, you can see why Cayna has to step in, but that will be next episode. Shout out to the one guy who tried to stab the golem’s eyes. Pretty sure he’s dead, but that’s what I would have done.


My Thoughts

This one was a bit weird, and I don’t really think the good kind of weird. It ranged from uneventful to just kind of bland. It’s not like the whole thing was bad. It wasn’t. It’s just that, overall, nothing really felt that entertaining or important or anything. Each episode to this point has had something important. This one didn’t.

Fight the golems
(At least she has one capable descendant)


I do very much appreciate the Cayna family tree lore continuing to expand. That joke never gets old as far as I’m concerned, and they’re really running with it. I want to see her other grandchildren I’m sure she has spread out somewhere in the world. I hope just every elf around is related to her. I hope she has like dozens of grandchildren. That’s a really odd line out of context.


I do feel like Cayna herself is kind of odd now. Like, she always had a bit of a temper, but it wasn’t anything unfair. It’s like now they’re trying to portray her as someone strong with a really short fuse. She was never really like that before, just pretty abusive to her children. Now she’s just kind of pissy a lot, which feels pretty out of character.


I don’t mind that because, truthfully, Cayna lacks a bit of individuality. The only really interesting thing about her is the unknown parts of her seemingly limitless power and the fact that she’s dead. I think there are the bones to make a good character there; it’s just a matter of how it’s done. I’ll probably try and read the light novel after these reviews to see if she’s handled a bit better.

Crab man coming
(Bow down to the crab)


Speaking of her powers, we also see that she has access to a giant crab. Wasn’t that important, but I thought it was cool. If all crabs were that big, they might actually be worth the effort it takes to eat them. However, they would all be eating us, if that were the case, so I guess I’ll keep digging through them for meager amounts of meat. Wow, that was probably the strangest tangent I’ve ever gone on, but I’m passionate about it.


All and all, ok episode. Nothing crazy. A little underwhelming. I made a joke before about how this game was probably made by Ubisoft, and that still stands. Cayna’s just running around doing random crap and finding towers. I can only hope that one of her spells drops a smoke bomb, summons a hidden blade or a machete.


Thank you very much for reading


Fantasy world Assassin’s Creed when? That would be sick.

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